Did you know that approximately 31 million Americans move each year? Or that the moving industry represents a $86 billion industry? While this figure is eye-opening, it makes sense considering those millions of movers make up 9.8 percent of the nation’s population.

But the fascinating stats don’t stop there. America contains more self-storage facilities than there are McDonald’s restaurants. This makes sense when you consider how vital storage can be when planning a move.

What do we mean? Like hiring a professional moving company, PODS and storage container companies provide breathing room. Whether you’re dealing with a gap between move-out and move-in dates or still trying to get everything to fit in your house.

It also makes sense to have a backup option during a move. After all, relocations come with one common denominator, uncertainty. Here’s what you need to know about storage container rental options and which ten companies we recommend.

What to Look for in PODS Moving and Storage

Before diving into the top ten best PODS and storage container companies, let’s go over the criteria we considered when creating our recommendations. What should you look for when it comes to finding an excellent company to provide moving containers?

Factors you must consider include:

  • A great reputation
  • Affordable rates
  • A free quote service on the website
  • The quality of the containers and their strength
  • A company’s reliability
  • A company’s security

With these characteristics in mind, here are the ten companies that outshine the competition. As you’ll see, each brand comes with specific strengths and specializations. It’s up to you to research the best one for your household’s needs.


Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) provides customers with customizable options for securing storage units and containers for their next move. Over the years, the company has grown by leaps and brands. Today, it remains one of the most recognizable brands on the market.

What places this company head and shoulders above the competition? Here’s what customers appreciate about working with PODS.


This moving service boasts more than 20,000 cities across the nation and is considered one of the best moving container companies today. The company provides local and long-distance services, and you’ll enjoy the choice of multiple container sizes.

Customers also appreciate the fact that PODS shipping containers are high-quality. The containers prove extremely weather and damage-resistant and come in three different size options.

PODS are ideal for long-distance moves and flights. What’s more, the company has a presence in nearly every state and provides local moving services.


What do you need to know about pricing and booking? For local moves, in particular, you’ll secure low prices. That said, you can also get good deals on relocations nationwide.

Besides reasonable rates, you’ll also enjoy unlimited loading and unloading times. That said, don’t wait to book.

Because of the popularity of PODS, you should reserve them well in advance. It’s not unheard of for the company to get booked out up to six months in advance, so don’t procrastinate.


Fortunately, the company’s cancellation and change policy prove quite flexible. You can even get a full refund if a change of plans occurs.

2. U-Pack

The U-Pack moving service maintains a fantastic reputation in the industry. Its rates prove extremely affordable and don’t require a deposit for scheduling a move.

And the company’s services are available in all 50 states, which means you can take advantage of this service whether you’re in Hawaii, Maine, or somewhere in between.

What’s more, the company has a pay-for-what-you-use pricing policy, which means you only shell out for the amount of space you actually utilize. U-Pack also offers in-transit storage available for containers. This service is available as long as you need it.


When you choose U-Pack for your portable storage needs, you’ll also gain access to simple online shipment tracking. The company provides a free quote service accessible via its website.

U-Pack can’t assist with local moves. And it doesn’t provide a free lock for moving containers. Nevertheless, the containers are high-quality and robust.


The company offers reliable and secure prices, especially when compared to other companies. In fact, U-Pack’s rates prove much more affordable than full-service moving companies.

How affordable are the company’s services? In many cases, it’s nearly $600 cheaper than the industry average. It doesn’t get any better than that.

3. Allied Van Lines

Are you looking to store a large quantity of belongings? If so, then Allied Van Lines is the company for you.

In business for more than 85 years, this Chicago-based company specializes in long-haul and international moves. Here’s what you need to know about the services provided by this company.


Allied Van Lines offers moving packages that combine loading, unloading, and the shipping of your belongings.

It offers short- or long-term storage options, but only for a minimum of 1,000 pounds. Allied Van Lines boasts a nationwide network of agents with whom they coordinate to ensure the company meets its customers’ service needs.

The company doesn’t offer storage in its pricing, so keep this in mind when receiving a quote. That said, the quote they offer is instantaneous and available via their website.

What else do you need to know about Allied Van Lines? Let’s take a look at its online reputation and customer experience.


How much will my move cost?

Allied Van Lines Online Reputation and Customer Experience

Allied is known for incredible customer service and has online reviews to prove it. What’s one of the significant advantages of using this company? It includes a lengthy list of add-ons that permit you to arrange safe passage for valuable, bulky, and hard-to-move items.

The company lets you track your belongings in real-time, providing full-service moves. You can also rest assured when it comes to your items’ safety because all moving personnel go through background checks.


What about the storage side of things? Although storage pricing isn’t included in the online quote you’ll receive, Allied Van Lines does offer this feature. It takes the pressure off, especially if there’s going to be some lag between the time you move out and when you can move in.

