Tipping is an elusive practice that found its way into modern society in the United States in the 1850s and 1860s. Discussions surround the topic because many believe that some employers take advantage of the practice so they can shortchange their employees. Others believe tipping is a way to show appreciation for a job done exceptionally.

Although debate on whether or not to tip remains, what isn't debated is the expectation that to receive a tip, you need to perform extremely well at your job. The acronym for TIP, To Insure Promptness, should live up to its name, right?

In the auto transport industry, drivers are excellent at what they do. They will deliver a single classic car to a home or perform open hauler shipping to transfer vehicles in large numbers across state lines.

Do You Tip a Car Transport Driver?

In short, the decision of whether or not to tip your car transport driver is entirely up to you. Car shipping drivers work extremely hard to execute an order for you, the customer. From loading and unloading to long hours spent on the road, day and night, truckers are the backbone of a safe and efficient car transport service.

Some believe that tipping a car transportation driver is customary. Others believe the decision on whether or not to tip a trucker should be based on their level of service. Others simply don’t believe in tipping.

If you’re on the fence, we’re here to help with a lowdown of all the reasons people tend to tip their drivers (and some of the reasons why they don’t.) This way, you can make your own informed decision.

Reasons Why People Tip Their Drivers

The last time you utilized auto shipping, did you tip your driver? Would you if you were a first-time user of the service? Let's learn about some of the main reasons people tip their car shippers.

The Life on the Road

So you've paid to have your luxury car transported from your home in the East to your summer home in the West. There's nothing more you want than to drive around on the open road and show off your car. Your transport driver wants that for you, too.

They drive through tolls, deal with flat tires, and have to work around unexpected traffic stops. It is part of the job, but they often don't discuss the struggles on the road. Tipping them for the effort provided to give you what love is a great practice to consider.

In other words: tipping them shows that you are thankful for all the hard work they put in.

Allowing Personal Items During Transport

If you are someone moving across the country, trying to find unique places to fit everything is an art form. Knowing you can fit additional personal items in your car during transport provides peace of mind.

With Nexus, they allow 100lbs of personal items in the trunk at no additional cost. However, placing items in the front or back seats is not allowed per department of transportation regulations. But when those items arrive exactly how they are left, it is a great feeling.

Tipping your driver for transport your extra weight will show how pleased you are.

The Driver Arrived Early

You've planned for your carload to come to your lot on Friday at 11 AM, but to your surprise, the delivery comes on Thursday morning. It is perfect because now you can plan on calling more of your salesmen to come in over the weekend to sell to customers.

When a driver arrives early, it is thrilling for everyone involved. As the customer, it is a welcoming surprise that you will appreciate. The driver will be grateful that their hard work to arrive early paid off when you provide that extra tip.

Car Delivery Is as Close to You as Possible

Drivers often carry large loads; this is especially true when delivering across the country. They are mindful of their load and always plan to get as close as possible to your location. Sometimes, getting close can be difficult.

Maybe you live in a close-knit neighborhood where a large truck would barely fit down the lane. This means the driver planned out strategically how to get close based on their load and your location. When they nail this and come extremely close to where you are, tipping is a wonderful way to show how grateful you are.

The Driver Was Extremely Attentive and Kind

Not everyone will show up with an upbeat attitude. When the driver goes above and beyond to tell a joke or two, ask you about your day, or even let you know about where all they have been, it makes a difference.

Maybe you were worried about the car during transit because the car was left unlocked on accident. You called to let them know while out on the road, and they happily locked it during one of their stops. It is this kindness that will go a long way when the time to offer a tip comes.

They Communicated Several Times Throughout the Trip

You are worried about transport. You've been waiting for this one-of-a-kind car for years. Finally, you were able to purchase it, but it was on the other side of the country.

It is a little embarrassing, but you've been waiting by the phone to hear updates daily. This is alright, though because your driver knows how excited you are, too. They are providing those daily calls to soothe your anxieties.

Communication is key with any transport. Your driver is happy to keep you updated every mile, providing feedback and letting you know exactly where they are and when they are going to arrive. It is this type of service that justifies providing your driver with a tip.

They Accommodated Your Specific Needs

Life happens, and at times things don't always go to plan. Perhaps a family member ended up in the hospital on delivery day, or you ended up stuck at the airport. Whatever the reason, you need a driver that is understanding and willing to adapt to those situations.

When your driver is flexible and willing to work around your schedule, it means a lot. Tipping the driver when they will rework the delivery to meet your needs is great customer service. Consider tipping your driver when they not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Some Reasons Why People Don't Tip

The fact is that some people just don't tip. While it is commonly seen as rude, they may have legitimate reasons why tipping isn't an option for them.

Maybe they one of that they don't understand the proper tipping etiquette for car transport, or they have never tipped their driver in the past. Let's explore a few reasons why tipping your driver is a good idea.

The Car Arrived in Worse Condition Than It Left

Traveling across the country is a dirty job. Between changes in the weather and unexpected pit stops, the car will inevitably get dirty. Taking the time to ensure the car arrives clean could be the difference between receiving a tip or not.

Communication Is Lacking

Lackluster communication in the car shipping industry could hurt the chances of a tip. People ship their cars for many reasons. And if they are unsure of the status of their car, they will likely be unsatisfied. Communicating every few days with the customer is a good way to boost your chances of receiving a tip.

The Car Came Later Than Expected

Tips come under the assumption that the worker did the job exceptionally well; it is not wrong to assume the customer is upset when that doesn't happen. In the auto transport industry, delivery time depends heavily on traffic patterns. If the driver is late with their delivery, it could reflect on them as a lack of planning.

The Car Arrived Damaged

There's nothing worse than showing up to the destination with a damaged car. Dents, scratches, or any other issue will influence tipping. Although accidents like these happen, they will likely influence whether or not the driver receives a tip.

Issues With Scheduling

Maybe the customer needed their classic car transported to a car show, and there was limited availability around that specific time. It is a hassle when scheduling conflicts arise. Any type of scheduling issue that requires an alternative solution could affect tipping.

How Much Should You Tip a Delivery Driver?

It’s ultimately your decision. However, we recommend tipping 5-10% of your total bill for local and short-distance car moving, and 10-20% for long-distance car deliveries.

We recommend a higher tip rate for long-distance moves solely for the complexity of said shipments and the added efforts of the drivers involved. It’s all up to you, though, so feel free to calculate a tip at your discretion.

Tipping Your Auto Transport Driver Shows Appreciation

Deciding whether or not to tip your transport driver is ultimately a personal choice. However, tipping is a practice in the United States that many consider a habit. The question is still up for debate.

But should you tip your auto transport driver?

Tipping is an easy way to show your appreciation directly to your auto transport driver. They drove across the country to deliver one of your most prized possessions. Repaying them simply makes sense. Whether you need door-to-door shipping or a seasonal auto relocation, the range of options provided by Nexus are guaranteed to meet your needs.

For the moments when you need your car shipped, contact the car shippers at Nexus. They will answer any questions you have regarding the process and direct you to the correct type of shipping for your needs.

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