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Using the Nexus Auto Transport shipping calculator

Our instant car shipping cost calculator generates accurate auto shipping quotes based on the car shipping variables that matter most.

Using the car shipping calculator to get car shipping quotes is easy:

  • Enter the pickup and delivery locations
  • Enter the vehicle’s make and model
  • Select any options that apply (i.e. the car is currently “non-running”, you need enclosed trailer car transportation services, etc.)
  • Click continue to get as many different auto shipping quotes as you need for free.

Need Additional Help Using the Car Shipping Calculator?

If you’re having any difficulties with our car shipping estimate calculator and require assistance, our agents are ready to help. Just give us a call at (224) 218-2949 and we will connect you to a car transportation expert.

Super Competitive Auto Transport Pricing

For maximum convenience and transparency, our auto shipping cost calculator estimates car transport prices across three separate service tiers:

  • Economy: The most cost effective car shipping option for those who have a lower budget and more flexibility with the pickup date.
  • Standard: Car shipping in a timely manner at market rates. Pickups are normally within 3 days from the first available date. The Driver heads to the destination immediately after pickup.
  • Expedited: The vehicle will arrive sooner for a slightly higher car shipping cost. Dedicated Drivers guarantee that same-day pickup dates are available for almost any route.

Note: All car transport quotes from Nexus Auto Transport include standard insurance policies.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car with Nexus Auto Transport?

The Nexus car shipping cost calculator will tell you, once and for all, how much it does cost to ship a car. Here are all of the variables that our car shipping calculator takes into account to determine the most accurate car transport quote:

  • Distance – The longer the route, the lower your price per mile will be.
  • Location – Metropolitan areas tend to have the most Drivers available and the lowest car shipping quotes, while rural towns far from the highway will usually cost more.
    * Car Transport Tip: With small towns, you can keep car shipping costs down by arranging for a more urban pickup destination and driving the rest of the way in your vehicle.
  • Make & Model – The larger the vehicle, the more space it takes up on the trailer, and the higher the car shipping cost becomes. Even bike racks and other accessories can change the dimensions of your vehicle and therefore affect car shipping costs.
  • Vehicle Condition – An inoperable car requires additional labor to winch or forklift onto the trailer, which can raise the shipping cost. Most car shipping companies require the vehicle to at least brake, steer and roll.
  • Expedited Car Transport – Choosing an exact pickup day requires careful planning logistics that will raise the car shipping cost.
  • Time of YearSeasonal availability is one of the driving factors behind car shipping costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car in Different Seasons?

Shipping a car in the winter will not cost the same amount as shipping the same car in the summer for a number of different reasons.

Shipping a Car in the Winter
Shipping a car in the winter tends to take longer than other seasons because snow and ice can cause delays and there is less daylight in which to work.

  • December – The holiday season means Drivers take time off to spend with their families, so try to book three to four weeks in advance.
  • January – Many people migrate south to warmer states during this time and a backlog can develop, increasing rates.
  • February – One of the slower months when rates tend to be the cheapest.

Shipping a Car in Spring
Early springtime is one of the best seasons to ship your car. Here’s why:

  • March – Rates tend to remain low until towards the end of the month when people move back north in large numbers to enjoy the warmer months.
  • April and May – Sometimes there can be a backload shipping from southern to northern states due to high demand, increasing rates.

Shipping a Car in Summer
The summer months are peak season for car transportation and demand is high. Universities are letting out, employees are relocating, and people are taking their vacations. Fortunately for the customer, a high level of competition tends to drive down the prices.

  • June, July and August – Equally busy; little monthly difference in car shipping costs.

Shipping a Car in the Fall
Milder weather and more driver availability than the summer months means a slightly lower car shipping cost.

  • September – An increase in college students shipping their cars may increase rates slightly.
  • October and November – Slower months with good availability and car shipping rates.

Use the Nexus Auto Transport Calculator for Car Shipping Quotes

Determining your car shipping costs is free and easy with our car shipping cost calculator. Once you have an auto transport quote, you can schedule a delivery and pickup date online or call (224) 218-2949 to speak to a live agent.