If you ever need to move and aren't sure what to do with your vehicle, looking into professional shipping services can be helpful.

The business of car carrier services is growing at a 3% rate today. Finding affordable auto transportation requires you to understand as much as you can about the service, in addition to finding the help of the right company.

We have some tips that will help you find the right fit while saving money at the same time.

Consider Open Air vs. Closed Shipping

When you're looking for auto shipping services, one of your first decisions will be whether to opt for open air or enclosed shipping. Enclosed is best if you have a valuable or expensive vehicle that needs added protection. When you ship enclosed, your vehicle won't be exposed to weather conditions or the elements. This keeps the paint job intact and can prevent cracks and dings in the event of a hail storm.

However, you'll pay a lot more money for an enclosed trailer shipment. If you don't necessarily need that level of service, open air is the most effective option to choose. Go with open air if finding affordable auto shipping is your main priority. This lets you take advantage of cheap car transport that is still high-quality.

Compare prices between these two different types of services to see what makes the most sense for you. Many companies also offer door to door auto transport, so you can count on your vehicle being sent to a specific location.

Find a Quality Company

As you compare prices make sure that you are looking for quality service from a company that you can trust. This way, you'll pay your fee one time without having to worry about follow-up cases with insurance companies because something went wrong during your shipment.

Research a few different companies and make sure that you look them up in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Once you find the best affordable car shipping company, you'll feel good about green lighting their price quote and getting the professional service that you need.

As you look into affordable car shipping, learn what specialties the company has. This is important if you need to ship a luxury car or a classic vehicle that may need a bit more attention to detail.

Factor in the Time of Year

The time of year and season might also cause your auto shipping estimate to be higher. If you're shipping a vehicle during peak travel season when there are a lot of vehicles on the road and high gas prices, you can expect to pay significantly more. You might also pay more if the transport project is during the winter time or other situations of messy weather.

Even affordable car transport companies are likely to charge more in these situations out of necessity. Figure out whether you need to choose one of these times to ship a vehicle or if it's possible to wait. For instance, if you sell a car online you might not have a choice. In this situation, you might add the shipping cost to the purchase or find the most affordable transportation services available.

Get Several Price Quotes

You'll have trouble finding cheap transportation services if you don't get enough price quotes. With an industry this large and growing, there are always options that you can turn to.

Make sure that you go through every part of the shipment quote to know what you are paying. For example, the quote might include car carrier insurance to make sure that your automobile is protected when in their care. Get at least three different estimates until you find the most affordable transportation company available.

Calculate the Mileage

When you need the most affordable car transport, a lot boils down to how far the vehicle will travel. You can get affordable vehicle shipping no matter how far it's traveling, but do your due diligence to make sure you're getting the most value from the shipment.

You might seek a different type of auto transport depending on the situation. Do your research until you find the most affordable vehicle shipping possible from a company that can assist you.

Figure out what kind of service makes the most sense for your shipment and find the right match by getting the help of a company that can assist you.

Many companies today offer driveaway services for people who want their vehicle handled with care. This means that the vehicle will get sent to a specific location, and in a timely fashion.

Your vehicle shipping pro will typically charge you a flat fee and a mileage rate. Do your due diligence to make sure you're getting the most value from each mile traveled. The company may issue charges for gas and other features. Look into the help of a moving cost calculator so that you can find out in advance how much you might pay.

Consider All the Features You Need

Give yourself a chance to find out what features the company offers. In addition to general shipping services, they may be able to help you with other details. An affordable car transport service will typically ship a car to another state, and may charge an additional fee for crossing state borders.

Ask about any safeguards they put into place to protect your vehicle. In addition to shipping it safely in the right trailer or other transportation method, you may need to add an insurance plan to the project. Find out if the company issues a car hauler inspection as well.

Find out what you need and which features will help you accomplish this. Get a detailed price quote in advance so that you know what you'll be paying as you mix and match features. You may need the help of a company that offers cross-country car shipping, which may leave more wiggle room for flat rates.

Find the Most Affordable Auto Transportation

When you're looking into the most affordable auto transportation service, the tips above will guide you. Check out a car shipping calculator to get a clearer idea of how much these services might cost.

The only thing left to do is find the help of a professional. They'll take these points and help you fight the right deal for your budget.

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