Walking around a lot to find the perfect car, haggling with the salesperson, and spending hours in the dealership - this is what car shopping looked like years ago. Today? A few mouse clicks are all it takes to claim your new ride.

Research shows that 86% of buyers during the COVID pandemic shopped for vehicles online versus in person to save energy and time at dealerships. Vroom is one of today's most popular places to shop for cars online.

It’s relatively easy to find and buy used cars for sale on Vroom. You may also trade or sell your vehicle on the site while looking for Vroom car sales.

Are Vroom car offers worth your time, how is Vroom's customer service, and what is Vroom's return policy? Let's explore several essential things to know before buying or selling a vehicle with Vroom.

Vroom Car Sales: What Is Vroom?

Vroom is an online car marketplace that displays used vehicles buyers can browse, compare, purchase, and have delivered to their homes. This site also buys used cars and willl pick up your car for free. Use Vroom to sell your car if you prefer the convenience of selling online over dealing with a person-to-person private sale. The marketplace works similarly to CarGurus and Carvana.

How Vroom Works

Vroom streamlines car buying by comparing vehicles and their costs across the US. It also makes it simple to sell a car online by exposing your vehicle to a large base of potential online car buyers.

Vroom is one of the best websites to buy used cars based on Vroom customer reviews. That's because it promises accident-free vehicle histories on their cars. According to Carvana and CarGurus review information, these sites don't guarantee that their automobiles are crash-free.

The CarGurus site provides no warranties. Carvana review details also indicate that Carvana's warranty covers only 4,189 miles or 100 days. Vroom's covers 6,000 miles or 90 days.

You may also prefer Vroom over online car auctions since auctions might not offer guarantees or warranties. The lack of a guarantee or warranty means you may buy a car requiring extensive repairs, leading to an expensive repair bill.

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Vroom Used Cars for Sale: Searching for Cars

Are you ready to search for Vroom online car sales? Click the website's "Buy tab" to search for vehicles by body type, model, and make. You may also filter results by the following details:

  • Miles

  • Price

  • Year

  • Color

Let's say you find a vehicle you like. Click on the car to view extra information and pictures. You'll find the car's price, history, and features. Vroom will also give you links to similar automobiles.

Clicking "Start Purchase" is your next step in buying the car. Save the car as your "favorite" if you're going to keep looking for other options.

The website will prompt you to set up an account before buying the car. Let's say you also want to trade in a vehicle. Vroom can appraise the vehicle and apply your related savings to your transaction when you check out.

Financing is also possible through Vroom. Other payment options include paying cash or getting a loan from your bank or credit union.

The next step is to arrange for shipping through one of today's reputable auto transport companies (more on this next). Vehicles usually arrive within ten days to two weeks of purchase. Your car will also come with a temporary tag, so you may drive it immediately.

Vroom's Return Policy

Suppose you decide to buy a vehicle from Vroom and have it delivered. A major benefit of Vroom cars for sale is their customer-friendly return policy for Vroom car offers.

You can try out your new Vroom vehicle once it's been delivered to your home and return it after 250 miles or one week for a full refund if it fails to meet your needs. This is one of the biggest perks of buying a vehicle through Vroom, according to Vroom reviews on buying.

Vroom's Customer Service: Seller Benefits

You may ask, "Should I sell my car to a dealer or private seller?" Selling to a private seller on Vroom may help you get more money since a private seller tends to pay a car's retail value (selling price), while a dealer usually pays the lower wholesale value (trade-in value).

Vroom reviews on selling indicate that the site offers relatively accurate price quotes for users who enter their car details online. Your price quote is good for 250 miles or seven days.

Schedule a complimentary pickup and verify your personal information once you accept Vroom's offer. The company will mail you a check after confirming your pickup.

Remember that the best time to sell a car is during the warm months (March to June). People may be more motivated to buy your car quickly for spring or summer vacations. They might also receive tax refunds to help them pay for their vehicles.

Vroom Car Offers: Auto Shipping

What if your Vroom car is several hundred miles away? Use a cross-country car shipping service to transport your automobile to your home.

The service may charge up to $4,100 to send your car across the country. This may mean 1,500 miles from north to south or 2,000 miles from west to east. Expect to pay up to $1,050 to ship a car to another state 500 miles away.

A car shipping calculator can tell you how much your shipment will cost depending on multiple factors. These include your car's model and make. Your car shipping calculator may also prompt you for your car's size and pickup date.

How We Can Help Ship Your Vroom Car

Vroom car sales are popular because the website makes shopping for vehicles online convenient. You may search for Vroom used cars for sale based on various criteria, like body type and miles. You can save your favorite Vroom car offers and buy your top one.

Customers have spoken positively about Vroom's customer service and Vroom's return policy online. The site is also popular for people seeking to sell their vehicles online.

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