Calling all experienced car haulers! If you're looking for a great job with projected growth of 2.7% by 2032, then you're in the right place. Working for a car transport company is one of the most challenging yet incredibly rewarding driving jobs out there.

That's because, with auto transport, driving is the easy part. You also need to be a specialist in figuring out the perfect configuration of vehicles to get them to their destination in one piece. But for all their hard work and expertise, the best car transporters can bring home top dollar.

Let's explore why driving car hauling trailers could be an exciting career move for you.

Is There a Demand for Car Haulers?

Yes, there is. As mentioned at the outset, the auto transport services industry is growing. Along with it, the demand for experienced car haulers will rise too. Some companies provide on-the-job training, but many require a least two years of experience.

Is Being a Car Hauler Worth It?

Car shipping can be more lucrative than other forms of driving jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is $48,310.

Car hauler jobs typically pay up to $10,000 per year more. The more experienced and skilled you are, the higher the salary you can command. One report suggests that the median salary is $58,923, with 10% of drivers earning more than $75,000.

How Do Car Haulers Get Loads?

Many people turn to car haulers for stress-free auto transport when relocating for work, retirement, or military reasons. They like their current vehicle but don't want to put thousands of miles on the clock by driving it cross-country. So they work with car haulers to safely transport their pride and joy.

Car haulers provide a handy car shipping calculator. This allows customers to compare shipping costs at a glance and choose the best car transport company.

Car Selling Websites

Customers scour car selling websites, sometimes for months, to track down the perfect vehicle. The only snag is that it's across the other side of the country. Car haulers provide the perfect solution; a door-to-door, hassle-free service that allows them to confidently purchase their dream car.

Cars in a Hurry

Sometimes, customers demand vehicles in a hurry. This calls for hot shot car transport. Rather than transporting a full car hauler of vehicles, you may transport a single car in an enclosed truck.

These jobs can take you across state lines and cross country. Although these are niche services, there's a steady demand from customers who want their vehicles asap!

What Type of Hauling Pays the Most?

Generally speaking, the more specialized the load, the more lucrative the job. So if you have to transport luxury or classic cars in enclosed trucks, you may be able to command a higher salary. That's because of the extra level of care, both for the car and the customer, that the job demands.

However, actual salaries vary from hauler to hauler. Therefore, you need to talk with the company to find out what compensation they'd be willing to offer you.

Is Being a Car Hauler Hard?

That depends. If you like a challenge, the logistical puzzle of car hauler jobs is all part of the fun. That's because every single pickup begins with a game of automobile Jenga.

Assembling the Puzzle

First, you need to look at the cars you're transporting and decide where they fit best. The load must be evenly distributed, and the cars can't be too long or too high for the deck. You also need to consider DOT truck weight limits, which can vary from state to state.

To work in car shipping, you need a keen eye to carry out the car hauler inspection. You'll have to inspect the vehicles, matching their VIN numbers to the dispatch list and checking for damage.

Next, loading begins. This is a logistical challenge at the best of times. Add rain, snow, or ice into the mix, and things can get really interesting.

Secure the Vehicles

Once the first vehicle is in place, you'll need to strap it down or secure it with chains. This is a crucial part of the process that you cannot rush without putting yourself and other people's lives in danger. When you're on the road, you must continually check that all fixings are secure.

Finally, you'll hit the road. Whether you're traveling a few miles or need to ship a car from one state to another, you need to check your turning radius carefully. The last thing you want to do is crush a car rather than deliver it safely.

Getting There Safely

Customers rely on auto transport services to get their vehicles to them in great condition. Experienced car haulers are constantly on the lookout for dangers, such as loose chippings that can fly up and scratch the cars. They also plan their routes to avoid low bridges and take care near overhanging branches and overhead wires.

A Job with Variety

A different type of auto transport is enclosed car transport. Rather than using an exposed auto transport carrier, vehicles are shipped in specialist enclosed carriers. It's a premium service that requires skill and precision.

This type of transport is perfect for cross-country car shipping for luxury or antique models. However, it requires a slightly different skillset from other car hauler jobs.

So the bottom line is, if you like a challenge and are detail-oriented, vehicle hauling is a lot more fun than simple truck driving. As with so much in life, the rewards are equal to the effort you put in, and experienced car transport operators can command premium salaries! But if you like an easier life, maybe stick to general freight trucking.

Cash In on Demand for Experienced Car Haulers

As demand continues to grow, now's the time for experienced car haulers to make the most of their specialist skills. And if you don't currently have the experience, our guide has shown just how rewarding a career in auto transport services can be.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we're the car transport experts. If you think you could be a good fit for our team, reach out online today!

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