Are you ready to buy or sell a car online in another state? Remember to factor in the cost to ship your car.

Research shows auto transport costs may range from a few hundred dollars to nearly $2,000 depending on how far your car needs to go. Car shipping costs are based on multiple factors, including your shipping distance, time frame, car size, location, season, and carrier type.

The demand for transporting vehicles farther distances is increasing, so auto transport costs are rising. Let's explore the supply and demand factors affecting auto transport carriers' costs.

Auto Transport Supply and Demand

A major factor affecting the cost of car shipping is the season. Demand for auto transport is high in January. That's when many retirees depend on car shipping services to transport their vehicles to warmer states after the holidays.

Auto transport rates might increase during these peak seasons since supply is limited due to reduced carrier availability. Rates might drop in February when demand is lower. Many retirees have already flown south by then, and many companies don't relocate workers in the middle of the academic year.

Car shipping prices might rise again from late March to May. Many retirees in the South hire transport services to take their cars back to the North.

More people tend to go car shopping during these warmer months since the weather is pleasant, and they may have received federal and state tax refunds. Car shipping services may be necessary if they're buying online.

June to August is another peak auto transport season. Families often relocate during these months since the kids are home for summer break.

Vehicle transport demand slows down again from September to November. This means you may enjoy slightly decreased car shipping rates in these months.

Some college students ship their cars to university campuses in September, but this month is still slower than the summer months. The week of Thanksgiving is another slow period as people focus on the holidays.

Other Factors Affecting Car Shipping Costs

The shipping season isn't the only factor affecting your auto shipping cost. Your choice of enclosed auto transport vs. open transport will also determine your transport rate.

Enclosed transport involves using a carrier with hard walls and a roof to protect your vehicle. You'll pay more for this enhanced security, but the extra cost may be worthwhile to ship a luxury car.

Open auto transport involves using a carrier without a roof or walls. This hot shot car transport option is more cost-effective and common than enclosed auto shipping.

More On Auto Transport Costs

Other factors in your car shipping price include whether you choose door-to-door shipping or expedited transport. Door-to-door auto transport is where you arrange for a transport driver to deliver your car to a specific location versus a terminal if they can access it safely.

Expedited auto transport involves shipping your car quickly to meet a tight deadline. You may schedule same-day shipping rather than waiting a week or two to ship your car.

Your vehicle's weight and size may further affect your shipping costs. Heavier and larger vehicles require additional space on a transport carrier. They might also need special equipment for unloading and loading, which may increase your costs.

Is your car operable? An inoperable vehicle may be costlier to ship since extra labor or equipment might be required to load or unload it.

Pricing With Auto Transport Carriers

How far does your car need to go? This is yet another factor in the cost to ship a car.

Cross-country car shipping is more expensive than transporting a car a couple of states away. That's because more human resources, time, and fuel are needed to ship vehicles over greater distances.

You may pay between $600 and $1,000 to ship a sedan from California to New York on an open hauler. The price might be between $1,600 and $4,100 to ship a vehicle from New York to Florida on a closed carrier.

Shipping a car less than 500 miles may cost you a few hundred dollars to a little over $1,000. A car shipping calculator can tell you how much you may pay to ship your car.

Auto Shipping Tips

A couple of documents are required to ship a car, including a bill of lading. This is a contract stating your shipping conditions and terms. You must sign this document before releasing or picking up your car.

Auto transport companies might also ask you to present the vehicle title and registration before they pick up your car, especially for interstate transport. This will help prove ownership of the vehicle before it's shipped.

Hire a company with a record of success in satisfying clients. Study online reviews on sites like Google Reviews and Facebook to see which companies have earned high ratings for punctuality and customer service before partnering with one.

Help With Shipping a Car

Seasonal demand is one of the most significant factors affecting auto transport pricing. Other factors contributing to car shipping costs include open vs. enclosed auto transport, door-to-door shipping, and expedited shipping.

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