Are you considering shipping a car to another state this year versus driving or flying to get it yourself? Smart move.

Shipping a vehicle a relatively short distance may not cost much more than a little over $500, whereas cross-country car shipping may cost you a little over $1,700.

The top advantages of auto transport are the fact that you can save money with auto transport as well as save time with auto transport. Here's a rundown on these core benefits of auto transport and how specifically you can save money on car shipping with the best auto transport companies.

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Save Time with Auto Transport

One of the top reasons to use the auto transport process for cross-country car shipping is that this will save you time.

Let's say you just purchased a car in another state and need to get it to your home. You could drive to the car's location with a family member or friend and bring the new car back with you.

Also, perhaps you are moving to another state and need to get your car there. You could drive the car to your new home and then drive back home with a loved one or use a rental car.

However, driving a long distance might require you to miss several days of work, which you might not have available. Shipping the vehicle eliminates this problem, allowing you to save your paid time off for other more important or enjoyable activities.

In addition, using an auto transport service will free up time that you can spend on other activities and tasks. This is especially invaluable if you're in the middle of a cross-country move.

Save Money with Auto Transport

Another reason to use auto transport is that it will save you money.

Some people assume that transport company services are expensive. However, with the right company, you can transport a car at a reasonable price that leads to substantial cost savings.

If you plan to drive a car to another state, it might take you several days to reach your destination. This means you'll need to budget for fuel, accommodation, and food. If you're flying, you'll also need to budget for airfare.

These expenses can add up quickly depending on how far you are traveling. However, you don't have to worry about covering any of these costs when you use an auto transport service.

Also, keep in mind that if you decide to drive your car across the country to its destination, this will cost you more in maintenance and repair longer term. A long-distance drive will unfortunately end up adding stress to the car. As a result, you'll incur additional expenses such as tire rotations, repairs, and oil changes.

By shipping your vehicle, you can dodge these expenses, as well as the stress that comes with them.

To determine exactly how much auto transport will cost you based on your unique situation, you can use a car shipping calculator.

Advantages of Auto Transport Include Safety

Yet another reason to use auto transport is that it is a safer option than driving across the country. Let's take a look at how auto transport can be safer for both you and your car.

Your Safety

If you decide to drive across state lines, you put yourself at risk of getting into car accidents. This is particularly true if you intend to be behind the wheel for hours at a time.

A total of 775 fatalities occurred in 2018 due to drowsy driving.

By using a professional transport service, you minimize this risk and, in turn, guarantee your safety.

Your Car's Safety

Note that there are different types of auto transport: open auto transport vs enclosed transport. Closed auto transport is the best option if you want to guarantee your vehicle's safety.

For instance, consider using closed auto transport for antique and vintage cars. You may also want to use closed auto transport for electric cars. That's because closed transport will provide your vehicle with added protection against environmental hazards and the elements.

Open auto transport doesn't provide the same level of protection against debris or flying rocks, for example. However, when you choose a reputable company that has auto transport insurance to protect your car, this can give you peace of mind.

With this coverage, you can rest assured that the service will cover the loss of the vehicle or any damage done to the vehicle during transport. Meanwhile, if you decide to drive the car yourself and something happens to it on the road, you'll be responsible for the associated expenses.

Best Auto Transport Companies Offer Convenience

If you need your car in a jiffy, a high-quality auto transport service can also offer you the convenience of expedited auto transport.

With this service, you can get your car delivered to its destination within 24 hours. This is much faster than you would likely be able to do yourself by driving or flying.

How We Can Help You to Save Money on Car Shipping

The main advantages of auto transport services are that you can save money on car shipping as well as save time with auto transport. You can specifically save money with auto transport because it eliminates the need to spend money on fuel, accommodation, and food to travel to transport a car yourself.

At Nexus Auto Transport, one of today's best auto transport companies, we've served numerous clients over the years. Our transport service is fully insured and secure.

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