Just over 70% of people in San Francisco are car owners. So if you're planning a move to San Fran and want to take your car, rest assured it will be welcome in the car-friendly city.

However, you may be worried about finding a San Francisco auto transport company to help you with your vehicle shipping needs. You'll be glad to hear that some great auto transport companies can take care of all your vehicle moving concerns.

Find out more about car transport in San Francisco by consulting the helpful tips below.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car To San Francisco?

To get the most accurate cost estimation for your car shipping needs, it's best to use Nexus Auto Transport's car shipping calculator. This easy-to-use tool will give you a good idea of how much it will cost to ship your car to San Francisco.

You should know that certain elements will make car shipping more or less expensive. The car shipping cost calculator works partly based on distance. So, if you're car has a long way to go, it will be more expensive to ship it.

How you choose to transport your vehicle will also affect the cost. If you're shipping a regular family car, go for an open auto transport option, as this is less expensive.

However, if you have a very rare or expensive car, you may wish to use enclosed transport. This will cost more but will keep your car safe from all service debris.

2. How Do I Ship My Car To San Francisco?

Shipping your car to San Francisco couldn't be easier. Simply get in contact with one of the best auto transport companies in San Francisco, Nexus Auto Transport.

Our team will talk you through everything you need to do to get your car shipped securely. They'll provide you with a quote so you can simply sit back and relax while they handle your car's needs.

Nexus Auto Transport has all the skills and equipment to make sure your car gets to San Francisco safely. You'll be able to keep in contact with our team so that you are aware of the progress of your shipment throughout the entire process.

3. How Does San Francisco Car Shipping Work?

To begin your car shipping process, the company you use will ask for the zip codes of your pickup and drop-off locations. They'll also need to know some vehicle details, such as its manufacturer and its size.

Next, you'll discuss the various shipping methods available to you. Most people choose between open and enclosed shipping. Both these options are reliable and safe.

When you schedule your pickup date and location, your auto transport service will pick up your car at the agreed time. They'll transport it directly to the drop-off location. When it gets there, you'll have the opportunity to inspect it for any possible damage.

If you choose Nexus Auto Transport, your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it left in! If you do have any problems or concerns, the friendly team is simply a phone call away.

4. Best Way to Ship Your Car to San Francisco

Open auto transport and close auto transport are your two main car shipping San Francisco car shipping options. These are described in more detail below.

Open auto transport is a cheap and hassle-free car San Francisco auto transport option. Your car will be loaded onto a large truck with other vehicles also being shipped. It is securely fastened to the truck and then off it goes!

You may be concerned that exposing your car to outside elements could damage the exterior. However, this kind of cosmetic damage is extremely unlikely even on an open auto transport vehicle. These trucks are also very secure and the drivers an exceptionally well trained to handle any road issue.

The second car shipping option you have is close auto transport. Your car is loaded into an enclosed container so that it is entirely protected from the outside.

Because close auto transport is more expensive, it is best reserved for very valuable vehicles. However, you can discuss both options with your auto transport company and choose whichever one you wish.

5. Cheap Car Transportation Options in San Francisco

Finding cheap car transport in San Francisco might seem like a mind-boggling task. After all, you want to make sure you're still getting a great service even if it is cheap. Striking this balance can be tough.

That's where Nexus Auto Transport can help. We have the most reasonable prices and offer top-quality San Francisco car shipping, so you're guaranteed to be happy with what you pay for. If you're searching for California car shipping, talk to us at Nexus Auto Transport.

While it can be tempting to not use a company to ship a car to San Francisco, it could cost you. By choosing Nexus Auto Transport, one of the best car shipping companies in San Francisco, the burden of moving your car is taken off your shoulders.

From insurance to car safety, you won't have to worry about a thing when you choose Nexus Auto Transport for all your San Francisco auto transport needs.

6. How To Find A Reliable Auto Transport Company In San Francisco

You'll find a range of companies to help you with car shipping in San Francisco. However, if you want to get the most for your money, then nexus Auto Transport is the best choice. With countless positive reviews online, Nexus Auto Transport are known for quality service and care.

As one of the top auto transport companies in San Francisco, your car is Nexus Auto Transport's top priority. It will be insured against accidents and damages, so you don't have to worry about your vehicle on its journey.

7. Get Expert Help for Your San Francisco Auto Transport

Whatever your reasons for wanting to ship your car to or from San Francisco, there's a safe and reliable way to do so. You want to work with a company that will guarantee your car gets to its destination in the same condition it left in.

From enclosed shipping to open, you have a range of options to choose from when it comes to shipping your car. Which one you decide upon will depend on your vehicle needs and your budget.

Nexus Auto Transport offers the best San Francisco car shipping service. Get in touch here to discuss your shipping options and to get a quote. If you have any concerns, simply let us know so we can ease your mind about shipping your car.

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