Are you planning to ship a car to another state this fall? It may cost you more this year than in previous years.

Research shows vehicle shipping costs rose over 10% between 2020 and 2023. Various factors have influenced auto transport company cost hikes, including increasing gas prices, labor shortages, and inflation from the COVID pandemic.

You may be wondering how auto transport services set their rates. Let's explore the factors contributing to auto transport carriers' prices and how the best car shipping company can save money.

Why Use An Auto Transport Company?

Perhaps you're buying a car online this summer and need to bring it to your home. Maybe you want to sell a car online and need to take it to a buyer in another state. An auto transport company can help in either of these situations.

There's no need to drive a car to another state yourself. An auto transport service can pick up your car, and take it to its destination, so you don't have to pay for gas, hotel rooms, and even a rental car to complete this task. Hiring a car transport company will also help you avoid racking up mileage on the car you're transporting, extending its life.

The cost of shipping a vehicle may still be a concern for you. Let's examine how auto transport pricing works.

Enclosed and Open Auto Transport

Whether you choose open or enclosed auto transport is a major factor in your car shipping costs. Enclosed transport is where a shipping company uses a carrier with walls to take between one and three cars to their destinations.

An enclosed carrier will protect your vehicle from the elements, like rain and hail. This is why it's the best choice to ship a luxury car.

Open auto transport involves transporting cars on carriers without walls. These carriers may hold between eight and 10 vehicles each.

An open carrier won't shield your vehicle from street debris and weather. Hot shot car transport is still the best option for many vehicle owners since it's more affordable than enclosed transport.

Most cars transported on open carriers aren't damaged. Your transport company's liability insurance and any additional car transport insurance you've purchased may cover any damage your car sustains.

Other Auto Shipping Options

Your shipping price will also be based on whether you choose door-to-door auto transport. This shipping option will let you pick a pickup and drop-off location for your vehicle. You won't have to find the nearest terminal to get or take your car.

Door-to-door transport will add to your transport costs. It's worthwhile for many customers, though, due to its convenience.

Another car shipping option that will drive up your transport costs is expedited auto transport. Your auto transport company will charge you more to ship your car on short notice (e.g., 24 hours) versus one month's notice.

Additional Auto Transport Pricing Factors

Auto transport companies may charge you more to ship a larger vehicle. Sedans are cheaper to transport than pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles.

Yet another factor in your car transport costs is how far your car needs to travel. Shipping a car less than 500 miles away will cost you less than cross-country car shipping, which involves shipping a vehicle 1,300 miles from south to north or 2,000 miles from west to east.

Cost of Auto Transport Services

Your auto transport costs may be slightly over $600 for open hauling and more than $900 for enclosed transport if your car travels less than 500 miles. The cost to ship a car may be more than $1,100 for open transport and over $1,500 for enclosed hauling if your shipping distance is 500 to 2,500 miles.

Expect to pay more than $1,300 for open hauling and over $1,800 for enclosed hauling if you transport your car more than 2,500 miles. A car shipping calculator can help you figure out your specific costs.

Hiring a reputable auto transport may help you minimize your vehicle shipping costs. The right company won't charge you hidden fees. They'll be upfront with their pricing.

Some transport services charge reservation fees. The best companies won't require you to pay to reserve your vehicle shipment.

Working With Auto Transport Carriers

Ready to ship a car? Several documents are required to ship a car across state lines. One of them is the bill of lading or BOL.

The BOL documents your car's condition when the driver picks it up and delivers it. Any damage must be noted on the BOL or insurers won't cover transport-related repairs. That's because the insurers won't have proof there's a problem.

Other essential documents include your car registration certificate and title. The title shows who owns the car. The registration certificate indicates the car can legally be driven since it's been registered with a state.

Your car transport company likely won't ask you for your driver's license or auto insurance information. Have this information on hand just in case.

Best Car Shipping Company

Auto transport company pricing depends on several factors, including whether you choose enclosed or open transport. Door-to-door and expedited shipping through auto transport carriers may also increase your costs.

Additional factors in car shipping prices include how far your car must be transported. Your vehicle size will affect your cost, too.

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