If you're planning a trip to Sin City, you're probably tired of sitting in traffic or finding unaffordable parking. To resolve your transportation woes, you should hire a car shipping company.

As you can imagine, shipping a car from point A to point B isn't cheap--and it also depends on where your cars are going. Keep reading to learn more about Las Vegas auto transport.

Types of Car Transport Las Vegas

The most common way to transport cars is through open auto transport. This kind of transit carrier is an open-air container. These containers load cars onto two different shelves but lack a roof or side walls.

Auto car carriers are typically two stories and are an entirely safe method of transit. Unless you explicitly request top loading, your car may be parked on either level.

Close auto transport is a way of delivering cars that provides an added layer of security to auto transit. Typically, a fully enclosed trailer that can only fit seven cars in a single carrier.

This method of transit is common when you need to export expensive vehicles like antique and luxury cars, it's an excellent form of transportation. With closed auto transport, your automobile will be totally shielded from unfavorable weather and road hazards.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Las Vegas?

According to Consumer Services, the auto vehicle transfer typically costs between $500 and $1,200. The cost of an auto shipment can vary based on a variety of factors. When you are budgeting for your car transport you need to take these specifics into account.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine the cost of your car shipment.

Distance Traveled

The cost will increase the further it must travel. Shipping costs between Las Vegas and locations outside of the continental United States or abroad rise dramatically. If you are only traveling from one end of the state to another, it is likely that your cost will be significantly lower.

Enclosed vs. Open-Air

Costs for enclosed shipping, which shields a car from the weather, are at least 50% higher. For shipping expensive or exotic autos, think about covered shipment.

Schedule Flexibility

You can also reduce the cost of auto transport by being flexible with pick-up and drop-off times. If you can offer a range of dates then you may be able to get subsidized pricing and save a lot of money.

Type of Vehicle

Transport costs are lower for smaller, lighter makes and models than for larger ones. Inoperable cars can be transported by Las Vegas shipping firms, but the cost of the service is often higher.

The Process of Shipping a Car to Las Vegas

When a consumer needs to have a vehicle relocated from one place to another, they first need to contact a car transit company. Customers can take use of this service from Nexus Auto Transport.

Once you get connected, the transportation provider can provide you with an agreement for the vehicle's transportation. Once you reach an agreement the business will arrange for a carrier truck to pick up the vehicle at the customer's specified location. The vehicle is then safely delivered to the customer's specified location by the carrier truck.

Tips for Shipping a Car to Las Vegas

Here are some tips for shipping your car to Las Vegas. When you are shipping your car with a vehicle shipping company you need to be diligent about getting all of the details in writing. Be proactive about cleaning up your vehicle.

Check Transit Company Credentials

Companies that ship cars domestically and internationally must register with the Department of Transportation. Getting the DOT number from the transportation business will help establish the company's credibility.

Tidy Up Your Vehicle

If you are using an auto transporter you should tidy up your vehicle. By removing any loose items you can keep your vehicle tidy and protect the interior of your car. Before you put your vehicle on a carrier you need to take photos of the vehicle so you can keep an accurate inventory of its condition before transport.

Why You Should Ship Your Car to Las Vegas

Shipping a car is a convenient way to move your vehicle from one place to another. If you are moving you might not have the time, energy, or people to transfer your vehicle or vehicles to your new place if you are organizing a relocation or need to move more than one car.

If you are stuck traveling long distances or moving multiple vehicles, Nevada auto transport companies can really help. You can arrange for your auto-ship to be picked up from your house and delivered to your new address.

Las Vegas Car Shipping Companies

Several car shipping companies are in Las Vegas, however, chief amongst them is Nexus Auto Transport. All of these companies help customers move their cars from one place to another using a truck made specifically for that purpose by auto transport businesses.

Use Las Vegas Auto Transport

Working with a reliable business like Nexus Auto Transport can guarantee a simple and pain-free vehicle transfer process. We work hard to ensure you have fair prices and seamless vehicle transport.

Las Vegas car shipping can help you alleviate the stress of driving your car all the way to Nevada. Las Vegas auto transport can be difficult to set up if you don't have experts on hand.

Our team at Nexus Auto Transport is eager to help facilitate your vehicle transfer! Contact us for all of your auto shipping needs.

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