Did you know that each year approximately 17 million auto sales occur in the United States? That's 46,575 cars, SUVs, and light utility trucks purchased every day. All told, 287.3 million vehicles are registered in America today.

If you're considering a vehicle purchase, you likely have many questions. Especially if you've had trouble in the past with the cars you've chosen. How do you avoid picking another lemon?

Our answer is simple. By going with the most reliable car brands on the road today. Keep reading for our complete breakdown of the reliable cars you need to know about.

What are the Most Reliable Car Brands?

What are the most reliable brands in the auto industry today? They include:

  • Mazda

  • Toyota

  • Lexus

  • Buick

  • Hyundai

  • Honda

  • Subaru

  • Ram

  • Dodge

  • Porsche

These companies have set themselves apart by manufacturing some of the most reliable vehicles on modern roadways. Let's take a look at the makes and models that stand apart.

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda has long impressed with its innovative mechanics and history of bucking automotive industry trends. It's little wonder that this brand makes the top of our list when it comes to the best car manufacturer of reliable vehicles.

Which make and model tops the list of Consumer Report's most reliable cars of 2021? None other than Mazda's MX-5 Miata.

How reliable is this vehicle? It has received a rating of 98/100, which is impressive by any standard. Over its four generations, the MX-5 Miata has come to define the ideal sports car.

Its lightweight build and open-air driving style make it popular among millions of drivers worldwide. Today, the MX-5 Miata remains the best-selling roadster of all time, and you won't be disappointed by the brand's consistent focus on mechanical soundness and performance.

2. Mazda CX-30

Besides the MX-5 Miata, Mazda has also impressed with its CX-30. It received a score of 95/100, making it a solid choice for those interested in purchasing a ride that won't let them down.

This small crossover SUV offers a spacious interior and streamlined design. Manufactured to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, it contains innovative technology, making it super efficient and responsive to drivers' needs. Yet, you'll never have to worry about this vehicle leaving you stranded.

3. Toyota Prius

Toyota is another brand that has long enjoyed a reputation for reliability. The Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest automobile manufacturer worldwide and with good reason. The brand's Prius doesn't disappoint when it comes to the dependability category, scoring a 93/100.

The Japanese automaker stands apart with its dedication to having the most extensive tested lineup of all brands. The Toyota Prius continues to provide consumers with a sturdy ride that will stand the test of time.

4. Toyota Corolla

The Corolla remains as bullet-proof as it gets. In production since 1968, it retains its reputation as the best-selling car of all time. Chief among its popular characteristics remains dependability.

But its fantastic benefits don't stop there. When it comes to value, stability, affordability, and fuel economy, this car outshines the competition. No matter the year you choose, you'll appreciate the reliability and budget-friendliness of this automotive workhorse.

5. Lexus LC Convertible

Another brand consistently celebrated for its endurance is Lexus. Their stunning LC Convertible is a dream car, from its sleek lines to its robust mechanics. It also comes with plenty of innovations.

The LC's 5.0-liter V8 engine is truly epic. It rips through the air with every hit of the throttle, proving both responsive and speedy. Yet, you'll never get left in a lurch with this trustworthy automobile.

6. Buick Verano

Buick is one of just two American car brands to make Consumer Report's list of the top ten most reliable brands of 2020. The company's Verano has set itself apart when it comes to performance and staying power.

The Verano fits five passengers in its compact four-door sedan layout and is considered the company's entry-level luxury automobile. It borrows many innovations from the company's higher-priced models, including OnStar with 4G, Wi-Fi hotspot, and QuietTuning.

7. Hyundai Elantra

For many decades, Hyundai has been renowned for its dependability and value. The Korean auto manufacturer has outdone itself with the Kona, the brand's strongest performer of 2020.

In the coming year, get ready for a revamped lineup as Hyundai brings cutting-edge innovations and technology to its offerings. These will include changes to the Kona, Elantra, and Tucson.

The Kona will get a makeover in 2022, streamlining its look and adding a range of vibrant paint selections. Expect the sub-compact to get sportier, too. While Hyundai isn't holding back when it comes to Kona's design, expect them to maintain a focus on performance.

8. Honda Civic

Honda also sits among the best car brands when it comes to vehicle reliability. Its Civic remains one of the most popular cars on American roadways. That said, the company has battled with some battery and mechanical-related issues in recent years.

