Planning to move to Cincinnati, Ohio? You're not the only one.

Research shows the Cincinnati metro area gains around 33 people each day. The city's population in 2020 reached more than 309,000 after it added more than 12,000 residents during the past decade. Cincinnati is popular for its famous chili, art culture, and sports teams, like the National Football League's Cincinnati Bengals.

You might need to transport your vehicle to the bustling city of Cincinnati as part of your move. Let's explore how to find reliable, experienced, and affordable vehicle transport in Cincinnati.

Why Vehicle Transport in Cincinnati?

Are you thinking about driving your car from your current home to your new home in Cincinnati? Consider hiring a provider of vehicle transport in Cincinnati instead.

Hiring one of the best car transport companies in Cincinnati will save you the cost of booking hotels and paying for gas to drive your vehicle to the Queen City. It'll also help you avoid racking up hundreds or thousands of miles on your vehicle.

Perhaps you're thinking about selling your car to someone in Ohio. Hire an auto transport service to ship your car to your buyer, which could be one of the top car dealerships in Ohio. This will save you the time and hassle of driving your vehicle to the buyer.

Keep in mind that the best time to sell a car is during the spring and summer. This is when many people have extra disposable income due to having received their tax refunds. The weather is also pleasant during these seasons, which may encourage more people to shop for vehicles outdoors.

Enclosed Auto Transport in Cincinnati

Do you need to ship a luxury car to Ohio? Take advantage of enclosed auto transport in Cincinnati.

Enclosed vehicle transport in Cincinnati involves using a carrier with sides to ship a car to another location. Enclosed auto transport in Cincinnati is ideal for classic car shipping because the carrier's sides will shield your vehicle from weather and road debris that could damage your car.

Open Vehicle Shipping in Cincinnati

Open vehicle shipping in Cincinnati is an appropriate shipping method for the average car. This type of car shipping in Cincinnati is more cost-effective than enclosed vehicle transport in Ohio.

The drawback of open hot shot car transport is that the carrier doesn't have protective sides. This means your car will be exposed to dirt, dust, and the elements. Most cars transported using this method of car shipping in Cincinnati don't receive even minor damage.

Additional Shipping Methods

Another option for car transport in Cincinnati is door-to-door shipping. This involves shipping your car to a specific location you choose instead of taking it to the terminal closest to you. Shipping a car in Cincinnati using door-to-door transport is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to transport your car.

Keep in mind that a carrier may not be able to take your car directly to your home if your city's ordinances prevent this. Obstacles like tight turns in your neighborhood might also keep them from delivering your car to your door. You'll have to meet them in a nearby parking lot to receive the car in this situation.

Car Shipping Costs

How much is vehicle transport in Cincinnati? Your Ohio vehicle transport costs will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your vehicle's model and make
  • Your car's size
  • The distance your car needs to go
  • Your car drop-off and pick-up date

A car shipping calculator can help you determine what your cost will be.

Auto transport in Cincinnati, OH, may cost you a little more than $600 if you're transporting your car less than 500 miles with an open carrier. The cost may be a little more than $1,100 if the car is going 500 miles to 2500 miles on an open hauler. Expect to pay more than $1,300 if you're using an open carrier to transport your car more than 2,500 miles.

Your cost will likely be a little more than $900 if you're shipping your car less than 500 miles on an enclosed carrier. Car shipping companies in Cincinnati may charge you more than $1,500 to ship your vehicle 500 to 2,500 miles on an enclosed hauler. Plan to pay a little more than $1,800 to transport your car more than 2,500 miles with an enclosed hauler.

Auto Shipping Timeline

How long does it take to ship a car using a reliable Ohio auto transport service? The timeline for auto transport in Cincinnati will depend on how far your vehicle is going.

Let's say you're using a cross-country car shipping service to transport your car from Florida to California or from California to New York. Your car may take seven to 10 days to get to its destination since it will have to travel more than 2,000 miles.

Your car might take one to two days to get to its destination if you're shipping it only a few hundred miles to a nearby state.

How We Can Help

You have several options for vehicle transport in Cincinnati. Choose enclosed auto transport in Cincinnati if you want to ship a rare car, and use open transport to ship the average vehicle.

At Nexus Auto Transport, one of today's leading auto transport companies, we would be glad to ship a car to another state for you. We stand out for our strong customer service. We're also known for our punctuality and focus on safety.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our shipping services, and get a free vehicle transport quote today!

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