Americans drive an average of over 14 thousand miles per year. A road trip can be an exciting adventure, but nobody wants to drive cross-country for a big move.

The good news is you don't have to. You can request a quote for a car shipping cost and even learn how to ship furniture through a car shipping company to ease the process. Not only that, car shipping companies can transport a variety of other vehicles you may not expect.

What can a car shipping company move for you? Read on to learn about 5 surprising things a car shipping company can ship.

1. Yachts and Boats

When you decide to move, you may think you have to sacrifice your bulky items. Luxury vehicles like boats and yachts can seem more trouble than they're worth, but you don't have to list your boat for sale just yet.

So what will a car shipping company ship?

Believe it or not, many car shipping companies offer secure transport for yachts and boats. When you look for the best boat transport, you'll want to look at cost, service area, and interstate insurance coverage.

Since boat hauling requires special equipment, you'll want to book ahead of time to avoid scheduling issues and high costs. The summer season is prime time for boat transport, so keep that in mind when you plan your trip.

The cost of transporting your boat will vary widely depending on the size of your boat, the season, and several other factors. You can expect to pay from $1.60 up to $3.75 per mile.

2. Golf Carts

If you love driving your golf cart on and off the course, you'll want to contact a car shipping company to take your golf cart along for the ride. Since golf carts are heavy and sensitive machinery, you'll need a company that provides special equipment for careful transport.

What will a car shipping company use for transport? There are a couple of options to consider when you ship a golf cart.

Open Transport

With open transport, an open trailer will carry your golf cart. This option does not cover your golf cart from any bad weather, which can lead to damage.

If you're not concerned with weather exposure, however, open transport will be your cheapest option.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed auto transport provides golf cart transport in a fully enclosed truck. This is the safest option to move your golf cart since it protects against road hazards and weather exposure.

If you want to keep your golf cart in good condition, you'll want to spend a little more for the security of enclosed transport.

3. Motorcycles

Motorcycles are just as important as cars, which means they require the same secure transportation. If you can't take your motorcycle along for the move, a transport company can do the job for you.

Similar to golf cart transport, you have the option between open and enclosed auto transport for your motorcycle.

The difference is that motorcycles have more insurance policy options. This way, even if you choose open transport, your motorcycle will be at least partially covered for damages. If you'd rather have peace of mind, you can stick to the enclosed transport option.

Whatever option you choose, you can request door-to-door shipping to receive your motorcycle as close to you as possible.

Moving time, location, and distance are all factors that will affect the cost of your motorcycle's transport. For motorcycle shipping costs, you can use our shipping calculator here.

4. ATVs and UTVs

Everyone loves the free feeling of wheels on an open road, and you can carry that feeling wherever you go. Whether you own an SxS, UTV, ATV, or 4-wheeler, there are services to carry them to your next destination.

You can choose to have your vehicle in open or enclosed transport. Open and enclosed transport provide the same level of security previously mentioned with motorcycles and golf carts.

After that, there are three more options to consider when you move your vehicle: economy, standard, and expedited.


The cheapest option is economy shipping. The pickup time will take 1 to 5 business days. If you're flexible with shipping time, this can be the best option for the biggest savings.


Standard is the middle ground for cost and pickup time. Instead of 1 to 5, you can expect the pickup time to range from 1 to 3 business days.


Expedited shipping is the fastest and most convenient option for transporting your vehicle. The driver will come the same or the next day to get your vehicle to you as soon as possible.

5. Mobile Homes

As an estimated 20 million Americans rely on mobile homes for housing, car shipping companies have adapted to provide cross-country car shipping for mobile homes to ensure that you don't have to sacrifice your home for a cross-country move.

How can you transport a mobile home? This service can be hard to believe since mobile homes can't be hauled by a travel trailer, but flatbed trucks can easily handle the bulk of your mobile home.

The cost of shipping your mobile home varies widely, but the move will save you from house hunting down the line. The cost will include several factors such as:

  • Route and distance
  • Size and type
  • Special permits
  • Moving materials
  • Insurance and liability

The car shipping cost should be clearly broken down and easy to understand. As long as you know how to choose a car shipping company, they will provide transparent and professional service to make the process as smooth as possible.

While licensed professionals can handle the job, there will be some steps required in preparing your mobile home for the move, especially if it's a double-wide unit. If your mobile home is too large for the flatbed, you may need to ship your mobile home in more than one piece. Be prepared for multiple steps in the shipping process.

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