Are you looking for ways to ensure that your car pickup goes smoothly? Do you want to find a trusted vehicle transport company to carry your vehicle where it needs to go? If so, then you need to start by choosing the best pickup and delivery locations.

If you aren't comfortable with having it picked up or dropped off at your home, then it would be worth your while to find a convenient and safe alternate location.

See below for an in-depth guide on the safest car pickup locations that we recommend for your situation. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

What to Look for in an Auto Pickup and Delivery Service

Perhaps you're in the middle of relocating for a job. Maybe you just purchase a car at an auction and need a way to transport it to your city. Whatever the case might be, you need to find a trusted auto transport company to help you out.

The most important thing is looking into the auto transport company's process. Doing so will give you more peace of mind throughout the trip.

Nexus Auto Transport is your solution. We have three simple steps to secure your vehicle's trip and get it to your desired location on time.

First, take the time to schedule a car shipment by either reaching out to us by phone or filling out the details of your trip online. This includes telling us the start and endpoint, the time of the pickup/dropoff, and the type of vehicle you wish to be transported.

Next, we'll pick up your car and start the transport process. Whatever schedule you provide, we'll try our very best to accommodate it.

Lastly, our car transport service delivers your car to the final destination. We'll allow you to do an inspection of the car, sign the bill of lading, and then the process is complete!

What Are the Best Pickup and Delivery Loading Locations?

When you decide on a place for the auto transport company to pick up and drop off your car, it's important to ensure a safe location. Here are some of the safest places we recommend for a neutral site.


Walmart parking lots make for great pick-up and drop-off locations. They're huge, there's plenty of space, and they're generally close to a highway entry ramp.

The proximity to the highway can help you save some money on the cost of the transport as well; not to mention that there might be one close to your residence.

More importantly, Walmart parking lots are always well-lit and have plenty of people around to ensure a safe transaction for everyone involved.


If there isn't a Walmart nearby, then you might consider Target instead. Typically, Target parking lots are void of low hanging wires, which is essential for meeting up at parking lots.

Take the time to visit Target's parking lot before you book your car's trip and make sure some areas don't have low-hanging trees. That might be tricky since Targets generally like to install trees in their lots for shading purposes.

Make sure that Target or Walmart (should you choose to go this route) is in a safe area; they can be hit or miss at times.

Gas Stations

Let us preface this by saying that you shouldn't just pick any gas station; if there isn't enough room for the vehicle transport to safely load or unload your car, then they can't perform the service.

Make sure to look for two things in a gas station:

  1. The gas station has a large enough parking lot
  2. The gas station is close to a highway exit and entry ramp

We typically suggest looking for gas stations such as Love's or Pilot. These gas stops check all of the boxes because they're made with road truckers in mind; no low-hanging trees, no low hanging wires.

Benefits of Auto Transport Services

Regardless of the reason you're transporting your car, there are several benefits you'll receive with a pickup and delivery service.

First, it allows you to ship several cars at once. You don't have to split up your family and drive one car each to ensure that both vehicles get to the final destination.

It will also help you avoid putting loads of unnecessary miles on your car. It's safer for your car to be transported so that the long-distance trip isn't sucking the life out of your vehicle.

This can also alleviate some of the stress of moving. Statistics have shown that moving is the number one most stressful live event; having a professional service transport your cars will lessen the load for you.

The last benefit is the easy process that we offer. In just three simple steps, you'll have accommodations for getting your car(s) to the final destination. It's one less task you have to spend time on figuring out.

Lastly, our pickup and delivery services allow you to set the time window. You set the date for the car to arrive, we'll figure out the rest.

Find a Safe Pickup and Delivery Location Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the safest car pickup and delivery locations that you should consider, be sure to use this information wisely.

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