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Justin Lee - 6 Min May 29, 2020 View article

Shipping a Car With Personal Items Inside: Is It Legal?

Any given American will probably move about 11 times in their lifetime. Are you about to embark on the next move of your life? Then you’ve probably already settled on using car shipping services as a headache-free way to get your vehicle to your new

Justin Lee - 4 Min May 08, 2020 View article

Everything You Need to Know About Classic Car Shipping and Transportation

If you’re a classic car enthusiast, then you know this feeling all too well. This is why if you’re moving, you need to look into classic car shipping and not normal shipping services. You have to protect your investment, after all.

Justin Lee - 6 Min May 07, 2020 View article

How to Ship a Car to Hawaii (And How Much Will It Cost?)

The weather in Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous; it’s rarely under 70 degrees and the sun’s almost always shining. Maybe it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to move there, and finally, that goal is within your reach. However, since it’s not a

Justin Lee - 6 Min May 02, 2020 View article

A Guide to Shipping a Car to Alaska: The Cheapest and Best Options

Every year, 50,000 people move away from Alaska and 40,000 people move to the state. Whichever way you’re going, you probably want to ship your vehicle, or at least are thinking about it. Shipping a car to Alaska is a viable option that might be easier

Justin Lee - 6 Min May 02, 2020 View article
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