Are you considering selling your used car? Consider selling your car online.

Research shows that 86% of buyers in 2020 shopped for vehicles on the internet to expedite the process. Fifty-seven percent said it met their expectations. The internet isn't always the best way to sell a used car, though.

Car dealerships can help those buying and selling cars. Auctions may help with buying and selling a used car, too. Let's explore places that buy used cars, the best place to sell your car, why you should sell a used car online, and tips for selling a used car.

Best Way to Sell a Used Car

You might ask, "How do I sell my car?" Working with a car dealership is one of the top methods of selling a car in 2023 if you want a fast payment. It's also a painless and quick process since the dealership will handle each transaction step.

This may leave you wondering, "Why shouldn't I sell my car to a dealer?"

The drawback of selling a car to a dealership? You may receive less money than you would from selling to an independent buyer.

Best Place to Sell Your Car Online

Consider selling your used car online if you want top dollar for your vehicle. A top place to sell a used automobile is CarMax.

This company has a reputation for giving sellers high offers for their vehicles. They also make the sales process quick and efficient.

All you have to do is submit a form online and receive a quote for your car. You can then visit one of the company's locations to finalize your deal.

Other Places That Buy Used Cars Online

CarMax isn't the only online retailer that buys used cars. Several other companies may help if you're wondering how to sell your used car. The best websites to buy used vehicles include:

  • Carvana
  • Auto Trader
  • AutoNation

Auto Trader is especially popular. It offers car comparison tools and advice along with convenient online car-buying services.

Sell a Used Car Online To a Private Car Buyer

Targeting private online car buyers directly is another excellent option for selling a car in 2023. Look for private buyers on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

You may receive a higher payout from a person than a dealership as mentioned earlier because dealerships offer lower prices to generate profits. Private buyers might also pay you more for an older, high-mileage car than a dealership would if they need or like the car.

Individual buyers may prefer working with sellers like you versus a dealership to avoid paying interest and fees, which dealers charge. This may make finding prospective private car buyers online easier.

Sell Your Car Online Through An Auction

Are you asking, "How else can I sell my car online?" Online car auctions might be your solution.

Auctions will give you access to a larger audience of possible buyers when selling used vehicles. They're also convenient. You can connect with buyers and schedule times for your vehicle transfers from your home.

Tips For Buying and Selling Cars In 2023

A top tip for selling or buying a car is to choose the right season to do your transaction. The best time to sell a vehicle is March.

That's when many people have received tax refunds to help with their car purchases. Warm spring weather also encourages car buying since people may want to go on vacation or take road trips.

Are you buying a car? Start looking for one in December if you're buying from a dealership.

This is when dealers try eliminating older models to make room for new ones. They may offer lower prices, incentives, and discounts to attract potential buyers.

More Tips On Buying and Selling a Used Car

Understanding your vehicle's value will help you sell your car quickly. Use the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) to find your used car's value to price your car fairly. This will help you draw buyers right away.

The KBB calculates used vehicle values based on pricing data from auction prices, used vehicle prices, and sales transactions. They also consider location, industry developments, market trends, and economic conditions.

Auto Shipping After Selling a Used Car

Suppose you've sold your used car to someone in another state. Hire one of today's most reputable auto transport companies to ship a car to another state.

Your auto transporter can ship the car on an open or enclosed hauler. Open haulers are adequate for most vehicles and are less expensive than enclosed ones. Enclosed carriers are recommended for classic or rare cars since they protect vehicles from weather and debris.

Choose door-to-door auto transport to avoid looking for a car pick-up and drop-off terminal near you. This service will let you take your car or receive a vehicle from a specific location, like your home.

More on Shipping After Selling Your Used Car

Your car shipping costs will be based on your target shipping timeframe and your vehicle's model and make. Another factor is your shipping distance.

Expect to pay from $700 to more than $1,000 if you're shipping a car a few hundred miles away. What if you need to ship your vehicle more than 1,300 miles? Cross-country car shipping may cost $600 to more than $4,000.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine your auto transport cost. Confirm this cost by requesting an estimate from your chosen car shipping service.

How We Can Help With Auto Shipping

Are you selling your used car and wondering about the best way to sell a used car? CarMax might be the best place to sell your vehicle. Other places that buy used cars include Carvana.

Market your car online to an individual to maximize your profit. Sell a used car online through an auction to expedite the process. Use the KBB to ensure fair pricing when buying and selling a used car.

Nexus Auto Transport helps customers ship their vehicles when buying and selling cars. We offer expedited shipping if you need your car ASAP. Receive a free quote today!

Looking to sell a car? We can help you with that.