Are you thinking about moving from state to state and making New York your new home? You're in good company.

Research shows parts of New York City saw more new residents in 2020 compared with 2019. Fourteen neighborhoods also received more people from July to September 2021 than in 2019.

What if you're moving to New York (or within the state) and need to ship your car? Let's explore what you need to know about long-distance moves in New York.

Long-Distance Moves in New York

Perhaps you've just purchased a home in Upstate New York and now must move from southern New York to the state's northern part. Maybe you're moving to the Big Apple from more than 1,000 miles away in Florida. Either way, you may be tempted to drive your car to your new home.

Don't, though.

Transporting your car yourself will cost you money in the form of gas, hotel bills, and food expenses. It may also cost you time off work. You'll also rack up miles on your vehicle.

Long-distance car towing is a better solution. Car shipping from Florida to New York or throughout New York will help you get your car to its destination quickly and safely. You won't have to worry about planning the route yourself.

New York Car Shipping Method

One of the most important long-distance car transportation tips is to choose the most appropriate shipping method for your needs. There are a couple of major options to choose from: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport.

Open auto transport involves using a car hauler with open sides.

This type of truck won't protect your car from the elements. However, using an open carrier is cost-efficient and generally keeps vehicles intact during transport. It's rare for cars to sustain even minor damage.

Enclosed auto transport services use trucks with covered sides. These trucks are the best option if you're transporting a rare car, like a classic car, and want to safeguard it from weather conditions and trust.

Other Shipping Methods

Reputable auto transport companies offer several other helpful shipping methods to enhance the customer experience.

Consider door-to-door if you want a safe and affordable car shipping method. You can schedule your car to be picked up at your current home and dropped off at your new home's location.

Your door-to-door transporter may ask you to meet them at a nearby parking lot if narrow streets or tight turns will keep them from being able to access your home. Your city might also require this arrangement based on its legal and safety regulations.

Door-to-door transport is more convenient than terminal-to-terminal transport since the closest terminal to you may be several miles away from your home.

Another car shipping method for a long-distance move in New York is expedited shipping. Choose this if your car needs to reach its destination as soon as possible.

Car Shipping Distance

A cross-country car shipping service can ship your car 3,000 miles from the southern to the northern part of the US, and vice versa. This service can also help if you're transporting your car from the West Coast to the East Coast, for example.

A vehicle transport company offering state-to-state auto shipping services can transport your car a few hundred miles away in another state. They can also accommodate moves within a state.

Auto Transport Insurance

High-quality auto moving companies offer car transport insurance to cover any damage your car receives while on the road.

Your chosen transport service is legally required to carry liability insurance, but car transport insurance will give you extra protection. It may help cover damage-related costs the liability insurance won't cover.

Car transport insurance is especially important if your car will be shipped thousands of miles away (more on shipping distances next). Your prospective auto transport company will likely include the insurance cost in your overall shipping quote if you tell them you would like insurance coverage (more on shipping costs next).

Shipping Cost

Your car shipping cost will be based on multiple factors. These include your shipping distance and your vehicle's model and make.

Another important factor is your car's size. Shipping a truck, van, or SUV will cost more than transporting a sedan.

Your auto transport company will also factor in the cost of expediting your shipment if you're on a tight deadline.

The average cost to ship a car using an open carrier is $630 if your car is going less than 500 miles, $1,135 if it's going between 500 and 2,500 miles, and $1,350 if your car is going more than 2,500 miles.

An enclosed carrier may cost you $930 for a car going less than 500 miles, $1,550 for a car going between 500 and 2,500 miles, and $1,830 for a car going more than 2,500 miles.

A car shipping calculator can help you determine your shipping costs before hiring an auto transport service. The right company won't charge you hidden fees to increase your car shipment costs.

How We Can Help

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