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Other car transport companies ship cars. We strive for more with every vehicle shipment. It’s our life’s work to provide travelers like you auto shipping solutions that are fast, secure, and always affordable.

How it works

Car shipping simplified to 3 easy steps

How much does car shipping cost?

There’s no way to say definitely how much car transporters cost without key car shipping information such as your vehicle's make and model, size and weight, and other key information such as its value and the distance it will travel. The cost of shipping a car varies greatly based on these factors and more, so it behooves you to use our instant online vehicle shipping cost calculator for a better idea of your personal car shipping costs. We work hard to tailor our car delivery service to your needs, and the cost to ship a car is dictated by those same needs.

What information do I need to use the online car shipping calculator?

Our instant online car shipping calculator is fully anonymous. Until you decide to book your vehicle shipment with a nominal $25 reservation fee, we do not request any identifying information such as your name and mailing address. To estimate your car shipping costs, you just need to enter a few things including the pickup and drop-off locations for your vehicle, its make and model, key information about its running condition and value, and special needs you may have such as enclosed car carrier transport. Once you get all of this entered in and submit, you'll have your personal car shipping quote within seconds.

Does time of year factor into how much car transporters cost to use?

Yes. Car transporters cost different amounts based on many factors, including what time of year it is. Car shipping costs change based on driver availability, ease of delivery, weather, and demand for services which can easily increase or decrease car shipping rates significantly. When you use our online car shipping calculator, you'll receive a set of auto shipping quotes that takes everything into account including the current season and the extenuating circumstances which come along with it. In general, summer and winter can add to the total cost to transport a car due to driver availability issues and demand, while the cost of shipping a car may be a bit cheaper during the fall and spring. Get started with our online shipping car calculator right away to learn more!

Do I have an obligation to pay car shipping costs if I use the online car shipping calculator?

No! You won't be on the hook for the cost of car transport services when using our anonymous online vehicle shipping cost calculator. It's a free tool to help you estimate the cost to ship a car. You pay nothing for using our online car shipping cost calculator. Furthermore, you pay just a $25 reservation fee out of the gates if you decide to ship your car with us. If you decide against using our service, your car shipping quote is completely free and you pay nothing. Auto shipping costs are a lot less scary to think about when you use our car shipping cost calculator, so perhaps it’s time to get started!

How much does online car shipping cost?

Your online car shipping costs can only be truly estimated by using our shipping car calculator. Our groundbreaking car shipping quote calculator takes key auto shipping factors into account to accurately estimate your car moving service cost. Every time you use our calculator, we give your three different quotes with rates that reflect your auto shipping wants and needs. Nexus Auto Transport's online car shipping cost calculator makes car shipping rates simple and easy to understand. If you want to estimate your auto shipping costs any time morning, noon, or night, we're here for you.

How do I estimate moving costs?

Your auto transport quote is only a piece of the overall moving costs puzzle. And lucky for you, Nexus Auto Transport doesn't just provide car shipping quotes. We work closely with moving companies around the nation, compiling estimated moving costs for our game-changing moving costs calculator. Combining information from our car shipping calculator and top moving companies in your area, our moving cost calculator is the perfect way to plan your next relocation. You can secure a car transport quote and compare prices for movers near you. Other vehicle shipping companies ship cars. Nexus Auto Transport moves travelers like you.

How much does a company charge to ship cars?

Different vehicle shipping companies charge different rates (and offer different car shipping quotes) for the same customers. All car transportation is not created equal. Unless you secure a car transport quote from a particular auto shipping company, there’s no way to accurately estimate what your car moving service cost will be. With Nexus Auto Transport, securing accurate auto shipping quotes has never been easier. Just head over to our car shipping calculator, give us a bit of information about your automobile transport needs, and you’ll receive a list of three accurate car shipping rates within seconds. And when you find an auto transport quote that works for you, just click “Ship My Car” to get started. A $25 reservation fee is all takes to lock in your auto shipping costs and get the process rolling.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

There's a lot that goes into determining auto shipping costs. Our car shipping cost calculator is the best way to accurately estimate vehicle shipping costs. Nexus Auto Transport knows that one auto transport quote isn't enough. You may need special considerations such as an enclosed car carrier. These considerations will affect your overall vehicle shipping costs. That's why our car shipping calculator gives you three different auto transport quotes -- one for our normal service, one for our fastest auto transport service, and one for enclosed car shipping. And when you use our car shipping cost calculator, you can lock in our everyday low auto transport rates with a small $25 reservation fee. Just press "Ship My Car" and have a credit card or PayPal account ready.