But the company has worked hard to overcome these problems, with only ten percent of service repairs for 2020 considered major. Repair Pal ranked it number three out of 36 compact vehicles, making it a car well worth investing in.

9. Subaru Crosstrek

The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek is a subcompact cross-over featuring a 2.5-liter engine. That means it has more muscle than ever in a sleek, streamlined package. It provides plenty of punch on roadways while proving versatile when it comes to off-roading.

It comes with a standard 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which means driving over rocks in the road is no problem at all. Besides its versatility, the Crosstrek remains reliable and mechanically sound, making it an excellent investment in 2021.

10. Ram 1500 TRX

Recently, Ram overtook Chevy as the second-best-selling truck in the United States. And with good reason. The Ram 1500 TRX is an attractive and rugged ride known for its dependability and endurance.

The Ram 1500 TRX contains a Hellcat engine that packs plenty of punch. Yet, it feels well-suited to the ride. Ram's engineering team has also gone to extreme lengths to ensure the truck's strength.

They improved 74 percent of the chassis for TRX duty, using high-strength steel to reinforce weak spots. They also brought the front axle forward to accommodate the truck's 35-inch all-terrain tires.

11. Dodge Charger SRT

The Dodge Charger continues to impress with its triple-threat approach to car manufacturing: streamlined design, massive power, and proven reliability. The 2020 Dodge Charger SRT includes an incredible 707 horsepower engine with 650 pound-feet of torque.

A rear-drive vehicle, it provides plenty of wicked-sounding supercharged V8 and boasts zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Despite all of the flash and muscle, this car tops the reliability charts as a car worth investing in.

12. Porsche Cayenne

Porsche has long made the Consumer Report's most reliable car brands list, and this year is no exception. The 2021 Porsche Cayenne offers the convenience of an SUV with the zippy ride of a sports car.

It comes in a diverse range of powertrains and enjoys innate athleticism and the kind of handling dreams are made of. Yet, you'll also find it to be one of the most mechanically sound and dependable rides on the market today, making it well worth the price tag.

Which Car Brand Is Reliable?

Looking at our most reliable car brands list, many of the top car brands in the industry are represented. From Porsche to Hyundai to Dodge, some of the most reliable car makes available are manufactured by long-lasting car brands with plenty of cultural and industry cache.

Whether you’re looking for the most reliable sedans to buy on a tight family budget or the most dependable cars for those looking for something a bit more, there’s something for everyone on the list above!

Which Brand of Vehicle Is the Most Reliable?

What are the most reliable car brands of 2021? The most reliable car manufacturers include Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, and Buick. And it’s no surprise they’re also considered some of the top, best car brands in the business!

You'll enjoy the excellent performance of these vehicles and proven track records of dependability. They also come with power and maneuverability, making for fun rides.

Whether you go with the Mazda MX-5 Miata or the Porsche Cayenne, you'll get many enjoyable years out of these vehicles. The title of the most dependable car brand is up for debate. With this in mind, you should look for the best brand of cars for you and find out what is considered the most reliable car in their catalog.

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What is Considered the Most Reliable Car?

The top, best car brands in the business each have a contender for the most reliable car available for purchase. From the eco-friendly Toyota Prius to the flashy and powerful Porsche Cayenne, the most dependable cars in the world come from the top car brands in the business.

Ask yourself what the best brand of cars for you might be. Look over our list of the best, reliable car brands to whittle things down and find the best car brand for your needs and wants. From there, you will be able to find a reliable car that paces the field in terms of driver safety and overall dependability.

What Brand of Car Lasts the Longest?

Of course, some reliable brands stand the test of time better than others. According to a survey by iSeeCars that analyzed more than 15.8 million automobiles, the longest performing vehicles include:

  • Toyota

  • Honda

  • GMC

Each of these brands performs for at least 200,000 miles, if not more. If you stick with these brands and the makes and models described above, you'll end up with a durable, reliable, and long-lasting vehicle.

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The Most Reliable Car Brands and Car Shipping

Whether you buy one of these top reliable car brands through an online dealership or at auction, you need to find a way to get it home safely. The best car brand for you might differ from your best friend or neighbor. Regardless, the most reliable vehicles from the best, reliable car brands deserve the best care during shipping.

The last thing you want is unnecessary wear and tear during a drive back from the dealership or auction site. What's more, driving an untested car a long distance is never recommended, even when it's from the most reliable car brands.

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