15 Ultimate Moving Tips You Need to Follow in 2021

Countless research studies over the past decade confirm something we all know. Moving is one of the most stressful life events we can experience.

People find it even more stressful than having a baby, getting married, or starting a new job! It also ranks as more stressful than a breakup or divorce.

Why so much distress when it comes to relocation? Because too many life change units can devastate human beings. They even contribute to physical ailments and higher incidents of mental health issues.

Not only are you conquering the chaos of packing boxes and upending your life, but you have to find a new home, deal with things like mortgages and closings… You get the drift.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best moving tips. Keep reading for a full breakdown of how to take the hassle out of relocation, whether it’s a move state-to-state, coast-to-coast, or abroad.

1. When Should You Start Packing to Move?

When it comes to tips for moving, our first one is simple. Don’t procrastinate.

The anxiety and overwhelm that comes with moving can lead to procrastination. What’s more, many people underestimate how long packing will take. But starting to pack too late leads to unnecessary stress, the last thing you need.

Instead, start packing as early as you can. Yes, it might seem like you’re way ahead of the game, but this step will buy you time later in the process. It’ll also provide you with a welcome margin of error when the unforeseen happens.

And let’s face it. Something unexpected always happens during the moving process.

2. How to Make a Move Easier: Create a Moving Budget and Checklist

What’s an excellent way to get in the right “moving” mindset even if you’re not quite ready to start packing boxes? Start by making a moving checklist and timeline.

Whether you’ve got three months or three weeks, this will keep you organized and focused. Accompanying this document, you’ll also want to outline a moving budget. Otherwise, it could spiral out of control very quickly.

Once you’ve created these documents, print them out and place them in a designated moving folder or binder so that you can check in with them regularly. Having a visual representation of your moving plan will help you stay on track.

3. Tips for Moving: Send the Appropriate Notices

There are so many moving parts (no pun intended!) when it comes to a big relocation. These include the little things that nag at you in the middle of the night while you’re tossing and turning.

For example, you’ll need to send out notices before your move. These include speaking with your:

  • Power company
  • Phone company
  • Internet company
  • Propane deliverer (if applicable)
  • Pest control company
  • US Postal Service
  • Children’s schools
  • And more

Don’t leave these items for the last minute, or they could cause a spike in adrenaline. As you’ll notice, many of our packing tips to move are designed to keep you from last-minute hassles, so plan ahead.

4. What Is the Best Way to Start Packing for a Move? Inventory and Use What You Have

Before racing out to the store to purchases boxes, take some time to inventory what you already have on hand. You may very well surprise yourself.

Which household items will come in handiest during a move? They include things such as:

  • Baskets
  • Suitcases
  • Plastic containers
  • Hampers
  • Briefcases

What should you do with these items once you’ve scoped them out? Set them aside to start filling with as many personal items and belongings as possible.

This simple hack will help you maximize what you’ve already got and reduce the number of boxes you must purchase. It’s a win-win for your budget and the environment.

5. How to Start Packing for a Move: Purchase Packing Supplies

What other packing tips to move do you need?

Once you’ve taken a full inventory of the items you already have available for a move, it’s time to stock up on any packing supplies that you need.

Which items should you purchase? Handy additions to your packing toolkit include:

  • Duct tape
  • Box cutters
  • Packing tape
  • Boxes
  • Heavy-duty trash bags
  • Sharpies or other permanent markers
  • Labels (for plastic bins, etc.)

That way, you’ll be armed and ready to go as the mayhem of moving sets in. Develop a system for not only identifying what’s in each box but also noting which room it should go in.

You can either do this by using a marker to write on each box. Or you can save time and energy by purchasing duct tape in different colors that denote which room each box needs to go into.

You’ll also want to stock up on plenty of kitchen-specific moving supplies. After all, this is the room where 99 percent of breakable items are likely stored.

Make sure you have enough bubble wrap, newspaper, and corrugated cardboard to wrap your most delicate belongings. Ceramics, crystal, china, and keepsakes likely require more packing padding than you realize, so don’t skimp.

6. Tips When Packing to Move: Pare Down Your Life

Think of decluttering as a fantastic way to improve your life and streamline your move. Start with one room at a time and cull through your belongings. Ask yourself what’s essential and set that aside.

Then, dive into packing up stuff to go in the trash or to a thrift store. Here are some tried and true tips to help you declutter your life.

7. Tips for Moving: Make Some Money

If you give yourself enough time, you can even turn old stuff into cash. You can do this through a traditional means like a garage sale.

Or, you can rely on websites such as:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace

Too much stuff can weight down your life. It can also come with plenty of emotional baggage. If you think of moving as an excellent way to intermittently pare down your life and get back to the basics, your move will go more smoothly.

8. What Is the Best Way to Pack for Moving? Set Aside Valuables

Now, let’s talk about the piles of essential items you glean from each room. Some of these items you’ll want to pack. But there will be others that you prefer to transport personally in your car.