The Best Auto Transport Rates

Our car shipping calculator automatically tabulates all of the various car shipping costs related to auto transportation - including driver availability, time of year, distance, etc. - and delivers accurate car shipping quotes to make sure you always get the best car shipping cost. The general cost of shipping a car may have a bunch of strings attached to it, but our online car shipping calculator doesn't! You'll get a fair and accurate car shipping quote that takes into account all of the extenuating factors which go into determining car shipping costs at a given time. Car transportation services with no hidden fees -- that's how we do business at Nexus Auto Transport.

Instant Auto Transport Answers

We know that our auto shipping customers can have unique concerns and demands. From scheduling vehicle shipment pickups and deliveries to cargo insurance coverage details, Nexus Auto Transport is here to answer all of your car transport questions. Our live agents are online to assist, or you can also speak to us by dialing (844) 699-2938 toll-free. We aim to put the service in vehicle transport services, which means fewer worries for you during the entire car transportation process.

Anonymous Auto Shipping Quotes

Nexus Auto Transport respects your privacy and time. We keep all contact professional by requesting only the car shipping information that matters. Once you receive your auto transport quote from our online car shipping cost calculator, you have the option to schedule online at your convenience with no obligation to pay. We’re car movers, not data collectors.

Reliable Car Shipping Services

At Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on providing top customer service throughout the entire vehicle shipping process. From first navigating our website to scheduling the pickup or delivery of your vehicle with a personable car shipping agent, the level of service provided by our nationwide auto transport team remains consistent. The cost of shipping a car may vary and waver, but our commitment to excellent customer service never does. We do vehicle shipping right and with our customers' interest as our priority.

A $25 Reservation Fee Is All It Takes To Book Your Vehicle Shipment

What does shipping a car cost? In truth, car shipping costs change dramatically based on the aforementioned factors such as your vehicle's make and model, the time of year, and special needs such as enclosed car transport. One thing that won’t change is our $25 reservation fee, a savings of hundreds over our competitors! When you've received your car shipping quote from our online vehicle shipping cost calculator, you'll have the option to reserve your vehicle shipment. All it takes is $25 payable by credit card or PayPal. By doing so, you keep your car shipping costs low by locking in your rates. Fair car shipping rates, an easy-to-pay reservation fee, and five-star customer service -- these are just some of the reasons why you should grab your car shipping quote from our online vehicle shipping cost calculator right away!

Using the Nexus Auto Transport auto shipping calculator

Our instant car shipping cost calculator generates accurate auto shipping quotes based on the vehicle transport variables that matter most. Anything likely to factor into your total car transport cost is likely to be covered by our vehicle shipping cost calculator tool.

Using the car shipping calculator to get car shipping quotes is easy. Four simple steps are all it takes to get the auto transport quotes you need:

1. Enter the pickup and delivery locations for your shipment.

2. Enter the vehicle’s make and model.

3. Select any options that apply (i.e. the car is currently “non-running”, you need enclosed trailer car transportation services, etc.)

4. Click continue to get as many different auto shipping quotes as you need for free.

Need Additional Help Using the Car Shipping Calculator?

If you’re having any difficulties with our automobile shipping estimate calculator and require assistance, our agents are ready to help. Just give us a call at (224) 218-2949 and we will connect you to a car transportation expert who will be able to provide more information about car transport costs and answers to questions you may have about our vehicle shipping cost calculator.

Super Competitive Auto Transport Pricing

For maximum convenience and transparency, our auto shipping cost calculator provides you three different auto transport quotes spread across three different service tiers:

Economy: The most cost-effective car shipping option for those with lower budgets and more flexibility with the pickup date. Car shipping costs are at their lowest when you choose this option.

Standard: Car shipping promptly at market rates. Pickups are normally within 3 days from the first available date. The driver heads to the destination immediately after pickup.

Expedited: The vehicle will arrive sooner for a slightly higher car shipping cost. Dedicated drivers guarantee that same-day pickup dates are available for almost any route.

