You found the one. The leather seats and premium audio in your new car are irresistible, and the best part is the budget-friendly price since you're leasing it.

Research shows that more than 71 million cars in the U.S. are leased. That's 25% of vehicles. Car leasing is popular since it comes with lower upfront costs.

What happens if you need to ship a leased vehicle? Is leased car shipping allowed compared with shipping a financed car?

What's the cost to ship a leased car? Let's explore leased car shipping, including shipping a leased car to Hawaii or overseas.

Why Ship a Car?

Suppose you're moving from state to state and you need to take your car to your new home hundreds of miles away. Don't drive the vehicle. Ship it there to save time.

Auto shipping is also a good option if you plan to sell a car online. A buyer in another state can arrange to ship your vehicle to their home.

Remember that the best time to sell a car is February to March. That's when people often receive tax refunds, which they can use to make their vehicle purchases.

What Is a Leased Car?

A leased (or rented) car is a vehicle you pay to drive for a specific time period. Your contract will also specify the maximum number of miles you can drive the vehicle.

Leasing in the USA is typically available for brand-new cars. You'll make monthly payments on the vehicle and return the vehicle to your dealer once your lease is up. You won't own the car once your contract is finished.

What if you no longer want to lease the vehicle but you haven't reached the end of your lease term? You may transfer your leased car to another person if the dealer allows this. Let's review other FAQs related to leased vehicles, focusing on auto shipping.

Is Leased Car Shipping Out of State Possible?

Maybe. Your lease contract likely has a section about shipping the vehicle hundreds of miles away. Review this document to discover whether the dealer will let you ship the car.

Suppose you bought a leased vehicle in Texas and you can ship it. Your dealer might restrict auto shipping to Texas. Contact the dealer if you can't find information about shipping restrictions in your contract.

Move forward with vehicle shipping only if you've received authorization from your auto lienholder (lender). You could face expensive penalties or increased monthly costs. The lender might even require you to buy out the lease.

How Do You Ship a Leased Car?

The first step in shipping a leased car is to research the driver's license, vehicle registration, and auto insurance requirements for your new state. These laws vary from one state to the next.

You'll need a new license and registration through the motor vehicle department where you're sending your car. You might also have to purchase new insurance through an insurer that covers your new state.

Contact a reputable auto shipping company to arrange your leased vehicle shipment date. Ask them which documents they need to ship your vehicle. These may include proof of car insurance and a vehicle lien (loan) copy.

Can You Ship a Leased Car to Hawaii?

It's usually easier to receive permission to transport a financed vehicle than a leased vehicle to Hawaii. This also applies to Alaska and an American territory. These territories include the following:

  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • American Samoa
  • Northern Marinara Islands
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

That's because people with leased cars don't own them. The vehicles are only registered in their names.

Your auto lienholder has the final say on whether you can ship your vehicle to any of the above-listed locations. Study your contract and lienholder's transport policies to determine whether you can transport your leased vehicle beyond the contiguous U.S.

Is Shipping a Financed Car to Hawaii Okay?

Shipping a financed vehicle to places like Hawaii or Alaska is typically allowed if the payments are current. You must also have proof of current insurance coverage.

Ask your lienholder to generate a letter permitting you to ship the car, and give it to your auto shipper. The shipping company may require the lienholder to sign or notarize this letter.

Can You Ship a Leased Car Overseas?

Many lienholders don't let lessees take their leased vehicles to foreign countries. Double-check with your dealer and read through the leasing contract to determine if they'll let you through this.

Can You Ship a Financed Car Overseas?

Some lienholders allow financed vehicles to be transported to foreign countries. Your lienholder can tell you whether you can do this with your car.

Auto transport companies may require a notarized title copy and authorization letter from the lienholder to ship your vehicle overseas. You must physically mail these documents so that they show the notarization stamps. Don't fax or email them.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Leased Car?

The cost to ship a leased car depends on your shipping distance and whether you choose open auto transport or enclosed transport. Open transport involves shipping your car on a hauler with no roof or sides. Enclosed transport services use haulers with roofs and sides to transport the vehicles.

Open transport is less expensive than enclosed auto transport. The enclosed option typically isn't necessary unless you're shipping a classic or rare car that needs protection from the elements.

Enclosed shipping may cost between $900 and $1,800 depending on whether you're shipping your vehicle a few hundred miles or more than 2,500 miles (cross-country car shipping) on an enclosed carrier. These figures are between $600 and $1,300 for an open hauler.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much you'll spend to ship a car to another state. Movers may also offer calculators for determining your moving costs (e.g., a moving truck, professionals, boxes) when relocating.

Ship a Leased Vehicle Today

Shipping a financed car is typically easier than transporting a leased one. You may be allowed to ship a leased car to Hawaii or overseas depending on your lender's requirements, though.

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