Set these valuables aside in a safe place where they won’t get lost in the box packing confusion. These items might include:

  • Family heirlooms
  • Legal documents
  • Other precious items

By keeping these extra special items with you, you’ll feel a greater sense of peace, especially when you start having movers in your home.

9. Tips When Moving into a New House: Hire a Moving Company

Decide whether or not you need to hire a moving company. If you don’t have loved ones to lend a helping hand, this represents your best option.

You’ll also want to go with professionals when moving from state to state as your family and friends can only travel so far.

As you search for the right movers, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process and what it includes. You must feel reassured about the plan before signing a contract.

Like packing, you should hire a moving company as rapidly as possible. That way, you have greater flexibility over picking your moving days. You’ll also be able to reserve a more affordable price by booking out early.

10. Tips for Moving: Get Other Professionals Onboard

During a move, most people focus primarily on packing. But there’s a lot more to a move than meets the eye.

You’ll also need to hire professionals to handle touching up walls with paint, doing a thorough cleaning, and repairing anything that needs fixing.

Planning ahead and hiring people early will help you avoid the stress of last-minute interactions. It’ll also make the entire moving process progress with greater ease.

11. Tips for Moving: Make Car Transportation Arrangements

Many people amid relocation forget about necessities, such as making arrangements to have their vehicles transported to a new location. Some people think they can save money by driving their car(s) to the new location, too.

Not only is this a costly calculation, but it greatly amplifies stress. Remember when we talked about life change units and how detrimental they can be to your health? Why add one or more road trips, another life change unit, to the mix?

Instead, inquire with a reliable, experienced car transportation company.

The mover can help you with everything from an open trailer carrier for daily drivers to enclosed transport for investment-worthy automobiles.

And they can do ti affordably and effortlessly from door-to-door. No matter where you move. Now, how’s that for moving hacks and tips?

12. Tips for Moving: Meal Plan Like Crazy

If you’re involved in a move within the same city, county, or general location, you can easily transport your groceries from one house to the next. When it comes to interstate and cross-country moves, however, you won’t have this option.

What to do? Experts recommend making your last shopping trip about two weeks before your move. Coupled with conscientious meal planning, you should be able to utilize more or less everything in your fridge before moving day.

13. Tips for Moving: Pay It Forward

What if you still manage to end up with too much food in your fridge? Consider donating it to an organization such as Move for Hunger.

This national, non-profit organization fights hunger and reduces food waste by sustainably accepting food donations from those in the process of moving.

They also organize local hunger drives, so you can pay it forward as you move. Since helping others boosts the immune system and reduces stress, it’ll also help you neutralize the negative feelings associated with a move.

14. Buy Household Items with Care

Unless you feel like transporting boxes filled with paper towels and toilet paper, you should also purchase household-related items with care. Besides paper products, this goes for household cleaners, hand soap, and more.

After all, nobody wants soppy bags filled with household cleaners and soap. These are items you’ll want to start fresh with, in a new location, so quit purchasing them around the same time you nix grocery shopping.

You’ll also want to bear in mind which items should get packed separately. They include:

  • Ammonia
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Chlorine granules
  • Auto batteries
  • Paints and varnishes

In many cases, you’ll find that it makes more sense to discard these items where you’re at right now than to attempt to move them. But you’ll need to do this with care since these are hazardous materials.

Call around to find a location that disposes of these chemicals and items. They should be licensed to do so in a way that’s safe for the environment and people. Moving hacks and tips like this save time and money.

15. Save Space with These Moving Tips

When it comes to packing tips to move, one item can eat up the most time during a move remains your clothing. Especially when it comes to the things hanging in your closet.

Instead, pack hanging clothes in garbage bags by curring a hole at the top of the bag. That way, you’ll protect your clothes while nixing the need to take them off the hanger, fold them, and pack them in a box.

As for clothes you fold and stick in drawers? We recommend rolling these pieces. You’ll save an astonishing amount of space in the process. Along with the other ultimate moving hacks on this list, you’ll be ready to go!

Ultimate Moving Hacks

The packing tips to move listed above will take the stress out of your upcoming relocation. Not only will they leave you feeling more organized, but you’ll also stay more focused when it comes to your overall objectives.

What’s one of the best moving tips to reduce stress? Remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It will take some of the sting out of the experience. It will also make sure all your loose ends are tied up before making your move to greener pastures.

The Best Moving Tips

Moving has gotten a bad rap for many different reasons. After all, it involves radical change, and we’re all creatures of habit to varying degrees. With the best moving tips, though, you now have a guide for how to move.

These ultimate moving hacks, coupled with hiring expert movers for your household belongings and car, will bring you tranquility and peace of mind. This peace, in turn, will make the entire process move along more smoothly.

Do you have questions about how a professional car transportation company could make a move easier? Or maybe you have concerns about the affordability of such a service? Check out our free calculator to get a shipping quote now.