How Long to Sell a Car?

If you've ever wondered, "How long does it take to sell a car?" the answer can vary significantly. On average, selling a car online can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. However, several factors can influence the time it takes, such as the vehicle's make, model, age and condition, pricing strategy, marketing efforts, and the competitiveness of online marketplaces.

How to Sell a Car in 2023

Selling a car in 2023 requires an understanding of a changing market. Online car auctions and digital marketplaces overshadow traditional car-selling methods, such as local newspaper ads or signage. To stay ahead in this competitive environment and to quickly sell a car, it's crucial to embrace the digital revolution.

Finding the right buyer can take several weeks or months when selling only locally, even through online marketplaces. However, by offering shipping options, you can enable online car buyers at a greater distance to read your listing, significantly increasing the number of potential buyers and the likelihood of a fast sale.

How to Add Extra Value to Your Used Car Listing

Here we'll explore how offering a shipping option can be the fastest way to sell your car by reducing the average time to sell a car, leveraging the power of online sales, and tapping into a broader market of potential buyers.

How Do I Sell My Car Online?

You're probably asking yourself "how do I sell my car online?" It's less difficult than you might expect. To sell your car online, create an appealing listing with clear photos and detailed descriptions, set a competitive price, and utilize popular platforms or marketplaces. Search the best websites to buy cars to determine where to post your listing.

As you plan to sell a used car online, potential buyers need to be very comfortable with the condition of your car, reducing the average time to sell a car. Take detailed photos of the exterior and the interior so buyers get a sense of the overall condition.

Focus on details and make sure to call out any known flaws, like scratches, dents, scrapped wheel rims and other issues, so there are no surprises at the delivery.

Double Your Chances

By utilizing reputable online platforms, you can showcase your vehicle to a vast audience of potential buyers nationwide or internationally by offering shipping options. This effectively doubles your chances of finding the right buyer promptly.

How Fast Do Cars Sell?

When selling your car fast, the key is to streamline the process. By leveraging the convenience of cross-country car shipping, you remove barriers and create a seamless experience for potential buyers interested in your vehicle, which won't be deterred by distance or logistical challenges.

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The Fastest Way to Sell a Used Car

By integrating shipping services into your sales strategy, you unlock several benefits and provide both parties convenience and peace of mind. Online car buyers can trust that their new vehicle will arrive safely, while sellers can focus on finalizing the sale without worrying about delivery logistics.

The Power of Convenience

In the era of online shopping, buyers can browse through listings at their leisure, compare prices and make informed decisions without leaving their homes. By offering to ship a car to another state, you cater to the needs of busy individuals who may not have the time or budget to travel long distances to view and purchase a vehicle.

Can I Sell My Car to a Dealer?

You might be thinking that to "sell my car to a dealer" is a fast and easy way to offload your car. Selling your car to a local dealer can be viable, but it often has limitations. Dealerships typically have specific inventory preferences and may not be interested in purchasing your vehicle. By offering to ship, you can engage with dealers outside their usual trading radius to increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

Cast a Wider Net

The beauty of selling your car online lies in reaching a vast audience of potential buyers. By offering shipping, you amplify this effect by casting a wider net. Buyers who may not have considered purchasing a car from your local area can now explore your listing.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The integration of shipping services sets your listing apart from the competition. Your listing will attract buyers visiting online car auction sites or searching the best websites to buy used cars to your offer of convenient shipping options. By providing added value, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of serious buyers and closing a fast sale.

Utilize a Car Shipping Calculator: Transparent Pricing

When offering shipping services, provide potential buyers with transparent pricing. A car shipping calculator is an excellent tool for estimating shipping costs based on distance, vehicle size, and transport options. Integrating a car shipping calculator into your listing empowers buyers to make informed purchase decisions.

Cross-Country Car Shipping: Tap into New Markets

Shipping your car to another state or even across the country allows you to tap into new and potentially lucrative markets. Buyers in distant locations looking for your make and model may find your listing irresistible. You remove the geographical barriers that often restrict sales by providing shipping options.


When you sell a car online, offering shipping services has emerged as a powerful tool to sell your car faster. By cutting the average time to sell a car, tapping into the expansive online market and leveraging the convenience of shipping, you can increase your chances of securing a quick and successful sale.

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