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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Movers

Today, there are over 18,300 moving businesses in the US. This should be reassuring if you're moving soon, as you'll have tons of choices! But with so many options, you might be anxious that the one you pick isn't the best.

Justin Lee - 4 Min Apr 04, 2021 View article

uShip: Our Full Review (2021)

Whether you need to move cars, large objects, animals, or a piano, uShip offers reasonable rates, especially if you have the flexibility to work around a driver's schedule. That said, you may end up out of luck if you're looking for last-minute moving

George Arkin - 6 Min Mar 31, 2021 View article

Finding the Right Relocation Services for Your Move: A U-Haul Truck Rental Review

U-Haul remains one of the most recognizable companies in the moving business. So much so that many people think of the brand as synonymous with DIY relocations. Although other companies on the market provide similar services, U-Haul retains

George Arkin - 7 Min Mar 31, 2021 View article

Best 10 Moving Truck Rental Companies of 2021

Are you planning a move but only own a sedan or two? Big brother is avoiding your calls because he doesn't want to lend you his van? Or do you need a much bigger moving truck to haul your whole life away?

George Arkin - 13 Min Mar 31, 2021 View article

Best 10 Moving PODS and Storage Container Companies of 2021

Did you know that approximately 31 million Americans move each year? Or that the moving industry represents a $86 billion industry? While this figure is eye-opening, it makes sense considering those millions of movers make up 9.8 percent of the

George Arkin - 12 Min Mar 14, 2021 View article

Most Epic Packing and Moving Tips of 2021

In the United States, over 40 million Americans move every year. While the vast majority of moves are local, that doesn’t mean they’re not just as stressful as moving to another state or even across the ocean! So if you’re moving soon

George Arkin - 12 Min Mar 13, 2021 View article

How Much To Tip Movers in 2021: Ultimate Guide

14% of people move each year. And when they make these moves regardless of where they’re moving, it’s not uncommon to hire a moving company’s services. If you’re someone that’s planning a move, whether long or short distance

George Arkin - 6 Min Mar 10, 2021 View article

12 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Mover in 2021

Did you know about 11% of people in the United States move every year? Some choose to hire movers while others do it themselves. The decision to hire professional movers often comes down to how much time and money you have to devote to moving.

George Arkin - 9 Min Mar 10, 2021 View article

Car Carrier Insurance – Here Are The BEST 5 Cargo Insurance Companies

With the fallout of the pandemic, today’s operators need to make the most of every dollar. As a commercial truck owner, you might wonder, “Who has the best commercial truck insurance?” Well, the answer depends on your needs.

George Arkin - 6 Min Mar 10, 2021 View article

Moving Checklist for 2021: Moving Tips & Tricks

During the age of Covid-19, moving is more stressful than ever. Everything is more up in the air and uncertain. That is why moving rates have risen due to financial insecurity or loss of income. The US Census Bureau says their statistics

George Arkin - 16 Min Mar 08, 2021 View article
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