Looking to Move Out of State? Learn the Top 5 Efficient Ways to Do It

A new job. College or graduate school. Or simply a fresh start. These are just a few reasons why people decide to move out of state.

If you're looking to move to a new place, you have a lot to consider. Moving out of state requires more planning than a local move, and it can cost a lot more.

Before you move out of state, consider a few ways you can bring all of your stuff. Think about your moving budget and distance to help decide which is right for you.

Keep reading to learn about how to move out of state.

1. Driving a UHaul or Penske

Driving is one of the easiest ways to move out of state. You can use your current vehicle so that you can bring it to your new place.

And if your car isn't big enough for everything, you can rent a UHaul or Penske. That way, you have plenty of space for everything from your clothes to furniture.

Driving is probably the cheapest way to move out of state. It's also the most flexible because you don't have to worry about transit schedules.

However, it's not always the most practical for long moves. If you're moving from one side of the country to the other, you may not want to drive the entire way.

Driving can take a lot of time, and you may need to stop for gas or to get some rest. But if you're moving one or two states away, it can be a great way to move your stuff.

What You Need

If you decide to move out of state by driving, you'll need to consider if you should rent a truck or van. You will probably need a van if you're bringing large furniture like a couch or bed.

And if you're moving somewhere that requires a car, you will need to bring your car. So you may want to get a hitch so that you can bring the car without needing someone else to drive it.

You should also give yourself a couple of days for the drive. It may not take that much time but think about the distance between your current place and the new one.

2. Taking a Plane

Taking a plane is one of the most efficient ways to move a long way. You can cross the country within a day, so you don't need to book overnight stays in different cities.

Airlines may have different restrictions regarding what you can bring when moving. Of course, you need to consider carry-on limits. But you can't forget about checked bags and the fees that come with those.

Still, flying can be a great choice if you aren't bringing a vehicle to your new city. If you fly at an off-peak time, you can get a good deal on your ticket, and you may luck into having an empty seat next to you.

You can bring a lot of your smaller belongings on a plane. But you will have to consider how to move larger items.

If you don't have any furniture, you can wait to buy them later so that you don't have as much stuff to move.

What You Need

You may need to ship your furniture or vehicles when moving by plane. You'll also want to consider when to ship those things in relation to your flight so that you can have everything get to your new place on time.

Before you ship your stuff, make sure you get some sturdy boxes so that your items will be safe in transit. Don't be afraid to pack your valuables for the flight so that you always have them.

Booking a one-way plane ticket is another thing you'll need to do. Try to book the ticket as soon as you know when and where you're moving to keep the cost down.

3. Riding a Bus or Train

Taking a bus or train to move out of state is a great compromise between driving and flying. You don't have as many restrictions with your luggage as you do on a plane.

But you don't have to be the driver for your long-distance move.

Some buses let you bring up to 250 pounds of luggage on a trip. Trains let you bring even more, at up to 500 pounds.

While these options aren't as fast as a plane, they can be nice. You can spend time on the train or bus sleeping or relaxing. If you're shipping your car, you can track it and not have to stop to check on it.

That way, you won't feel as tired when you get to your new place.

While driving is flexible, you have to stay alert. And if you get tired easily, that can limit how long you can drive per day before needing a stop.

What You Need

If you are moving by bus or train, you'll need to consider how much stuff to bring. Make sure your load doesn't exceed your train or bus line's maximum.

Consider how you pack your stuff as well. You can use packing cubes so that clothing and sheets don't take up as much space.

You may need to ship certain things, like a car, that you want to bring. Consider when you will get to your destination and if you will need transportation from the station to your home.

Then, you can book everything in advance for a successful moving day.

4. Hiring Movers

While not the cheapest option, you can look at the best moving companies for some help. If you have a lot of furniture or other big items, you will need to drive them anyway.

But you may not want to drive out of state. So you can hire movers that do everything from packing your stuff to loading their truck to moving the items for you.

If you don't need all of that, you can still hire movers for packing and loading services. That way, you don't have to spend as much time getting your stuff ready to move.

Once you get to your new city, you can have movers unload the truck. Consider how much help you need and how much you can afford when moving.

The more services you need, the more expensive it will be. If possible, try to only use movers for things that you can't do yourself.

What You Need

Many moving companies let you get a quote before you commit to a service. When you get a quote, have your current and new addresses on hand. Determine if you have an ideal date that you want for the move.

You should also make an educated guess on the weight of your belongings. Some moving companies charge a premium for heavier loads.

And don't be afraid to give a budget when you get a quote. A moving company may be able to help you lower your moving bill. That way, you can get the services you need.

5. PODS Service

From driving to flying, you have to pack a lot of stuff for a move. PODS is a great portable storage option that can help you move out of state.

You can get the container delivered straight to your current address, and you can fill it up. There are different container sizes that fit more or less stuff.

Consider how much stuff you have to move and how big your current or new place is. Then, you can select the moving container that's best for you.

Once you pack it up, you can move the container like you would a moving van. That can be a good alternative to a UHaul or Penske if you need more space during the move.

PODS are also a nice option because they're sturdy. You can move a long way with multiple stops or through various weather conditions, and your belongings will be safe.

What You Need

You will need to determine the size of your current or new place. Most apartment complexes list their dimensions online, or you can contact the office about your apartment size.

If you're moving to a house, that can be harder. But you can contact your real estate agent or landlord (if you're renting). They should be able to give you an estimate.

However, PODS does also list the average number of rooms that a moving container can hold. So if you know how many rooms of stuff you have, you can use that to rent the right size.

Of course, you'll also need your moving date so that you can schedule the container for the right rental period. Then, you can book your container online.

The Best Way to Move Out of State

If you're looking to move to a new place, you should know how to move out of state. You have many options for how to approach your move.

Driving can be a great option when moving to a bordering state and when you have some furniture to bring. But flying or taking a bus or train can be quicker and more efficient if you don't have a ton of big items.

Do you need to move out of state with your car but don't want to drive it? Learn how we can help move your car today.