Automotive Inventory Management System: How Does It Work?

Are you looking for a way to better manage your dealership's inventory? An automotive inventory management system may be your solution.

Research shows that car dealers have nearly 280 new cars and more than 300 used ones on their websites every month. Car dealer management software might make tracking these cars easier.

How do you find the right used car dealer management software? How does auto parts inventory software work?

Let's explore what car parts inventory software is, why you need automotive inventory management software, and how to choose the best vehicle inventory management solution.

Automotive Inventory Management System

Your car dealership must master supply and demand when selling a car in 2023. More inventory may keep your vehicles from becoming obsolete, but investing in too much stock will take valuable monetary resources from other aspects of your business, like advertising.

What about having insufficient inventory? Customers may become dissatisfied with you since you don't have the cars they're looking for.

This is why a car inventory management system is invaluable. The software can help you track the cars you're selling by ensuring visibility across your business. Here are some specific tasks the right software will let you do:

  • Organize your cars
  • Merchandise your car lot online
  • Find essential details about the dealership's used vehicles in seconds

Quality inventory management is essential for ensuring you have the right vehicles available at a given time. This will help your supply chain run efficiently long-term.

Automotive Inventory Management Software

An inventory management system will help you dedicate more time to making sales. You'll have to focus less on your inventory, data, and customer management.

Your automotive inventory management software will help you keep and quickly locate vehicle details, like their makes, models, and years. This makes collecting information easier and more efficient when customers search for specific automobiles.

Auto Parts Inventory Software Helps Clients

A major reason to invest in automotive inventory management software is that it can help improve your customer experience. Car dealership customers may search for vehicles with specific mileage amounts or price tags. Leverage your car inventory management system to give them this information on your website before they do car test drives.

This is an excellent way to drive online traffic and improve your site's ranking in search engines like Google. More prospective customers will be able to find your site, leading to more sales.

An inventory system is also an effective way to leave a positive impression on your customers for future products and services. Developing trust and loyalty in your customers will help produce more sales.

Car Dealer Management Software Helps Staff

Car inventory management solutions can help improve your staff experience. Your sales employees will know which vehicles are on your lot, leaving soon, or arriving shortly. This will help your sales staff do their jobs more effectively, leading to a more smoothly functioning dealership.

Car Parts Inventory Software: Supply Chain

Another reason to invest in car inventory software is that it may help you immediately meet buyer demand. You may lose business otherwise.

Your software will show you if you have excess inventory on your lot. Offering car discounts may help you clear many of these vehicles.

The software will also tell you when new stock will arrive. Real-time tracking will inform you of your arriving cars' statuses and locations so you can tell customers when the vehicles they want will be on your lot.

Yet another benefit of car inventory management software is that you can use it to ensure accurate and competitive vehicle pricing. Keeping track of your car and vehicle part or accessory orders is seamless with this system, too.

Vehicle Inventory Management System

What should you look for in a quality car inventory management system? Let's explore must-have auto inventory management system features.

Search for cloud-based car inventory management systems since they're quick to implement. Quality software will help you determine stock levels and track customers' histories. You may even be able to store lenders' contact information.

Artificial intelligence (AI) analytics is an important feature for understanding how your business is performing. AI in transportation will help you decide what to sell and which customers to target.

Auto Shipping

Expand your customer reach by offering to ship your cars to buyers across the United States. This is where hot shot car transport through auto transport companies is invaluable.

Two auto shipping methods are available: open and enclosed transport. Open transport involves shipping cars on a hauler with no walls.

Enclosed transport involves using a carrier with walls. It's more expensive.

Use enclosed transport for luxury car transport or classic car auto shipping. The carrier's walls will shield your vehicles from the elements.

Car Transport Costs

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state? Your cost depends on multiple factors. These include:

  • Vehicle's make and model
  • Car shipping timeline
  • Whether you choose enclosed or open transport

Suppose you sell vehicles directly through your website. You may even make sales at online car auctions. How far you must transport the vehicle will also affect your shipping costs.

Sending a car a few hundred miles away may cost you between $700 and $1,000. Cross-country car shipping will cost you between $600 and $4,000 since you'll be transporting a car at least 1,300 miles.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine your shipping expenses. A quality calculator will let you submit details like your drop-off location and shipping date to produce an accurate estimate. The estimate you get from an auto transport company should align with your car shipping calculator result.

How We Can Help With Auto Transport

An automotive inventory management system, also called car parts inventory software, can help you manage your stock more efficiently. Your auto parts inventory software will tell you what's in stock and what vehicles you need. Use your car dealer management software to track customers' information, too.

The right vehicle inventory management solution will also offer analytics. Use your new and used car dealer management software to determine which customers to target.

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