Do you need to ship a vehicle hundreds of miles away? You're not the only one.

Research shows that the car shipping service industry was worth nearly $11 billion and rose more than 3% in 2022. The increase in people buying cars online since the COVID pandemic has contributed to this market growth.

Are you looking for the best routes for auto transport? Let's explore the busiest car shipping routes to determine which one best meets your needs.

Busiest Car Shipping Routes

Perhaps you plan to buy or sell a car online. Shipping your car may be the easiest way to get the vehicle to its destination. You won't have to pay for gas, accommodations, a rental car, or airfare to complete the transaction.

One of today's most popular car shipping routes is the route from the eastern US to the West Coast. This route is around 3,000 miles. Transporting a car from east to west typically takes a week.

Your car's east-to-west journey passes through several major cities. These include Los Angeles (LA), Chicago, and New York (NY).

Auto transport services offer frequent vehicle deliveries and pickups from east to west since the route is in high demand. This translates to shorter waiting times for vehicle transport along this route.

Best Routes For Auto Transport

Are you looking for another busy and efficient route for car transport? Choose the path from the Midwest to the West Coast if you need to ship your vehicle from Chicago to LA.

This route covers about 1,800 miles and goes through several large cities. These metropolitan areas include Denver, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Auto transport drivers embrace this cross-country car shipping path since it features rural and urban landscapes, offering a scenic journey.

More On Car Shipping Routes

Auto transport companies also like going to the northern US from the southern US. The route goes to NY from Florida. It passes through Pennsylvania, Silicon Valley, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Your car will travel 1,200 miles over 4-5 days if your auto transport driver chooses this path. The journey is popular among car transporters since it offers mountainous areas, cities, and coastal regions, making it visually appealing.

Shipping Cost Factors

How far your car must travel will affect your auto shipping costs, but it's not the only factor in your price. Another factor is whether you choose open auto transport or enclosed auto transport.

Open hot shot car transport involves shipping your car on a carrier without walls. The hauler won't shield it from debris like rocks and dust, but most cars transported this way don't experience damage. The car shipping service's liability insurance may cover any shipping-related damage.

Enclosed auto transport involves transporting your car on a carrier with rigid walls. It's the best option if you need to ship a luxury car or classic vehicle since the hauler will protect your vehicle from the elements.

Additional Transport Cost Variables

Do you prefer to ship your car to a specific address versus a nearby shipping terminal? Choose door-to-door auto transport. This will increase your costs but make the car shipping process safer and more convenient.

Remember that your auto transport driver may be unable to take your car to your requested address if the road is too narrow. You might have to meet the driver in a parking lot instead.

Expedited auto transport may also increase your shipping costs. That's because a driver will pick up your vehicle sooner than traditional transport and complete the shipment process in a day or two. It's still a wise option if you can't wait a week or two for your car to reach its destination.

Calculating Your Transport Costs

The best way to determine your car transport costs is to use a car shipping calculator. A quality calculator will prompt you to enter your pickup and delivery location using cities and states or ZIP codes.

You'll also need to enter your car pickup date. The calculator will also let you add your car's size since an SUV or truck costs more to ship than a sedan.

Important Shipping Considerations

Multiple documents are required to ship a car. The first one is the bill of lading.

The bill of lading is the agreement between you and the auto transport company. It serves as your receipt. It's also your inspection report since it details your vehicle's condition before and after pickup.

Other essential documents for auto transport are your car title and registration. What if your car is financed or leased? Your auto transport company may ask you to submit a letter from your lender permitting you to ship the car.

The car shipping company might also ask you for proof of vehicle insurance. Make sure it's not expired. Your auto transport service may further ask you for your current driver's license to prove your identity.

How We Can Help With Car Shipping

The busiest car shipping routes include east-to-west, Midwest-to-west, and south-to-north routes. These are some of the best routes for auto transport since they're efficient. Car transporters also like these routes since they offer diverse landscapes that make the journeys more enjoyable.

We can help you ship a car to another state at Nexus Auto Transport. We'd gladly give you a shipping quote. We'll ensure your car reaches its destination safely and within your deadline.

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