Note: All car transport quotes from Nexus Auto Transport include standard auto cargo insurance policies. Car shipping costs may vary based on the cost of insuring your particular vehicle. Contact us at (224) 218-2949 or chat with one of our experts online if you have questions about the cost of vehicle insurance coverage for your shipment.

6 Factors That Impact On Car Shipping Cost

The Nexus car shipping cost calculator will tell you how much it will cost to ship a car. In doing so, it takes extenuating automobile transport factors into account. Here are all of the variables that our car shipping calculator takes into account to provide the most accurate car transport quotes:

Distance – The longer the route, the lower your automobile shipping price per mile will be. However, longer distances obviously will increase the cost of transporting a car when it comes to your bottom line.

Location – Metropolitan areas tend to have the most drivers available and the lowest car shipping quotes, while rural towns far from the highway will usually cost more. If you live in a smaller town, you can keep car shipping costs down by arranging for a more urban pickup destination and driving the rest of the way in your vehicle.

Make & Model – The bigger the vehicle, the more space it takes up on the trailer and the higher the car shipping cost becomes. Bike racks and other accessories can change the dimensions of your vehicle and therefore affect car shipping costs.

Vehicle Condition – An inoperable car requires additional labor to winch or forklift onto the trailer. This can raise the shipping cost. Most car transport companies require the vehicle to at least brake, steer and roll.

Expedited Car Transport – Choosing an exact pickup day requires careful planning logistics that will raise the car shipping cost. If you are running out of time and options, expedited vehicle shipping is for you. It balances the extra expense with timely, efficient car transport services.

Time of Year – Seasonal availability is one of the driving factors behind car shipping costs. At times when there are fewer drivers on the road and fewer vehicle shipments rolling through your preferred pickup and delivery points, automobile shipping costs may be inflated.


How is your vehicle transport fee calculated?


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car in Different Seasons?

Shipping a car in the winter will not cost the same amount as shipping the same car in the summer for several different reasons. The auto transport industry is seasonal, experiencing fluctuations in everything from consumer demand to driver availability depending on the time of year.

Shipping a Car in Winter

Shipping a car in the winter tends to take longer than other seasons because snow and ice can cause delays and there is less daylight in which to work. As the days get shorter and the conditions get tougher for car haulers to pass through, things can get a bit tricky. However, there are some choice times for you to consider when looking for a cheap automobile shipping quote.

December – The holiday season means drivers take time off to spend with their families, so try to book three to four weeks in advance.

January – Many people migrate south to warmer states during this time and a backlog can develop, increasing vehicle shipping rates.

February – One of the slower months for the entire industry. Car haulers are returning to the road after a holiday break, but demand is still muted. Vehicle shipment rates tend to be the cheapest during this month.


What’s safer? Tow dollies or car transport?

If you’re planning on shipping a car with a tow dolly on your own, you may want to reconsider

Shipping a Car in Spring

Early springtime is one of the best seasons to ship your car. The weather conditions improve dramatically, the days get longer, and there are more car transport drivers on the road ready to ship a car when you need it.

March – Vehicle shipment rates tend to remain low until towards the end of the month when people move back north in large numbers to enjoy the warmer months.

April and May – Sometimes there can be a backlog shipping cars from southern to northern states due to high demand, increasing car transportation rates.

Shipping a Car in Summer

The summer months are the peak season for car transportation and demand is high. Universities are letting out, employees are relocating, and people are taking their vacations. Fortunately for the customer, a high level of competition tends to drive down vehicle transport prices.

June, July and August – All three months are equally busy, with demand and driver availability at their highest points. This makes for little monthly difference in car shipping costs, whether you’re shipping a car across the country or just across state lines.

Shipping a Car in the Fall

Milder weather and more driver availability than the summer months mean a slightly lower car shipping cost. While it may not offer the same car transport discounts as the late winter, there are some advantageous times worth considering when you're in the market to ship a vehicle.

September – An increase in college students shipping their cars may increase rates slightly.

October and November – Slower months with good availability and cheap vehicle shipping rates.

Use the Nexus Auto Transport Calculator for Car Shipping Quotes

Determining your car shipping costs is free and easy with our car shipping cost calculator. Once you have an auto transport quote, you can schedule a vehicle shipment delivery and pickup date online or call(224) 218-2949 to speak to a live agent. We aim to make the entire car transportation process as easy and efficient as possible every step of the way. We're here as auto shippers to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have, day or night.