Did you know the first tow truck was made in 1916? Now hundreds of people take advantage of the modern tow truck and services every year.

What would you do if a family member living in another state needed their car towed? What if the car broke down in a state far away and you couldn't be there to assist them? Not knowing who you can call in an emergency is a tough situation.

Car trouble can happen to anyone but knowing what to do when it happens is imperative. Long-distance car towing provides relief in many situations.

When someone is traveling a long distance, they will want to know all the ins and outs when it comes down to getting their vehicle towed back home or to their destination. Here is everything you should know about long-distance car towing.

Local vs Long-Distance Car Towing Service

Local Towing

Local car towing will be significantly cheaper than long-distance. It requires fewer miles to be traveled and less labor. If you break down in your hometown a local towing company will be a great option.

Long-distance vehicle towing

Car towing for a long distance is classified by the number of miles driven. Over a hundred miles is concerned long-distance. It can be a lengthy process and it's imperative that you make other arrangements while you wait for your car.

If you are moving you may require the services of a towing company. If you are on a road trip and your car breaks down or gets extremely damaged you may need more than just a local tow.

How to Choose a Long Distance Car Towing Company

Your car is a valuable investment and you want to ensure it's in good hands when you are having it towed. When you're choosing a towing company you want to confirm they are licensed and reputable. They should have a lot of experience and plenty of reviews.

The company should be licensed but don't forget about the drivers. Don't forget to ask about their experience, credentials, and reputation.

The towing company should check your tires before starting the long journey. They should also confirm their towing vehicle has the capability to tow your car safely.

Ask people you trust for recommendations too. People in your community might have great advice too but don't forget to do your own research. Just because a towing company was right for your neighbor doesn't mean they have the right equipment to move your car.

Ask if they do regular maintenance on their trucks. You should also inquire about any incidences they've had in the past.

Accidents happen and sometimes they're unavoidable but it's important to know how they handle those situations when they arise. How they react to the unexpected can be very telling.

We will discuss more budgeting next but it is important to consider price when you are choosing a long-distance towing company. Price isn't everything but you should make note of it.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Towing

There are a few things you need to do to prepare your car for its long towing journey. These steps will decrease the risk of damage to your car.

Towing your vehicle won't ruin your car unless it's done improperly then you'll likely face some issues. Cosmetic issues that affect the body of the car and its look can be fixed with ease however, mechanical issues may take more time and money. While they may seem to just be a pointless chore, you'll thank yourself later when your car arrives safe and sound.

Wash and Take Photos

Similar to when you rent a car you want to inspect your car closely before shipping it off. Washing it first will allow you to see any scratches or small dents easily.

You'll want to document these with photos and when your car arrives do the same thing. This will allow you to see any damage that may have occurred on the trip.

Fill Your Tires

Full tires make driving much smoother and easier. The same is true for towing a long distance.

The driver will be able to load and unload your car more efficiently with full tires. Topping off the air in the tires will also allow the car to absorb bumps better, which protects the rest of the car.

Empty Your Car

It's important that you remove all your valuables from your vehicle. Depending on how far you are traveling you may not have access to your car for a few days or even weeks.

Medications, insurance cards, passports, and money should all be with you not with the towing company in your car. This includes the glove box, the trunk, the side doors, and under the seats.

Do a final sweep before sending your car off. Having a second pair of eyes take a last look can be helpful to ensure you didn't forget anything.

Reduce Gas and Disable Alarms

It may seem odd but reducing the amount of gas you have in your car can decrease the weight and make it easier to be towed. It can also decrease the chances of leaks and potentially dangerous fires and damages.

If the tow truck hits a bump in the road your car alarm may go off. The driver will then have to stop to turn it off, putting him and your car at risk.

It will also add time to the drive delaying your car's delivery. It can be distracting to other drivers and it's best if that can be avoided for the safety of everyone.

Repair Fluid Leaks

Repairing leaks to your car before traveling is a must. It can be dangerous for the tow truck driver and other drivers if your car is spilling fuel or fluid on the highway.

It can also be damaging to your car. When you're moving you have a million things to do when you arrive, fixing your car before you move will take one thing off your to-do list.

Prices for long-distance towing services

There are a few factors that affect the long-distance towing price. The size of your car will be a big determinant.

Towing services have a maximum weight that they can carry. The larger and heavier your car is the fewer cars they can transport at a time.

Where you have your car towed can also increase the price. If you want your car delivered to your front door it will likely cost you more than if you pick it up from a central location.

Long-distance towing cost may differ depending on how many miles your car is being moved. To give you an idea of how much it's going to cost, the nation's average to tow a car from New York to California is around $1650.

Some long-distance towing companies will offer rushed services. However, if you are working with a tight budget this might not be for you. If you are in a rush this can be a great option though.

The time of year can also help you bring the cost down. Moving rates in late spring and summer are usually higher than in December and January because of the holidays and the school year.

If you are looking for cheap long-distance towing waiting until the slow season is your best bet. Keep in mind weather conditions may affect the timeline.

Talk to your towing company about open and closed carriers. If you are worried about damages to your car a closed carrier may be an option, this will increase the price significantly.

If you are looking for the bests long-distance towing rates opt to have it dropped off at a hub or central location and use the open carrier option. Don't use the rushed services and don't schedule your towing for the business season.

Is a Tow Dolly good for long-distance?

A tow dolly is great for towing cars short distances. However, if you tow your car for a long-distance your vehicle will experience a lot of wear and tear. A tow dolly elevates the car and puts a lot of pressure on the rear tires of the car being towed.

It will also affect the internal structure of your car. It's not meant to sit at that angle for long periods of time.

The vehicle you are using to tow will also be put under a lot of stress. It will be better for both of your vehicles to only use a tow dolly for short distances.

Long-Distance Car Towing

While no one wants to experience car trouble, it happens and it's best to be prepared when it does. Knowing who to call will help relieve some of your stress.

The same is true if you are moving a long-distance or across the country. Long-distance car towing can be a life saver.

We've gone over everything you need to know about your next move or emergency so you can be prepared. We hope you found this article helpful. Click here to contact us about all your towing needs.

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