4. GoMini’s

Go Mini’s offers local and long-distance moving and portable storage services to 39 US states, Canada, and Mexico locations. Let’s take a closer look at Go Mini’s services, pricing, and what people like about their company.

Go Mini’s Services

Whether you need military storage containers or require a business and home remodeling repository, Go Mini’s offers it all. Moreover, they also help you move across the town or nationwide by loading materials in their mobile storage units. You can simply call or fill out an online form to receive a quote for moving or storage services.

Go Mini’s Pricing And Booking

Go Mini’s pricing depends upon several factors like location, distance traveled, number of containers, size of the storage box, and type of service you opt for. However, you can expect an average cost of $608 for a local move.

What Customers Like About Go Mini’s

The affordable price rates, lower than those of any other competitors, unmatched customer service, and the largest container size of 20 feet are what people like about the company's services.

5. 1-800-PACK-RAT

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the 1-800-PACK-RAT website offers comparable prices to PODS Moving and Storage. What else do you need to know about this brand? Let’s take a closer look.


The company offers services at the local and national levels. To receive a quote for a long-distance move, you’ll need to call in rather than complete an online form. What’s more, the monthly storage fees can’t be pro-rated.

The company’s containers prove bigger than those of most companies, and they have extra-large barn doors. These doors render your packing job much easier.

The company’s containers are made from steel. This material makes them more secure than other options.


Thirty days of storage and $10,000 of insurance are included in the base price you’ll receive. You’ll have the option to purchase more based on your individual needs. You’ll also receive a free lock provided for containers.

1-800-PACK-RAT Online Reputation and Customer Experience

What are customers saying about 1-800-PACK-RAT? They appreciate on-time delivery and the friendliness and helpfulness of the drivers. If you’re looking for customer service that goes above and beyond, give this brand your consideration.

6. SMARTBOX Moving and Storage

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage offers local and long-distance relocation and storage services to locations in 50 cities nationwide. But you should know that SMARTBOX is a smaller company than the others on this list.

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage SERVICES

Because of its size, SMARTBOX’s locations for moving are more limited, with services only available in 23 states at the moment.

The company’s eight-foot wooden containers are the only storage option offered by SMARTBOX. But these containers are well-built and come with weatherproof covers.

You’ll enjoy insurance coverage during the shipping process, but there aren’t any coverage options for storage.

SMARTBOX Moving and Storage Pricing and Booking

You should also understand that SMARTBOX is more expensive than many of the other companies on this list. Average prices sit at about 15 percent higher than other moving container companies. But SMARTBOX also comes with specific strengths.


It offers transparent pricing and a college student discount. Customers also appreciate the pay-for-what-you-use policy.

It also represents one of the up-and-coming, on-demand storage units. The company provides a non-traditional, convenient approach to portable storage.

7. Zippy Shell

Established in 2007 in Australia and now running in 34 states, ZippyShell is one of the most affordable PODS and storage container companies. The company offers local and long-distance moving services and temperature-controlled storage facilities. Let’s explore more about what Zippy Shells offers!

Zippy Shell Moving Services

Whether you want to move across town or country, Zippy Shell provides complete moving services from start to end. The company offers multi-sized containers, including 15’ or 16ft, for loading materials within 3 days. It also provides third-party services to help you pack and load your stuff. However, it does not offer any international moving services.

Zippy Shell Storage Services

Looking for portable storage facilities for your residential, long or short-term storage? Zippy Shell is here to help you! They offer secure on-site storage, allowing you to either keep the container yourself or have it sent to their warehouse storage facilities. They provide 15 or 10-foot galvanized street-legal portable containers at your driveway to hold maximum capacity.

What Makes Zippy Shell Stand Out?

The climate-controlled storage facilities, low prices, and flexibility to drive easily through streets have set Zippy Shell apart from other PODS and storage companies.

8. Bekins

Bekins Moving Service is another great option when it comes to moving your belongings. Although the company doesn’t specialize in storage, Bekins has a network of third-party agents that store your stuff. The brand ensures that there’s always storage available.

Bekins Moving Services

Bekins offers a variety of money-saving options. These include everything from corner-cutting partial plans to discounts. Although you won’t see the lowest prices with Bekins, its discounts, options, and perks make it an affordable and reliable option.

The company employs a team of experts who will go the extra mile to take care of your belongings. You’ll stay updated with clear and timely communications about your move from start to finish.

The team at Bekins can handle everything from planning and packing to loading and delivery. Throughout the process, you’ll enjoy a simple, smooth, and high-quality relocation experience. You can rest assured with Bekins that no matter the distance or size of your move, their team has you covered.

