Families and Movers

We understand the expenses of moving a household can be exorbitant, which is why we offer several different vehicle shipping options for American movers to choose from. If your family is moving a house, the last thing you want to worry about is auto shipping.

With Nexus, you won't have to compromise good service to get a good car shipping price. Affordable car transport should be quality car transport. That’s the Nexus way. We help American movers get things done.

Moving a family is stressful stuff. Whether you hire a moving company to pack and move your belongings or do it yourself, it can be an absolute chore. That's not even factoring in the travel arrangements for your family to get to your new home.

Rather than adding more worries to your plate, let us move a vehicle for you! Our top-rated car moving service makes vehicle shipments a breeze for American movers like you. Family moving and house moving is hard work. Car shipping shouldn’t be.

You can move a car and virtually forget about it, allowing you and your family to focus on important things other than auto shipping. That includes family moving and house moving.


We Understand Your Family's Car Moving Needs

For American movers, moving an estate and moving a house is hard enough. Choosing a reliable and affordable car transport company shouldn’t be stressful. Nexus Auto Transport will walk you through all the steps for shipping vehicles to your new home. Our team of dependable, experienced car transporters can be trusted with your precious cargo. We eat, sleep, and breathe auto transportation. And, you get to take care of your estate and moving a family with a load off your shoulders.

Moving a family takes a lot of work. Children and teens require extra attention to help ease their minds during a big move. If you have pets, you will need to make special accommodations for them during relocation. Things like packing, transferring medical and school records, car registrations, and forwarding your mail take time and effort to accomplish. We understand that your focus needs to be on your family and other responsibilities other than moving a car. That’s where our intuitive vehicle transport services take the wheel.

Nexus Auto Transport has streamlined our car shipping process to make it as quick and easy as possible for vehicle moving customers. We want to save you time and energy while you deal with the stressors of moving a family and moving a house. When you’re moving, in-house moving and moving insurance concerns costs can be real headaches.

Our expert car moving service is built to be cost-effective and easy for families like yours. We’ve tailored our car transportation services with you in mind.

We understand the expenses of moving an estate and moving a family can be exorbitant. When you’re moving, in-house moving and moving insurance expenses can pile up.

This is why we offer several different vehicle shipping options to choose from. With Nexus, American movers don’t have to compromise good service to get a good car shipping price. We just provide quality car transport for any family moving a house or moving an apartment. That’s the Nexus way.


Nexus Auto Transport Is Here To Help You with Reliable Car Moving Services

American movers can get quick and accurate, no-obligation car moving quotes with our free online car moving quote calculator. With several different vehicle shipping options at your disposal, your car shipping cost will vary. It depends upon the number of miles you ship a vehicle, the size of the vehicle shipped, and whether you choose an open or enclosed vehicle carrier.

You can expect to receive three different car shipping quotes from our online car moving price calculator: the Economy vehicle shipping price, the Standard shipping price, and the Expedited shipping price. Once you have received your car moving quote, you can conveniently schedule your car transport service online at that time. If you have questions, you can chat with one of our live agents online, or you can call and speak to one of our car transport specialists toll-free by dialing (844) 699-2938.

Move a car with the most reliable vehicle moving company in the United States

With our network of over 8,500 professional and experienced car movers across the country, American movers can rest easy with Nexus. Nexus Auto Transport will always ship your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. If you want to know your vehicle's status at any time during a vehicle shipment, we've got you covered. We have a convenient online vehicle tracking system that allows you to find your car 24/7, hassle-free.

Whether you’re moving a car due to corporate relocation, a one-time move, a military transfer, or even if you are shipping a vehicle to a new college student, Nexus offers various car shipping options and budget-friendly vehicle transport quotes for American movers like you. While you’re moving a family and moving a house we’ll do the rest. That means meeting and exceeding your needs when shipping an automobile across the state, or the United States.

Car moving can be easy, even if family moving and house moving isn’t. When moving, in-house moving and moving insurance concerns may get you down. We’re here to do our part to lift your mood with comprehensive, economical moving services. That’s our goal. And that’s our everyday mission here at Nexus Auto Transport.