Your heart pounds as you move out of state. You're not alone.

Eight million Americans moved among states in 2021. That's almost 19% of movers moving to another state.

A move to a different state can feel intimidating if you're not used to moving to another state. Make it seamless by following the right steps to moving out of state.

Create a to-do list for moving out of state, and hire movers to a different state if you need help moving out of state. Let's explore tips for moving out of state, including using moving services out of state.

Move to a Different State

Invest time planning for your move to a different state before moving day. Create a comprehensive moving binder for your large-scale relocation. Your binder should include the following documents:

  • Moving to-do checklist (more on this later)
  • Copies of school and medical records
  • Movers' contact information
  • Moving timeline detailing when events will happen

Another important document for your binder is your moving budget (more on this later). The binder will help prevent communication gaps and keep you on track with your move.

Moving to Another State: Employment

How do you plan to financially support yourself after you move to a different state? Consider asking your employer for support if you'll work for them in your new city.

Many bigger companies cover their employees' moving expenses. They might even give their workers housing stipends while they relocate.

Let's say your company won't help with your moving expenses. Look for job positions in your new location that you'd be interested in. Search for fully remote jobs if you prefer to work from home.

Generating income as soon as possible will help you weather the cost of your transition. Try to save enough money to cover your living expenses for three months before moving, just in case you can't land a job immediately.

Moving Household Goods?

Tips for Moving Out of State: Budget

Develop a realistic budget before you move to a different state. This is one of the most essential tips for moving to a different state.

Your budget should include your moving and living expenses. Differentiate ongoing expenses from one-time ones. Be as detailed as possible to avoid facing unexpected costs during your journey.

Look for areas of your budget where you could save money. Cancel unnecessary recurring expenses (e.g., your Netflix subscription or cable bill) several months before your money. Put the money you save in a moving fund account so you don't spend it on another non-needed expense, like dining out.

To-Do List for Moving Out of State

Create a to-do list for moving out of state. This list should include notifying your creditors of your new address so you can get their future bills. Other items include the following:

  • Applying for an address change with the American Postal Service
  • Updating your driver's license and car registration
  • Shopping for new insurance policies

These new insurance policies may include those for your home and car. Update your existing policies if you plan to keep them in your new state.

Steps to Moving Out of State: Declutter

Another important part of your checklist for moving out of state is decluttering your home before moving day. This will help you save money since you'll have fewer belongings to lug to your new home. You can also make money by selling anything you don't need, including the following:

  • Your car
  • Extra furnishings
  • Unnecessary electronics
  • Collectibles with no sentimental value

Are you worried you'll sell or toss an item you'll need later? Chances are you won't miss it, and if you do, you can easily purchase it again.

Hire Moving Services Out of State

You may be tempted to pack up and move your belongings yourself. Use a moving company instead if it's within your budget (more on moving costs later).

Hiring a moving service to coordinate the move will save you stress, time, and energy. They'll have the equipment and staffing needed to expedite your move so you can focus on settling into your new home more quickly.

Find Help Moving Out of State

How do you find the right moving company? Search for a business with decades of industry experience. Companies that don't provide excellent moving services likely won't stay in business long.

The best interstate moving companies have locations in your current and future cities. Movers with more locations may be more flexible with their moving schedules every season.

Review moving companies listed on sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Read what previous customers have said about their experiences with various companies. Stick with companies consistently praised for being careful, punctual, and cost-competitive.

Cost of Movers to a Different State

Some moving companies in different states offer only long-distance moving services. Others can help with both long-distance and local moves. Either is fine as long as they meet your needs.

A local move costs an average of $1,250. Moving studio apartments could cost $500 each, while moving a five-bedroom home may cost $3,000.

Long-distance moves cost more since your belongings have to go farther. Moving a one-bedroom or studio apartment may cost at least $1,100 if traveling less than 1,000 miles. Expect to pay at least $1,900 if your items are going 2,500 miles (cross-country move).

Moving a five-bedroom house less than 1,000 miles away costs more than $4,100. Your cost will jump to more than $9,500 for a cross-country move. Use a moving calculator to determine your moving costs.

Remember that auto transport companies can also help you ship a car to another state during your relocation. A shipping cost calculator can help you determine the price.

How We Can Help You Move Out of State

Following several tips for moving out of state can make a move to a different state seamless. Create a to-do list for moving out of state. Other steps to moving out of state include decluttering and budgeting.

Hire moving services out of state for help moving out of state. Movers to a different state will make your move out of state faster and less stressful.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we can help you transport your vehicle when moving to another state. We'll get your vehicle to its destination safely and efficiently. Get a free quote today!


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