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Rados Stefanovic, General Manager of Nexus Auto Transport, is responsible for guiding the team towards operational excellence and innovation. Under his guidance, the company has seen significant enhancements in service offerings and efficiency, thanks to a collective effort focused on technological advancement and customer satisfaction. His commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence continues to drive success and position Nexus Auto Transport as a leader in the auto transport industry.

For Rados, his passion for the auto transport industry extends beyond the confines of his professional role. It is a reflection of his broader commitment to contributing to a sector that is critical to the global economy yet often underappreciated. Rados is deeply invested in exploring sustainable practices, advancing technological integration, and enhancing operational efficiency, not just as business objectives but as pillars of industry leadership.

Engaging with peers, mentoring emerging talent, and contributing to industry dialogue are facets of his commitment to not just leading within Nexus Auto Transport but also shaping the future of the industry.

Question and Answer with Rados Stefanovic

Who am I?

I pride myself on making the most of my freelance life, both professionally and personally. I've always had a mind for mathematics and analytics, and I use it to provide my clients with a constantly evolving approach to algorithms and data science. And, I approach my writing just as I approach data gathering and constructing algorithms. I want my writing style to give you facts without boring you, with more punch and fewer words. And, if I can help steer people towards a clean-energy lifestyle and hybrid vehicle options, that's great too. Doing my best for this company and the world is my ultimate goal.

What does car shipping mean to me?

Professional car shipping services don't have to change the world. However, the best vehicle transport should make the world safer (and simpler) for those who use it. I latched on with Nexus Auto Transport because of the customer-first mentality exhibited from the top of the company on down. Everything we do, from writing articles about car transport to introducing new ways of accessing services, is done with the consumer's wants and needs placed first. That's so cool to be a part of. When you ship a car, you should be able to secure cost-effective car moving services without being given the runaround. And we do that while keeping our passion for the vehicles we ship and the culture around them.

What was the first car I bought?

My first ride was a Honda Accord with a BOOMING sound system. The bump of the bass almost made my morning traffic jams worth it. Almost.

What is my dream car?

Right now, it's the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E. Zero tailpipe emissions, unreal 0-to-60 performance, and a complete connected technology experience with up to 305 miles per charge on an extended range battery -- seriously, check out this rig! The 2021 model won an armful of awards, and the 2022 version is one of the hottest hybrids ever released.

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