New vehicle production is down by millions, resulting in widespread shortages. As a result, buyers across the country now must look far beyond their local dealership for their dream new car. They then need auto transport to get their new purchase home.

If you live in Baltimore, this means securing car shipping to Baltimore, MD.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Baltimore?

The cost of car shipping to Baltimore can vary significantly based on multiple factors. First, the size and weight of your car will directly correlate to the shipping cost. The bigger and heavier your vehicle, the higher the price.

This is because it will take more resources to move your car. The shipping company passes the increased operational costs onto the car owner.

Shipping Distance

Another factor heavily considered by Baltimore auto shipping companies is distance. Because a truck must drive the distance from origin to destination, fuel usage can be expensive. The further the drive, the more fuel that gets used.

For example, shipping your car from Cleveland or DC is more affordable than Atlanta, Dallas, or LA. However, your Baltimore car transport gets even more expensive when fuel costs rise.


Additionally, demand for car shipping to Baltimore can drive prices up. For example, snowbirds travel south in the fall and north in the spring. This drives shipping prices up during these times because of the increase in people shipping their car north and south.

Shipping Services

Finally, the type and number of services you will change your Baltimore car shipping cost. For example, a simple terminal-to-terminal shipment on an open trailer costs less than door to door car shipping in an enclosed trailer.

Use a Shipping Calculator

Many Baltimore car shipping companies have a car shipping calculator on their website. This makes getting quotes quick and easy. Plug in the required information and get a quote.

How Do I Ship My Car to Baltimore?

Once you decide to use Baltimore auto transport, research shipping companies. Look for companies with a track record for reliability and safety. Then, request a quote from each Baltimore auto shipping company and compare services.

If it is your first time using car transport to Baltimore, MD, it's smart to talk to someone. You can ask questions, and they can provide advice on services you might not be aware of.

Choose the best option for your needs and budget, sign the necessary documents, and pay a deposit. You have now booked Baltimore car transport.

How Does Baltimore Car Shipping Work?

Once you book your Baltimore car transport, you need to get your car ready. Take note of the condition of your car. It helps to wash the outside and take pictures.

Ask the shipper what its requirements are for pickup. You need to have your car ready to go when the driver arrives. Otherwise, you risk the driver leaving, and now you have a missed pickup fee and need to schedule your shipment again.

Some shippers allow you to leave personal items in your vehicle. This is convenient because your belongings travel in the car. However, the shipper's insurance covers your vehicle, not the personal items inside.

If you pack personal items in your car, secure them in the trunk so they are out of sight. Stay below the shipper's weight limit, or you risk incurring a fee for being overweight.

When you meet the driver, have a copy of your Bill of Lading (BOL) on hand. This is the contract for your car shipping to Baltimore.

The driver will load your car and take it to the agreed-upon destination. You will need to meet the driver for the drop-off. Inspect the vehicle and check for damages.

The Best Way to Ship Your Car to Baltimore

There are two methods for Baltimore auto transport, open and enclosed trailers. One method is not unequivocally better than the other. The method that's best for you is the one that suits the type of vehicle you need to ship, your timeline, and your budget.

Open Auto Transport

Open Baltimore auto transport is the open trailers that you see driving down the highway. They typically hold new cars that are on their way to the dealership. However, they also transport cars owned by private owners.

This type of transport is readily available and the most affordable. Because the trailer is designed to carry a large number of vehicles, the cost per car is lower. It's also typically easier to find Baltimore auto shipping companies that provide this service, making it easier to get your vehicle shipped faster.

However, there is a drawback to this type of Baltimore car transport. Because the trailer is open, your car is more exposed to the weather and road debris.

Closed Auto Transport

A more secure method of Baltimore auto transport is in an enclosed trailer. You would never know you are driving next to this type of transport because the trailer looks like any other semi-truck trailer on the road. The enclosed design gives the cars inside more security and protection.

If you drive a luxury, expensive, or collector car, this type of car transport to Baltimore, MD, is a better option. However, the additional protection comes at a cost. Typically this service is more expensive than an open trailer.

It can also be more challenging to secure a shipment because you need to look for Baltimore auto transport companies that have these trailers and are transporting from where you are to Baltimore.

Book Car Shipping to Baltimore For Your Car

Now that you better understand car shipping to Baltimore, MD, you are ready to book your car's transport. Start by looking for shipping companies that offer your desired methods and services. Then, request quotes and make a deposit with the shipper of your choice.

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