Bekins Moving Instant Ballpark Estimates

What makes Bekins so unique? Unlike most moving companies that require an in-home visit before you receive an estimate, Bekins provides instant ballpark pricing online. You’ll need to give your phone number, email address, and a few other pieces of information before receiving this quote.

Bekins also hits it out of the park when it comes to breaking down the price ranges for each service level. This provides you with the ability to see what each service costs and whether or not you wish to include it in your final expense.

That said, you should bear in mind that the quote range you’ll receive won’t prove as accurate as what you’d get with an in-home estimate. For this reason, we recommend calling and scheduling a meetup. That way, a team member can give you the best sense of what you should budget for.

9. North American Van Lines

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, North American Van Lines operates a nationwide and international transportation service.

In business for more than 90 years, it specializes in a wide variety of services, from domestic to corporate moves.

North American Van Lines Moving Services

North American Van Lines boasts climate-controlled options and warehouses for short- and long-term storage. The company prides itself on offering customers a variety of services.

Although its pricing proves more expensive than some others on this list, it provides you with 30 days or more of storage.

Prices get calculated by the length of time and weight, which means you’ll never pay for any space that you don’t actually use.

The company is perfect for individuals who make a long-distance or international move. What’s more, customers appreciate the wide array of services offered by the company.

North American Van Lines Pricing and Booking

How much will it cost to move with North American Van Lines? That depends on the services you require. But if you don’t need packing assistance, the company’s offerings begin at approximately $550.

To move a medium-sized household over a moderate distance with light packing services, expect to pay about $3,000. These are just estimates, and final pricing will fall across the cost spectrum. That said, most moves will sit in the middle of this spectrum.

The best way to find out more is by scheduling an in-home estimate. It’s also the best way to receive a reliable figure.

North American Van Lines Storage Services

The company offers storage options for longer moves and comes with optional full-value insurance for your belongings. The company’s team can also facilitate international moves.

10. Wheaton Worldwide Moving

The fourth-largest moving and storage company in America, Wheaton Worldwide Moving caters to both corporations and households in the midst of relocation or expansion. Their large containers make the company an ideal option for both local and national relocations.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving Services

Wheaton offers various online resources such as checklists and tips to ensure your relocation proves as effortless as possible. The company has assembled expert teams to assist with everything from packing and planning to loading and delivery.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving also makes clear and timely communication a central aspect of the moves they handle. The team strives to offer you a simple and streamlined experience. No matter the distance or size of your moves, Wheaton provides excellent customer service.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving Pricing and Booking

How much does it cost for Wheaton to move your household? The cost of the move depends on many different factors. They include the distance you’ll be moving and the weight of your belongings.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving Instant Ballpark Estimates

Among the company’s standout features are its instant ballpark estimates that can be accessed online. They also offer high-quality online resources and priority relocation services for urgent moves.


You can add extras such as appliance services, packing, and extra insurance coverage, too. To know exactly how much you’ll pay with the company, you’ll need to request an in-home estimate.

Ranges vary widely depending on where you’re moving and what you’re moving. But you can use their Ballpark Estimate Tool to get an idea of what to budget for.

How to Take Full Advantage of Storage Container Rentals and Moving Companies

Choosing one of the best and most reliable companies to handle your moving and storage needs remains essential to a great move. But what if you’d like more tips and tricks to streamline the moving process? Check out our article on moving made easy.

We recommend taking an inventory of all the items you’ve put in storage. This inventory will assist you in keeping track of your possessions and making sure nothing gets lost.

You should also label your boxes. That way, there will be no guesswork when it comes to locating your possessions. This step will also ensure you place the correct boxes in storage until you’re ready to take them to your new home.

Where should you buy moving boxes? Here are the 11 best places to start.

As you’re preparing boxes for your move, you should also pack as strategically as possible. Make the items you’re most likely to need as accessible as possible to streamline your move. Check out our most epic packing and moving tips to make relocating a cinch.

The same goes for what you choose to store. Avoid placing items you’ll need sooner than later in your storage unit. You should also avoid storing anything of great value in a storage unit. Although risk proves minimal with self-storage, it still makes sense to take this precaution with priceless heirlooms and other possessions.

You should also make sure that you don’t store anything that can attract pests, create odors, or that could spoil.

The Best PODS and Storage Container Companies

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each of the ten best PODS and storage container companies. How do you know which service is right for you?

That will depend on your household size, the distance you need to move, and which additional services you’d like to consider if any. The list above will help you narrow your search. This, in turn, will ensure your next move is streamlined and stress-free. You can also use our moving cost estimator to start budgeting for the cost of moving your household items.

Of course, when it comes to moving, you must also consider auto shipping for your vehicles. Where to start when researching the best auto transport companies on the market?

At Nexus Auto Transport, we specialize in transporting vehicles safely and securely. Get a complimentary, no-obligation shipping quote for your car today.


How much will my move cost?