Time to move again. You're on your third move to another military base, this time to one in Louisiana. It likely won't be your last one, either.

Military families often move every 2-3 years, meaning a family could be uprooted as many as six times in 20 years. The constant moves help the federal government cover its missions and operations needs.

Have you considered shipping a car to a military base instead of driving it? Shipping to military bases can help make your future moves easier. Let's explore why you should ship to a military base and the auto-shipping costs to military bases.

Why Shipping to Military Bases?

You and your spouse might be tempted to drive your two vehicles to your new military base. This may not be a smart move for a couple of reasons.

Driving your cars will rack up the miles on them. Maintaining the vehicles will also cost you more since you'll have to perform oil changes or tune-ups sooner.

Transporting at least one of your vehicles with the help of a military car shipping company is a better choice. It'll prolong that car's life and save you on maintenance long-term.

Are you thinking about selling at least one of your cars before you move to your next military duty station? Sell a car online through Craigslist or Facebook for quick results. Other popular sites for selling cars include Autotrader and Cars.com.

Remember that the best time to sell a car is the spring or summer. The pleasant weather may entice more buyers to shop for a vehicle for upcoming vacations, and tax refunds might make buying their cars easier.

Receive Your Orders

Ensure you received your military assignment orders before hiring an auto shipping company. Your active duty order will determine the entitlements you're eligible for (more on this next). It'll also tell you when you must begin your move.

Ship to a Military Base: Entitlements

Taking advantage of the federal government's dollars will make your permanent change of station (PCS) experience easier. The great news is that the military can ship your car for free in many situations.

Military personnel may typically ship one privately owned vehicle (POV) at the military's expense if they are making a move outside of the contiguous US (OCONUS). OCONUS moves include relocations to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other international locations.

Are you moving to another state in the contiguous US? This is a CONUS move. You'll need two vehicles to be eligible for CONUS funding.

Important Funding Considerations

Remember that the federal government's CONUS funding is available only for a move that the government handles. It can't be used for a do-it-yourself (DIY) relocation, where you manage the logistics. Some military personnel prefer DIY moves to avoid potential losses, damages, or delays that might occur with government-managed moves.

Another important consideration is that CONUS funding is available only for married couples if both parties drive. You must also drive one car and transport the second one simultaneously.

Your entire family must be in the vehicle, too. The government won't cover the cost of flying certain family members while the others drive.

Shipping a Car to a Military Base: The Shipper

Let's say you're eligible for federal government funding since you've agreed to let them handle it, and you're driving one car and shipping the other. The government will manage your move logistics.

You'll need to find an auto transport service and handle the move yourself if you don't qualify for funding due to wanting to do a DIY move. The best auto transport companies have years of experience helping military people moving from state to state.

Shipping Tips

Meet with your military travel office counselor often and early. This is wise whether you're on your first military move or the fifth one. They'll help you navigate any challenges you might face while planning your auto shipment.

Expect delays. Vehicles often arrive late during military moves, so don't be surprised if your car reaches your new duty station later than anticipated.

Consider applying for a personal loan if the federal government won't cover the cost of your move. A loan may help you cover the cost of a professional mover, car shipping, or a truck rental.

Remember that the government won't cover the cost of shipping any vehicle with an open recall. Hire a mechanic to address your car's recall-related issues before scheduling auto shipping. These car problems could range from faulty seatbelts to malfunctioning tail lights.

Shipping Costs to Military Bases

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state? The answer depends on multiple factors. These include the following:

  • Your car's make and model
  • Your vehicle's size
  • Method transport (open vs. enclosed shipping)

Open auto transport involves shipping your car on a trailer with no sides. It's a more cost-effective shipping option than enclosed transport, where your vehicle travels on a hauler with protective sides. Enclosed shipping is best for transporting rare or classic vehicles you don't want to be damaged by road debris or weather.

Your shipping distance will also dictate your auto transport cost when you ship a car to another state. Let's say your next duty station is less than 500 miles away. You may pay over $600 to ship the vehicle on an open carrier and more than $900 to use an enclosed carrier.

Shipping a car 500 to 2,500 miles away might cost more than $1,100 on an open carrier and more than $1,500 on an enclosed one. Cross-country car shipping involves shipping your car more than 2,500 miles.

The cost may be more than $1,300 on an open carrier. Expect to pay more than $1,800 for an enclosed carrier.

A car shipping calculator can help you determine your auto costs. Moving calculators are also available to help families and movers determine the cost of moving goods from one duty station to another. Look specifically for military movers since they're used to working on the federal government's tight timelines.

How We Can Help With Your Move

Shipping to military bases is a convenient avenue for getting your car to your next duty station. Shipping costs to military bases depend on the transport distance.

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