You sit in the dealership for hours, haggling with the salesperson over the price of your new vehicle. Securing your dream vehicle feels like a nightmare, and you wish it were easier. It is.

Research shows that 30% of new vehicle sales in 2020 were made online at sites like CarGurus, and this remains a trend today. E-commerce is expected to comprise most dealership sales during the next ten years due to its convenience. It's also easier for car buyers to find the best vehicle prices when buying a car on CarGurus.

How do you go about buying a car on CarGurus? What are the benefits of buying CarGurus cars for sale? Let's explore how the process works by reading this buying and selling a car on CarGurus review.

Buying a Car on CarGurus: Use the App

Are you considering buying a used car out of state? CarGurus makes it simple to buy a car from another state.

CarGurus is the best way to buy a car because it allows you to browse several thousand used- and new-car listings from local sellers and online retailers. Online retailers include companies like Vroom, which lets people finance, sell, and buy vehicles online. Local sellers include individuals and car dealerships.

Using this site is better than shopping at online car auctions for many buyers because CarGurus contains more vehicle listings than many auctions. This means you have more options and opportunities to find an excellent car.

Another reason to choose CarGurus over an auction is that buyers may pre-qualify for vehicle loans without hurting their credit scores. You'll also love CarGurus' Instant Market Value feature, which allows you to compare car prices in an area to find a fair vehicle deal. The website has earned positive BBB ratings, so you can feel comfortable buying a car on CarGurus in 2023.

Features of CarGurus

CarGurus lets you rapidly filter vehicle listings and get alerts when a car price drops. You may also read user and expert reviews for several car models. This can help you determine if a certain vehicle will meet your needs.

One of the website's top features is its loan calculator. Users can input their desired car loan terms (e.g., number of payments and vehicle loan interest) to get monthly payment estimates.

Another popular CarGurus feature is that you can find car history information on the website. Complete AutoCheck reports are available at a 20% discount. Yet another reason to buy from someone selling a car on CarGurus is that you can discover the following details about a car you're interested in buying:

  • Safety rating
  • How long it takes to charge the battery (for an electric vehicle)
  • Days on the market

The CarGurus app will let you filter out all vehicles with damage or accident histories. You may also filter out cars with multiple owners. Use the app to search only for vehicles within a small search radius if you're looking for a local car, or expand the radius to increase your buying options.

Benefits and Drawbacks of CarGurus

One of the benefits of buying a car through CarGurus is that the site recommends cars based on people's searches and views. This may help expedite the buying process.

Buying a car on CarGurus is also popular because the site rates car listing prices as overpriced or great. Use this feature to avoid paying too much for CarGurus cars for sale.

The website has a relatively active user forum where you can ask other buyers and sellers questions. CarGurus' main drawback is that the interface sometimes feels outdated or glitchy.

Buying CarGurus Cars For Sale

Online car buyers who find their dream cars on CarGurus can send messages and contact details to their target sellers or dealers through CarGurus. You don't have to pay any fees when buying cars listed on the platform.

Another way to buy from someone selling a car on CarGurus is to click select listings featuring tags that read "Start Your Purchase." Buyers can use this feature to get trade-in values if they plan to sell their vehicles as part of their transactions. This process also includes choosing your financing and scheduling a dealership appointment.

Listing Cars On CarGurus

Are you selling a car in 2023? Selling your car on CarGurus is a breeze.

Sellers can list their cars on the website for less than five dollars. Their listings last 30 days and may be renewed for free.

Buyers with great, good, or fair car ratings may also pay less than $20 for featured listings every couple of weeks depending on their locations. This gives their listings priority positioning on the site.

Auto Shipping With CarGurus

How do you transport a car from CarGurus when buying a car from CarGurus? The site offers a handy delivery service, but it's for only select car listings. You can tell which vehicles are eligible for delivery by looking for a truck image.

Vehicles that CarGurus won't deliver can be shipped through auto transport companies. You may ship a car to another state using an open or enclosed hauler.

Open haulers feature no walls or roofs, while enclosed ones come with roofs and walls. An open hauler is a cheaper way to ship a car from CarGurus. Enclosed haulers are the best option for buyers with rare or classic cars since these carriers' walls and roofs can protect vehicles from road debris and the elements.

Auto Shipping Costs

How much does it cost to ship a car from CarGurus? Your cost depends on how far your vehicle needs to be transported. It also depends on the following factors:

  • Your vehicle model and make
  • Your automobile's size
  • Whether you choose an enclosed or open carrier

Shipping your vehicle to another state may cost you $700 to $1,000. Meanwhile, cross-country car shipping might cost $600 to $4,000. A car shipping calculator can help you determine your specific transport costs.

How We Can Help Transport Your Car

Buying a car on CarGurus is relatively straightforward. Look for your dream vehicle within a certain radius and at a specific price point, steering clear of cars marked as overpriced. Schedule auto transport once you find one of the best CarGurus cars for sale.

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