The weather in Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous; it’s rarely under 70 degrees and the sun’s almost always shining. Maybe it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to move there, and finally, that goal is within your reach.

However, since it’s not a contiguous state, relocation may pose some unique issues when it comes to moving your belongings, such as your vehicle.

If you want to ship a car to Hawaii, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the options available, why it’s better than others, and what it takes to ship a car from Hawaii or to there.

How Do I Transport a Car to Hawaii?

As you may have guessed, it’s not possible to drive a car to Hawaii, regardless of where you’re starting off at. While a travel website got people’s hopes up back in 2010 about a bridge from California to Hawaii, it was unfortunately just an April Fool’s joke. To this day, there is no feasible way for you to drive to the state; you must put it on a freighter to get it on the island successfully.

For that reason, when you want to ship a car to Hawaii, it’ll almost certainly entail both driving it and putting it on a freighter.

Ways to Ship a Car to Hawaii (Mainland)

No matter where you’re starting from (or ending up), you’ll probably have to get your car quite a way across mainland US to ship by freighter. In this case, there are two ways to ship your vehicle: open and closed car hauler. Read on to find out more about each option.


With an open car hauler, the trucker loads cars up on rows. As you’d expect from the name, all of the vehicles on the hauler are out in the open, which means if it rains, hails, sleets, snows, or is really windy, it may affect your car while in transport.

The main benefit of choosing an open car hauler is there are many of them around, as they’re the main car shipping method. This means that when you book these services, you’re more likely to get the date and time you desire. For people who are on a very rigid schedule or need to move ASAP, picking open car hauler services can be ideal, especially if you don’t have a new or classic car in your possession.


On the other hand, your vehicle will be completely protected from the outside elements in a closed car hauler. The trucker loads up an enclosed trailer with several cars for this type of shipping.

This is definitely the better choice when it comes to transporting a brand new or classic car. However, it’s very likely that you won’t get the exact time slot you want for shipping. So you need to weigh your options and decide what’s more important for you: completely protecting your car or getting a time slot that works for your schedule.

The Cheapest Way to Ship to Hawaii

Between the two options, the cheaper way is by open car hauler. This is because there’s less involved in the process. However, for people with pricier and/or newer vehicles, it can be a good idea to spend a little extra money for extra protection.

No matter which method you choose, have peace of mind knowing that Hawaii shipping companies (such as Nexus Auto Transport) will have full insurance on your vehicle. Reputable and reliable drivers will ensure your car is unscathed in the process. But in the rare occasion that something unfortunate happens, you’ll get fully reimbursed by the insurance company.

The Benefits of Using a Hawaii Car Transport Company

As we’ve covered above, there is no feasible way to get your car from the mainland to Hawaii besides through a freighter. There is no Hawaii ferry for you to drive your car onto; there are only ferries that run between several islands.

Not only can auto transport truckers drive the car all the way to the freighter, but they can also arrange for that section of the journey as well. This is a huge benefit of using a Hawaii car transport company.

But that’s not the only benefit you can reap from using one. Find out what the other benefits are below.


Unless you’re already located near a port, you’ll probably have to make a long drive to arrive there on your own. Not only does this take up a lot of gas, but it also puts a lot of added mileage on your car that’s unnecessary.

In addition, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money on dining out, sleeping in hotels, and other miscellaneous things. Not to mention you’ll also be quite exhausted, even if you have a driving partner to switch off with. This can make it less safe when you’re driving.


Relocating to Hawaii is a big step, which means you have many things to get in order before you move to the island. You already have enough on your plate to worry about; you shouldn’t have to also worry about the details of transporting your car.

When you use an auto shipping company’s services, all you have to do is turn up at the port once your vehicle arrives. This can be a huge relief when you don’t have to figure out any aspects of the logistics to get your car to Hawaii.

The Car Shipping Process

Basically, if you want to ship your car to Hawaii, it’s not possible to do it on your own. So you have no choice but to use a professional company. In that case, keep reading to find out how the process goes with Nexus Auto Transport.


First, you can either use our online shipping calculator or call an agent standing by to get a quote. You’ll disclose how far you’re traveling, what type of service you want (open or closed), and how quick you need the services (economy, standard, or expedited).

Once you receive a quote, you can then decide if you want to proceed. If so, then you can arrange a date and time with the agent.


The trucker will go to your designated location to pick up your car. If that’s not possible, they’ll meet you at a nearby parking lot. Either way, the two of you will do an inspection of your vehicle to note any preexisting damage.


Once the driver has your car, they’ll transport it across the mainland and drop it off at the port. During this time, you’ll be able to track your vehicle online. You can also get in touch with the trucker.


Once at the port, you can go receive your car. The trucker will go over your vehicle once again with you to check that it didn’t sustain additional damage while in their possession. You’ll then sign the bill of lading and get a copy of it.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii?

There’s no set amount when it comes to shipping a car to Hawaii. This is because there are many factors involved.

For instance, one major factor is how much ground the driver has to cover both before the freighter. In addition, the cost will depend on whether you choose an open or enclosed car hauler. Lastly, it’ll depend on whether you choose economy, standard, or expedited shipping services.

As you can see, depending on the options you choose and the distance your vehicle has to travel, the costs can vary widely. This is why we suggest you use a car shipping calculator to get a good idea of how much you’ll have to spend. That way, you won’t run into any surprises when it comes time for your big move.

Ship a Car to Hawaii With Nexus Auto Transport

When you want to make your relocation an easy and smooth one, ship a car to Hawaii with Nexus Auto Transport. We’ll handle everything from start to finish so all you have to do is move yourself and your family. That way, it’s a huge burden off your shoulders.

We only work with truckers who are NAT-certified. This means that not only are they skilled at handling cars of all sizes, but they’ll also treat your car as if it were their own. You’ll also be able to track your vehicle the entire way for peace of mind.

Nexus Auto Transport has been helping people like you move their treasured vehicles for years. You can trust us to do the same for you.

Get started on the auto shipping process by requesting a quote from us now. We have agents standing by ready to answer any questions you may have.

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