The Best Ways to Ship a Car to Hawaii From the East Coast

Are you an East Coaster considering a move to Hawaii? If so, you’re not alone. The thought of relocating to paradise after years suffering the Eastern Seaboard’s extreme weather and temperatures comes as a welcome relief to many.

Of course, this decision represents a life-changing move. After all, relocating from a large continent to a small island community means greater geographic isolation and island fever. You’ll also have to contend with getting your belongings there.

Detailed planning is the name of the game for a streamlined transition to America’s 50th state. This planning should include shipping a car to Hawaii from the East Coast. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you’ve got a set of wheels once you arrive.

Shipping a Car to Hawaii from the East Coast

How to ship a car to Hawaii?

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. That means, no matter where you currently reside on the East Coast, you’ll find many car shipping companies ready to help you move your vehicle to the Hawaiian Islands.

People regularly ship vehicles to Hawaii from the following East Coast states:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia

That said, not all shipping companies are created equal. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you sign a contract to have your vehicle moved.

Ship a Car to Hawaii: Open Versus Enclosed Carriers

When choosing car transportation, you have various options to choose from. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to send your vehicle on open or enclosed car transport.

The first option represents the cheapest and most popular one. It works well for cars that are daily drivers and commuters. Your car won’t be protected from the elements, weather, or road hazards such as gravel.

You should also anticipate receiving a filthy vehicle, as open haulers provide nil in the way of protection from dirt, rain, bird poop, etc.

Enclosed carriers remain the better option for shipping automobiles worth $50,000 or more. These carriers have roofs and walls which protect vehicles from dirt, gravel, hailstones, and other potential road hazards.

Your car will also remain shiny and clean. And you’ll have added peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s also better insured and in the hands of a driver with specialized education. Of course, you’ll pay more for enclosed auto transport, but it proves well worth it.

Whether you’re sending your car to Hawaii or looking for car shipping from Hawaii to the East Coast, you’ll want to start with these auto shipping decisions first.

Ship a Car East Coast to Hawaii: Door-to-Door Versus Terminal-to-Terminal Service

Another choice that’ll have a significant impact on how much you pay to have a car shipped from the East Coast to Hawaii? Pick up and delivery sites. If you’d like your automobile picked up and delivered to residential addresses, then go with door-to-door service.

Your driver will make every effort to get as close to these addresses as possible. In some instances, they may need to choose the nearest parking lot to your home. Nevertheless, this will still be a highly convenient location.

For those hoping to save a few bucks, however, terminal-to-terminal auto shipping is another option. This choice involves driving your car to a terminal where you leave it and then pick it up later at another terminal.

As a result, you’ll need to arrange transportation for the return home after drop off and the initial trip to the terminal pick up. But it will save you money, and it comes with the option of dropping off your car earlier or picking it up later if your moving dates are especially tight.

Shipping a Car to Hawaii from the East Coast: Driving Your Car to the Port

When shipping your car to Hawaii, you also have a third option. This choice involves driving your vehicle to the port. While an attractive solution from a financial standpoint, keep in mind other expenses such as transportation back home as well as room and board.

You’ll also need to factor in added expenses such as gasoline and food. And you’ll want to quantify how much time gets lost in the process. For these reasons, most drivers agree that hiring an auto transport company to handle their car’s trip to the port makes the most sense.

Hiring a car transportation company to handle your vehicle’s trip to the port also comes with the advantage of combining your ocean shipping and carrier shipping services. Not only does this streamlined approach come with convenience, but it could save you hassles at the port.

After all, your car will not be accepted for departure at the port if it has any loose parts, cracked glass, or other issues with wear and tear. Do you really want to take the risk of something popping up along the way during a road trip to the port? We don’t think so.

How to Ship a Car to Hawaii: The Cost

What can you expect in terms of the final bill for shipping your vehicle to one of the Hawaiian Islands? Prices can vary significantly, especially based on open versus enclosed carrier and door-to-door versus terminal-to-terminal services.

That said, anticipate a final price tag at or below $2,500 for full carrier service to Hawaii. However, if you drop off your car and pick it up at the mainland port, this cost may fall closer to the $1,300 price range. Just watch out for hidden costs, such as storage fees.

Of course, other factors such as your state of origin and final destination will also come into play.

Check out our free, no-obligation car shipping quote calculator now to get a better idea of what your final cost will be when shipping a car to Hawaii from the East Coast. We can also provide you with prices on car shipping from Hawaii to the East Coast.