Auto Transport in Chicago: A Car Shipping Guide

Let's face it, no one wants to have to drive their vehicle across the country when moving to a new place to live or work in Chicago. Not only does that add miles to your car, but the road conditions can be unpredictable.

The average American spends over $2,000 in gas, vehicle maintenance, and hotel stays when driving their own vehicles to a new destination. Instead of dealing with those additional costs, it is much better to partner with an auto transport Chicago company.

So how do you find the right auto transporter, and what should you expect to happen while your vehicle is in transit? Continue reading below to learn more about the auto transport process and who you can reach out to for more information.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Chicago?

The cost of shipping your vehicle to Chicago will depend on several variables. For example, where is the car being picked up? What type of transport do you need? Do you need open-air transport or enclosed auto transport?

Other variables that impact the cost of your auto transport Chicago:

  • Size of your vehicle
  • Weight of your vehicle
  • Special shipping requirements such as insurance
  • The season you ship the vehicle
  • The pick-up location

In general, if you want to save money on your auto transport Chicago costs, try to ship your vehicle during the off-season. Of course, if you have to ship your vehicle during the busiest times of the year, such as summer, make sure you reach out to a few different companies to ensure that you secure the best rate possible.

You can use an excellent online shopping calculator to give you a better estimate of how much it should cost to move your vehicle to or from Chicago.

How Do I Ship My Car to Chicago?

Shipping your vehicle to Chicago is simple when you partner with a reputable auto transport company. Once you find a company that you wish to work with, they should have a streamlined process for you to schedule your pick-up time and drop-off time. You have the opportunity to set the time to have your vehicle picked up, and the auto transporter should give you an estimate as to when they should have your car at your destination in Chicago.

Best Way to Ship Your Car to Chicago

The best way to ship your car to Chicago depends on your needs. For some, they are good with open-air transport because it is cheaper, whereas others prefer enclosed transport to protect their vehicle better. Most luxury vehicle owners prefer the enclosed transport option to reduce the possibility of scratches or debris getting onto their cars.

The best way to ship your car is to work with a company with experience moving vehicles across the country. We here at Nexus Auto Transport Chicago have the experience of moving vehicles across the United States. Our driver network is bonded and insured and has experience making sure that your car gets to or from Chicago as safely as possible.

Enclosed Auto Transport Chicago

Throughout this article, we mentioned the option to choose between an enclosed auto transport Chicago or an open-air one. The main difference between the two is how the vehicle is kept during transportation. With an enclosed auto transport, the car is kept safe inside of a shipping container with a few other vehicles.

Many people prefer to use this option to protect their cars from the elements of the road. As mentioned earlier, those with luxury vehicles use this option to keep their vehicle in pristine condition.

Even if you don't have a luxury vehicle, your car can too benefit from the additional protection from any dirt or rain. Because of the added benefit of enclosed auto transport, this option costs more than open-air transport.

Open Auto Transport Chicago

Open auto transport Chicago is the opposite of the enclosed auto transport. Have you ever seen those trailers on the highway that carry six different vehicles?

You typically see them dropping off cars at dealerships. That is an open auto transport.

This option is relatively common amongst most customers because it is more affordable and still promises a safe delivery. The vehicle may be open to the road conditions and has to share space with other cars.

Where Will My Vehicle Be Picked Up and Dropped Off?

The auto transporter will do its best to get as close to your location as legally and safely as possible. In most cases, the driver can come to pick it up and deliver the vehicle at your door, but depending on where you live, that may not be feasible.

Some roads are too narrow, or it could be hard to get in and out of your neighborhood. Instead, the driver may provide you with a close and safe location for you to drop off and pick up your vehicle.

Is My Vehicle Insured During the Auto Transport?

All shipments come with basic liability coverage during the transport. You have the option to add additional coverages if you wish to cover your vehicle completely. You can also reach out to your auto insurance company to see if you need to purchase additional coverage.

Do I Need To Be There for Pick up and Delivery?

Yes, you must be there for your vehicle's pick-up and delivery. If you are unable to show up, you may appoint someone else to come handle that process for you.

If you do have someone else take care of the drop-off and pick-up, make sure you let the auto transporter know. In an effort to reduce theft, the transporter will need to verify the identity of the person dropping off and picking up the vehicle. The person must be over the age of 18.

Bill of Lading

It is very important that you or someone you trust is there to pick up the vehicle. There is a bill of lading that you or someone you trust must complete before and after the shipment. This document details the condition of your car, where it is being picked up from, and where it is being dropped off at.

Once you receive your vehicle, you must check the car's condition against the information listed on the bill of lading. If any damages are done to the vehicle, you must immediately inform the auto transporter. From there, they will walk you through creating a claim for your damages.

How To Prepare My Vehicle for Auto Transport Chicago?

If you decide that you want to transport your vehicle with a reputable auto transport company, there are a few things you should do to best prepare your car for transit. First and foremost, make sure you remove any valuables from your vehicle and clean the inside of the car.

While the vehicle is in transit, the road is a bit bumpy. The last thing you want is for any items inside the vehicle to shift and possibly damage your car.

It also helps reduce any additional weight. If you have heavy items in your vehicle, make sure you remove them as well.

Wash Your Car

Dust and dirt may hide any scratches and dents your vehicle already has. You won't want to pick up your vehicle at its destination and falsely accuse the auto transporter of the damages to your car. Make sure you wash your car and take photos of your vehicle's condition before you send it on its way.

Don’t Fill up the Tank

You may think it's best to fill up the gas tank before sending your car off, but you have to remember that your vehicle is being transported, not driven. Adding gas also packs on additional and unnecessary weight, which can add risk to the shipment. Leave enough fuel to get the vehicle loaded onto the trailer and enough to be loaded off and driven at your destination.

Most Reliable Auto Transport Company in Chicago

Transporting your vehicle across the country does not have to be a tedious task. Several different auto transport Chicago companies are willing to take that burden off your hands.

If you are in the process of moving to Chicago, or you need to have a vehicle transported there, contact us for a free quote! Our knowledgeable team of auto transporters is here to take care of your needs and answer any questions or concerns you have about the transportation process.