Ready to move to a new home in another state this summer? You're not the only one.

Research shows about 50% of Americans who moved in 2021 did so for housing-related reasons.

What if you have a motorcycle that needs to go to your new home? Consider shipping a motorcycle across the country.

Let's explore how to transport a motorcycle across the country and the cost to ship a motorcycle across the country.

Shipping a Motorcycle Across the Country

Tempted to drive your motorcycle to your new house across the country? Driving thousands of miles on two wheels may not be a safe choice.

Putting your bike in a moving truck isn't a wise option. The bike could easily become damaged in transit. It might also take up room you could use for your other essential household items.

Towing your motorcycle is another solution, but your bike could be stolen or damaged during your long haul. Operating a trailer may also be challenging if you haven't done this before.

The best way to ship a motorcycle across the country is to hire a vehicle transport company. They'll use a hauling truck to securely take your motorcycle to its destination.

Shipping Benefits

Shipping a motorcycle across the country offers many benefits. Let's examine why shipping motorcycles across the country is a smart idea.


One of the benefits of motorcycle shipping is that it's convenient. Your transport company will pick up and drop off your machine at your chosen locations.

These locations may include your home's front door, your workplace, or a self-storage building.

Experience and Equipment

Another benefit of hiring a motorcycle shipping company is that they hire experienced drivers. They also use high-quality equipment, like tie-downs and special hardware.

You can trust a reputable company to carefully transport your bike so it's not damaged. The company will also ship your bike quickly and smoothly so you can focus on other aspects of your move.

Best Cross-Country Route

Looking for the best motorcycle cross-country route?

A popular route is from the Mississippi River's Minnesota headwaters to the Louisiana Sea if you're going from north to south through the central part of the US. Another option is to begin at Canada's Jasper National Park and end at Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

An efficient route for motorcyclists traveling along the East Coast can go from New York to Key West, Florida. Those traveling on the West Coast may start at Washington's Olympic National Forest and end in San Diego, California.

Headed from the Midwest to the West Coast? Consider taking your motorcycle along Route 66, which stretches to Los Angeles, California, from Chicago, Illinois.

A motorcycle transportation company will determine the most efficient route for shipping your bike to your new home.

Shipping Process

Wondering how to transport a motorcycle in a truck?

Get a shipping quote from the auto transport company you'd like to hire. Then, schedule your motorcycle shipment if you agree with their price.

Try to make shipping arrangements at least four weeks before your desired motorcycle pickup date. This will help ensure your motorcycle gets to its destination within your deadline.

The transport company will send a driver to pick up your motorcycle, and they'll inspect the bike. The driver will describe any existing motorcycle damage on your bill of lading a document that lists the item being transported.

Afterward, your bike will be placed on the hauler and taken to your new home. Inspect the bike for new damage, and sign your bill of lading if it looks intact.

Prepping Your Bike for Shipping

How do you get your motorcycle ready for shipping?

Remove any dirt or grime from your motorcycle's bodywork or tires, and remove all connections. Other important prep tasks include the following:

  • Disable your bike's alarms
  • Confirm the tires have enough air
  • Unlock the motorcycle's steering wheel

Leave your gas tank only a quarter full. This will make your bike lighter to transport.

Cross-Country Car Shipping Timeline

How long does motorcycle shipping take?

Moving a motorcycle across the country might take a couple of days if the bike is going 500 miles away, or less. The journey might take seven to 12 days if it's going 2,000 miles or more.

It might also take longer to ship your motorcycle across the country if your delivery and pickup locations are remote areas versus metropolitan locations.

Other factors affecting your shipping timeline include weather conditions. The following conditions influence traffic flow:

  • Tornados
  • Hurricanes
  • Thunderstorms
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Hail

Traffic problems might affect your shipping timeframe, too. These include road construction, traffic congestion, and detours.

Note that your driver legally can't drive for more than 70 hours a week. This is another factor that may affect your shipping timeline.

Cost to Ship a Motorcycle Across the Country

What is the average price to ship a motorcycle cross-country?

Shipping a vehicle across the country may cost you between $600 and $4,100, depending on several factors. These include the vehicle's model and make, gas prices, and the season you're shipping your car. Busier seasons translate to higher shipping costs.

Another important factor is the number of miles your bike is going. Cross-country shipping typically spans 2,000 miles from west to east and between 1,300 and 1,500 miles from south to north.

Your auto transport method will also affect your shipping costs (more on this next). Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much your motorcycle will cost to ship.

Best Motorcycle Transport Options

The cheapest way to transport a motorcycle is open auto transport. Your bike will be transported alongside several other vehicles on a truck with no sides or roof.

Open auto transport exposes your motorcycle to the weather and debris, but many vehicles don't receive damage when transported this way.

A different type of auto transport is enclosed transport. It's a more expensive auto transport method.

Your bike will go on a truck with sides and a roof, which will protect it from traffic grime and the elements. An enclosed carrier holds fewer vehicles than an open carrier.

Use enclosed auto transport to transport a rare, custom, or classic vehicle, which may be expensive to repair. This type of service is called classic car shipping.

Additional Shipping Options

Need your motorcycle shipped to your new home in a hurry? Take advantage of expedited shipping. This will increase your auto transport costs, but you'll likely ship your bike within your tight deadline.

Consider also using a door-to-door auto transport to safely and efficiently transport your bike. This service will allow you to pick a certain pickup and drop-off location.

If you'd like your bike dropped off at your new home, the delivery driver will go as close as possible to your house while following legal and safety regulations. Some cities don't allow big trucks to drive into specific residential neighborhoods.

Your driver may not be able to take your bike directly to your house if they face the following types of obstacles:

  • Speed bumps
  • Tight turns
  • Narrow streets
  • Low-hanging tree branches

You might have to meet the driver at a nearby parking lot to receive the bike.

Transport a Motorcycle Across the Country

How do you find the best bike shipping service?

When searching for someone to ship your motorcycle across the country, look for motorcycle shipping companies with stellar reputations.

Begin your search by asking family members and friends whom they'd recommend. Look at Google and social media reviews online to determine which companies have received positive feedback from clients as well.

The best motorcycle movers consistently transport their loads safely and on time.

Additional Shipping Company Tips

Look for a company that has current insurance and liability coverage. They'll cover any damage your motorcycle receives during transport.

Don't forget to ask each service provider about hidden fees or expenses. A reputable company will be upfront about their costs and not charge you for unnecessary services.

How We Can Help

Shipping a motorcycle across the country is the best way to transport a bike to another state. The cost to ship a motorcycle across the country will depend on how far your bike has to go and the auto transport method you choose.

Reliable motorcycle movers will suggest the most efficient and cost-effective method for transporting your bike.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we can safely and quickly transport a motorcycle across the country for you. We'll make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

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