Are you gearing up for the holiday car sales season? Secure a car dealership transporter now.

Research shows that car sales were more than 8% higher in December than in other months from 2005 to 2021. This may be due to more discounts and incentives offered at Christmas as dealers seek to offload their inventory.

Car dealerships that ship cars can expand their customer base nationwide. A reputable car transporter for a dealership can help with moving cars for dealerships.

What is the cost to ship a car from a dealership? Let's explore how companies transport cars for dealerships and what this service costs.

Why Transport Cars For Dealerships?

The best auto dealers use auto transport services to more easily sell their vehicles to people all over the U.S. A shipping service makes buying cars online more cost-effective and convenient for individuals who can't drive or fly to get cars in other states.

Your car shipping service will pick up the car you've sold to a distant customer and transport the vehicle to the buyer on a hauler. They'll then drop off the car at the buyer's location.

Christmas is a popular time to sell vehicles as mentioned earlier, but the best time to sell a car may also be spring. That's when the weather is temperate, encouraging more people to venture out and start car shopping. Tax refunds make the buying process easier for many shoppers, too.

Moving Cars For Dealerships: More Benefits

The best used and new car dealerships also use auto shipping services if they need to relocate. Suppose you need to move your inventory to a new property. A shipping service can quickly handle this task for you.

What if you need to ship a car from your lot to another dealership? Shipping cars between dealerships is easy with a leading car shipping service.

Methods To Ship a Car From a Dealership

Which methods are available for transporting cars from your dealership? You may choose enclosed auto transport or open hauling.

Enclosed transport involves using a carrier with walls and a roof to protect vehicles from the elements. The hauler also offers protection against theft. It's best used for a rare or classic car.

Open transport services use open haulers to move vehicles from point A to point B. These haulers don't have walls or roofs, so the cars are more prone to being damaged by road debris or hail. Cars typically don't receive damage when shipped via open haulers, so it's still a good option for dealerships.

Car Dealerships That Ship Cars: Types of Cars

What vehicles are eligible for transport from a dealership? A reliable car shipping company can handle automobiles of various types, makes, models, and sizes. These include:

  • Sedans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Sport utility vehicles

Your vehicle's size will determine your shipping cost. Large automobiles are more expensive to transport since they take up more space on a carrier, especially an enclosed one.

Open carriers may hold eight to 10 vehicles. Enclosed carriers hold only two to three cars.

Cost to Ship a Car From a Dealership

How much does transporting cars for dealerships cost? A car shipping calculator can help you determine your shipping costs per car.

Several factors will play a role in your shipping costs. These include the factors mentioned above: the vehicle's make, model, and size. They also include your shipping distance.

Let's say you need to ship a car to another state several hundred miles away. Your cost will be around $630 if you use an open carrier and $930 for a closed carrier.

Your dealership may pay $1,135 to transport a car on an open hauler 500 to 2,500 miles away. The cost might be $1,550 if you use an enclosed carrier.

What if you're shipping a car more than 2,500 miles away? You might be sending a vehicle from New York to California or California to Florida.

Your cross-country car shipping cost may be $1,350 with an open hauler or $1,830 with an enclosed carrier.

Remember that the above-mentioned prices apply to dealerships and private car sellers. Let's say someone asks, "How much will it cost to sell my car to a dealer in another state and ship it there?" They can expect to pay these prices, too.

Choose a Car Dealership Transporter

How do you choose the right auto transport service? Car dealers should look for companies with years of car shipping experience. The best auto transport companies have track records of success in safely shipping cars nationwide.

Ensure your auto transport service has liability insurance to protect your vehicles during transport. They'll pay for any damage your cars receive. A professional hauler must have a million dollars or more in insurance coverage.

Search for a transport company that offers expedited shipping if you can't wait one to two weeks to transport your cars. Expedited transport will ensure your vehicles reach their destinations within 48 to 72 hours.

Ask your prospective auto shipping company if they'll tell your buyer how much you paid to ship their car to them. The best auto transport companies will keep your shipping costs private from your customers.

This is important if you want to bake your shipping costs into your car sales prices and promote to customers that shipping is included. This will create the perception of convenience and value for your customers. It also makes the car-buying process less complex since your customers will have one less thing to worry about calculating.

Top Car Transporter For a Dealership

A premier car dealership transporter can quickly ship a car from a dealership. Moving cars for dealerships helps dealers reach more customers nationwide. This means that car dealerships that ship cars may produce more profits.

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