Have you found your dream vehicle at a dealership thousands of miles away? You're not the only one in this situation.

Research shows the online vehicle purchasing market reached more than $294 billion globally in 2022.

You don't need to travel to buy a car located in another state, though. A dealer-to-dealer shipping service can ship your dream car to a dealership near you.

Let's explore how dealer-to-dealer auto transport works.

Dealer-to-Dealer Shipping

Shipping cars between dealerships is a popular and easy way for a dealership to ship a car to another state. A car carrier for dealers can pick up a car from one dealership and transport it to another dealership so they can sell it to one of their customers.

Dealer-to-dealer shipping is an excellent option because it won't add extra miles to the cars being transported.

Dealer vs. Private Seller

You may be asking, "How do I sell my car to a dealer?"

Use a car dealership auto transport service if you're selling a car in 2023 to a dealership hundreds or thousands of miles away. The service will pick up your car and ship it to the dealer for you.

Private Buyers and Sellers

Auto transport can also help if you're selling your car to a private buyer or buying a car from a private seller.

The best websites to buy used cars include the following:

  • AutoTempest
  • Autolist
  • Hemmings
  • CarGurus
  • CarsDirect

Online car auctions are great sites to buy and sell used cars, too. Online car buyers can often find vehicles at competitive prices at auctions. These auctions may also increase a seller's chance of finding a buyer for their car as soon as possible.

Open and Enclosed Transport

If you're shipping a car from one dealership to another, you have two shipping options: open and enclosed car transport.

Choose open transport to ship your car on a trailer with open sides. The trailer usually has a couple of levels so the auto transport service can squeeze as many vehicles onto the trailer as possible.

This is the least expensive option, but your car may receive damage from road debris or the elements.

Pick enclosed transport to ship your car on an enclosed trailer. This type of trailer typically fits no more than two cars at a time.

This is a more expensive shipping option, but the trailer's enclosed sides will shield your car from debris and the weather.

Additional Shipping Options

Are you trying to ship a rare car across state lines? Use classic car transport, which often involves using an enclosed trailer. This service will ensure your collector or custom car arrives at its destination intact.

Another auto shipping option is door-to-door shipping. Schedule an auto transport service to pick up and drop off your vehicle at a certain location for your convenience.

Take advantage of expedited shipping if you're in a hurry to get your car to its destination. Expedited shipping costs more than standard shipping, but the extra cost may be worth it if you're on a tight deadline. This option also comes with around-the-clock online tracking.

Cross-country car shipping can help transport your car 2,000 or more miles away.

Ship a Car from a Dealership

Ship a car between dealerships by first choosing your auto shipping company. Then, choose enclosed or auto transport, and schedule your drop-off time.

Coordinate between the shipping company and the dealerships so all three parties understand when the transport driver will pick up and drop off your car.

Shipping Cost

The cost of car dealership auto transport depends on multiple factors. These include whether you choose enclosed or open transport. Additional factors are your desired shipping date and your car's model and make.

If you ship a car to another state versus locally, this will also increase your shipping costs.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much you'll pay to ship a car between dealerships or to transport your car to a dealership. Plug in the pick-up and drop-off cities and states or ZIP codes. The calculator will also prompt you to add your pickup date and car size to receive an accurate shipping quote.

Shipping Timeline

Shipping a car between dealers may take a couple of days if the dealerships are 500 miles away or less. The shipping timeline may be closer to seven days to 12 days if you're using cross-country transport.

Choose the Right Service

When searching for an auto transport company, make sure your company is fully insured. This means they'll cover any accidental damages your car receives during transport.

A reputable company will also have positive online reviews. Read reviews to see if previous customers have described the company as being punctual and professional.

Dependable companies offer secure, cost-effective, and affordable auto shipping services to car dealers, families, individuals (like college students), movers, and auto auctions nationwide.

How We Can Help

Dealer-to-dealer shipping can help you transport your dream vehicle from a dealership several states away to one near you. Use dealer-to-dealer car transport to ship your car to a dealership that wants to buy your vehicle as well.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we take pride in offering high-quality auto shipping services. We'd be glad to set up your car shipment for you or even change an existing auto transport order. Either way, you'll receive top-tier service whenever you work with us.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our transport services, and calculate your shipping costs today!

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