If you want to Ship your Vehicles, here are some tips for you

May 13, 2018

Car shipping has become very popular over the years. If you go online, you will find many companies offering auto transport services all of which are insured and fully licensed. If it is your first time shipping your car off to a different state, you might find it very confusing to choose which car shipping company is the best for your shipping needs. In this blog, we will discuss what to consider when planning on shipping your vehicle or vehicles for that matter across the state, country or to another country.

Prepare your car for shipping

Before you release your car to be shipped off, you should clear it of everything inside. Personal belongings, small accessories, usual trunk items and any pointed objects should be removed to avoid any damage to the interior of the car during transit. Heavy objects in the car may increase the vehicle’s weight causing you to pay more for shipping. The extra weight should be removed to accommodate the car’s average weight. If you are shipping your car overseas or across boundaries, any belongings left in the car can be confiscated during a customs check since they are not authorized to be transported. So, make sure you leave nothing in the car. You should also turn the rear-view mirrors inwards to avoid any damage that might be caused during loading and offloading. You can also inform the carriers of any special features of your vehicle to help them in handling it properly.

Go for reputable shipping companies

A shipping company with a good record is perfect for your shipping needs. A good reputation in a shipping company is important since it is more experienced in handling vehicle transport as compared to other new companies. You can check the credibility of a car shipping company by checking their website or testing their FMCSA registration online to determine how safe they are. Customer reviews online can also guide you in determining which shipping company is most reliable and comfortable to work with

Transport brokers

Auto transport brokers should not be your first go-to when you plan on shipping your car across the country. This is because they are very impersonal and will probably send your car to be transported by a sub-standard shipping company. A broker will only post your transport request on a nationwide network and accept any shipping company which will agree on the price without checking on the credibility of the company. Since you don’t want to risk your car with a company you know nothing about, it is better to look for a carrier service yourself to get the best possible service. This will also save you on money that would have been demanded by the broker as a connecting charge.

Don’t pay deposits that are non-refundable

Some car shipping companies demand an upfront deposit for services before picking up your vehicle. This deposit may not be refunded if they fail to give you the service making you incur losses. Reputable auto transport companies do not normally demand for a deposit upfront so you shouldn’t take this as an obligatory request. Brokers are also fond of not giving refunds for deposits when services are not given. You should avoid dealing with such parties and look for a reliable shipping company.

Price isn’t everything

You should not be swayed by the cost of shipment alone in agreeing to deal with a certain car shipping company. Sometimes you may find the detailed price to be affordable but after the shipping, you realize that there were many other hidden costs that they did not mention in the initial amount. Before regarding the price, you should determine first whether the company delivers shipment on time. You don’t want to wait for your vehicle for more than two months only because you chose the cheaper alternative. Safety should also be a priority when determining the ideal shipping company for your shipping needs. When looking at safety, the auto transport company’s insurance cover should automatically come into observation. Always request to see the company’s insurance cover before giving off your car for shipping to ensure that the transportation will be safe and secure.


How do you want your vehicle to be transported and delivered? When it comes to car shipping you can choose to have your vehicle transported either in an open carrier or an enclosed one. An enclosed carrier will protect the vehicle from natural elements but will also be more expensive. You should also know whether you want your vehicle delivered at your doorstep for a higher fee or if you prefer it is dropped at the nearest terminal where you can go and fetch it. Auto transport comes with many services which you should consider slowly before deciding on the best alternative.