In the last few years, demand for second homes has grown at more than twice the speed of primary homes. However, both of these purchases have something in common – you need to move your vehicle.

Whether taking a one-way trip to your new home or traveling for the summer, you need your car with you. But auto transport doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With the right preparation and company, car shipping can be seamless.

To make sure your transport goes smoothly, we’ve prepared a list of six top tips for auto shipping. By following these steps, your car will arrive on time, and in the best possible condition. Read on to learn what you can do to make this happen.

1. Prepare the Vehicle

Start the process of auto transport by preparing your vehicle. Simple steps include making sure the fuel tank isn’t too full and emptying it of valuables and other items.

But the most important way to prepare your car is a vehicle safety inspection.

A car inspection or vehicle inspection check protects both you and the shipping company. Pre-purchase car inspections also show that the vehicle is in good condition before you buy and transport it. And inspections provide a record of the car’s condition for your insurance and auto hauler insurance.

2. Prepare the Right Documents

What documents are required to ship a car? This depends on where you’re moving it, as many states have their own laws.

If you ship your vehicle internationally, you’ll need a Bill of Lading. A Bill of Lading for car transport ensures the transaction happens smoothly and according to the contracts.

If you have questions about a Bill of Lading for car transport, don’t worry, we can help! Though it may sound complex, it's just a document required for the safety and security of the process. It protects you and the shipping company, proving that everything is above board and legal, unlike some transactions!

Otherwise, the primary documents will include contracts between you and the shipping company. Each business will have its own auto transport contract template. Review this auto transport contract template carefully to ensure you’re happy with their terms.

Once you’ve paid for your shipping, you should also receive a car transport receipt. Make sure to hold on to your car transport receipt in case there are any issues.

Finally, get in touch with your insurance. While transport shouldn’t be an issue, check whether you’ll need a specific auto transport insurance document. If so, make sure to keep this auto transport insurance document on hand.

3. Choose the Right Type of Shipping

Auto transport by hauler or carrier isn’t a single service. There are various options that suit different customers’ needs. Choosing the right option from the following is key to ensuring your process is as stress-free as possible.

Delivery Type

The process of auto transport is most often either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. This dictates where the car is collected from and delivered to. While the first option is more expensive, it is far more convenient and doesn’t incur extra travel costs on your end.

Hauler Type

Auto transport carriers are either open or enclosed.

Open carriers are more affordable. They transport more vehicles, which splits the cost, and are lighter. But if you have a very valuable car, choose an enclosed delivery for stress-free auto transport.

4. Consider the Weather and Climate

If you ship a car to another state or another long-distance journey, the weather and climate are a serious consideration.

First of all, will your car be traveling through areas of extreme heat or cold? Is this different from the weather you usually drive it in? If so, consider using enclosed transport to keep it protected.

What about extreme weather? Try to avoid long-distance auto transport in times known for blizzards, hurricanes, or other risky weather events.

5. Book Ahead of Time

Did you know that some auto hauling companies offer same or next-day pick up? While this is necessary for emergencies, you can plan ahead to avoid it.

For a stress-free auto transport experience, book your shipping far ahead of time. This is cheaper, gives you access to more options, and of course, is less stressful!

6. Choose a Reliable Company

The final and most important tip is to choose a company you can trust. With the right auto transport company, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s delivery will be on time and in the best possible condition. What steps can you take to find the right company for you?


The first place to start looking is previous customer reviews. Their experiences will give you an idea of whether your company of choice is reliable.

Look for reviews that provide specific details, such as vehicle condition and delivery times. If customers are happy with those key factors, it's likely a good choice.


Companies that don’t offer quotes upfront or that later charge hidden fees will make your shipping experience a nightmare. For a stress-free auto transport experience, you need to know your costs upfront. So look for a company that offers a car shipping calculator, being transparent about prices from the beginning.

Car Transport Insurance

The process of auto transport is usually uneventful, but accidents can happen. Anything from freak weather to a collision could pose a risk to your vehicle, whether you drive it or it’s in transit.

Reliable shipping companies have auto hauler insurance to cover their cargo. Car carrier insurance protects your car from anything that may go wrong. Only ever choose a service that has this insurance for car transport so that your car is covered.

The #1 Auto Transport Company

With the right choice of company, your auto transport process will be seamless and stress-free. How can you find a company that fulfills the criteria above? One with stellar reviews, transparent pricing, and the right auto transport insurance?

You already have.

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