Getting ready to move into a new home and wondering what your new home essentials are? You're not the only one.

Research shows nearly eight million Americans moved from state to state in 2021, a jump from nearly 7.4 million two years earlier.

Moving into a new house can be hectic and disorganized, but a packing for a move checklist can make the process easier.

A comprehensive packing list for moving should feature the essentials for a new home. Let's explore everything you need with this moving day essentials checklist.

Moving Day Essentials Checklist

Looking for a detailed moving day essentials checklist? This new home moving checklist includes the most critical items you need to bring to your new house.

Identification, Wallet, and Keys

These items might seem obvious, but it's human nature to overlook the obvious, so we've included them on this packing and moving checklist.

Safeguard your driver's license, wallet, and keys by storing them in a purse or a bag designated for your moving essentials. This is especially important if you're moving from state to state and won't be able to backtrack to get these items if you forge them.


Any medicines you take regularly should go with you to your new home. It doesn't matter if they're prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Keep the entire box or bottle rather than packing only a few in your pillbox. This will ensure you have plenty of medicine until you can shop for more, and you'll also be less likely to confuse your medications.

Key Paperwork

No new home moving checklist would be complete without important paperwork. Essential documents include the following:

  • Forms for movers
  • Insurance certificate
  • Passports
  • Marriage documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Banking information
  • Legal information

Keep this paperwork in a manila envelope or separate folder.

Chargers and Electronics

Your items for a new home checklist need to include your electronics. Stash these devices in your essentials bag. These include your chargers, laptop, tablet, and phone.

Store your electronics' cords in Ziplock bags so they don't get damaged or tangled.

Packing for a Move Checklist

A comprehensive packing for a move checklist also includes several items needed to pack up your belongings.

Boxes are your biggest priority. Choose boxes in various sizes to accommodate multiple items, and invest in quality tape to seal your boxes. Label them using a permanent marker so you can easily sort your belongings by room and prioritize unpacking.

Moving delicate dishes or souvenirs? Surround your fragile items with bubble wrap or blankets to keep them safe on the journey.

Your packing and moving checklist should also include plastic bags. Use them to hold small items, like silverware, and non-perishable foods.

Use a handcart to lift heavy boxes and other items, like your refrigerator or safe. It will decrease your chances of receiving a physical injury.

Commercial moving companies, also called family movers, can handle the packing for you if you want to save time and energy.

Packing List for Moving

Looking for the top packing and moving tips? Pack similar belongings together to stay organized. This means packing items based on use or room and color-coding them accordingly.

As we mentioned earlier, keep your essentials for a new house in a separate bag or box for speedy access. These essentials for moving may include flashlights or your first aid kit.

Load larger items, like appliances and furniture, first. This will leave more space for smaller objects toward your truck's door, making unloading them easier.

Essentials for a New Home

Household essentials for a new home include cleaning supplies, like disinfecting wipes. Items for a new home checklist also include cleaning gloves and microfiber towels.

Your moving in essentials checklist should include a bucket and mop, too.

Family movers may help you pack and carry kitchen items, like frying pans and saucepans. Essentials for moving include cupboard organizers and bathroom organizers.

Don't forget your laundry supplies. Laundry necessities for a new home range from stain removers to ironing boards.

More New Home Essentials

Other essentials for moving include baskets for your cooking utensils. Essentials for a new house range from toothbrush holders to toilet plungers and brush holders.

Additional necessities for a new home include closet hangers, hampers, and drawer organizers.

A detailed list of essentials for a new apartment additionally includes tools and hardware.

Car Shipping and Moving Costs

Do you need to take a car to your new home thousands of miles away? An auto transport company offering cross-country car shipping or state-to-state shipping service can help.

A cross-country shipping service will transport your car 1,300 to 1,500 miles away if you're moving from south to north, and they'll take your car 2,000 miles away if you're moving west to east. A state-to-state service can help if you're moving your car 500 miles away or less.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much your shipping costs will be. The cost will depend on several factors, like whether you use an enclosed hauler or an open hauler. Open haulers are more cost-effective.

Your shipping costs will depend on the season and customer demand. Your moving cost calculator will let you plug in details about your vehicle and deadline to get an accurate quote.

Best Moving Tips and Tricks

Trying to move in one day? Dedicate plenty of time to organizing every room in your home before moving day. If you think you can pack in one week, give yourself two weeks to make sure you're ready for the big day.

Declutter before hiring moving companies to lighten your load. Donate or sell items you don't need or want anymore.

Consider hiring appliance movers if you don't feel comfortable moving your washer and dryer or fridge yourself.

How We Can Help

Your moving day essentials checklist should include important items like your keys, critical paperwork, and medications. A detailed packing for a move checklist should include feature items like boxes, tape, and a handcart.

Essentials for a new home include cleaning supplies and tools. Other new home essentials are hangers, silverware trays, and shelves.

Don't forget to add shipping your vehicle to your packing list for moving. At Nexus Auto Transport, we can ship your vehicle to your new home through our cross-country car shipping services. Request a quote today! Also, feel free to use our moving cost estimator to determine the cost of moving your household goods.

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