How to Find the Best Car Shipping Company to Ship My Car

Did you know that Americans drive approximately 2.6 trillion miles each year? Or that they spent an estimated eight percent more time in their cars in 2019 than in 2014? On average, each adult drives about 11,498 miles annually.

When you tally these numbers up collectively, we travel the distance of the earth to the sun and back again more than 13 times per year. Talk about mind-boggling statistics!

While wanderlust and a love affair with the road account for some of these miles, most of us would like to spend less time in our cars. After all, that’s why you’re searching, “How to ship my car, right?”

Let’s take a closer look at finding the best car shipping company for your current needs.

Answering the Question “How to Ship My Car?”

Are you new to working with auto shippers? If so, you’re not alone. Many Americans have little experience when it comes to this vital industry.

As a result, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, attempting to pick the right car relocation company. Do you find yourself wondering, “How can I ship my car?” If so, know that you’ve got many great options if you know where to look for them.

Adding to the overwhelm is the great value of the item you intend to ship. A car is usually the most valuable personal asset an individual has after their home. Beyond that, automobiles come with plenty of sentimental value.

After all, our ride is an extension of our personality. We anthropomorphize automobiles, and we give them personalities. A whopping 56 percent of Americans even endow their automobiles with names.

For all of these reasons, setting up car transport can feel downright intimidating. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. The best car shipping companies put customers first, and they understand how much your vehicle means to you.

They employ reliable and experienced drivers and have excellent reputations among customers. But how do you find the best car shipping companies? Check out these tips to guide you through the process.

How to Ship My Car Tip 1: Selecting the Right Auto Transport

The first thing you need to understand is that selecting the right auto transport company requires online research. But it’ll prove well worth it.

Why? Because when you’ve done your research and feel confident you’ve chosen the right company, this process translates into peace of mind.

What are some tried and true rules when it comes to finding a fantastic mover? They include:

  • Shopping the shipper rather than the price
  • Researching companies online
  • Getting multiple quotes
  • Checking for coverage
  • Taking your time

Let’s take a closer look at each of these tips and what you should bear in mind as you search for the ideal auto shipper.

How to Ship My Car Tip2: Shopping the Shipper Rather Than the Price

What’s the number one mistake we see many consumers make when deciding on car shipping companies? Many make price their bottom line. But this strategy will backfire in the long run.

Why? For starters, reputable and reliable auto transport companies maintain competitive prices that tend to fall within a similar range.

After all, some expenses remain relatively consistent across the industry. These costs include the price of gasoline and the salary each driver earns.

That means when you see a screaming deal that’s too good to be true, assume it is. Car shippers are in business to make money, not do charity work. Shockingly low prices are a sign of one of the following:

  • A scam
  • A company with little experience
  • A company with a low-reliability record
  • A company who tacks on countless hidden charges later
  • A company that skimps when it comes to properly insuring the vehicles in its charge
  • A company that fails to meet basic registration and licensing requirements

For the reasons listed above, you should carefully research any company that you consider working with. Fortunately, the internet has made conducting this research easier than ever. Within a few minutes, you can gain access to customer reviews, safety records, insurance policies, and more.

How to Ship My Car Tip 3: Researching Companies Online

From Consumer Affairs to the Better Business Bureau, you’ve got so many excellent resources when it comes to researching shipping companies online. For example, both Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau showcase reviews and company information.

You should also see plenty of glowing customer reviews on the websites for each company. And while you’re at it, make sure these websites are professional-looking, contain current information, and detail their service offerings. Each website should also detail the services offered as well as service areas.

Sites such as the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintain registries for the auto shipping industry. Search their databases to verify whether companies are properly registered and licensed.

You can also use these sites to learn more about their safety records. That way, you’ll feel confident about the company you select to work with.

How to Ship My Car Tip 4: Getting Multiple Quotes

In the previous step, we mentioned visiting each company’s website to get a feel for their professionalism. While you’re exploring these sites, take the time to gather shipping quotes.

Companies should always provide car shipping quotes without any obligation or fees. If you stumble across a company that wants you to put down a deposit for a quote or pay in advance, they’re up to no good. Many fantastic moving companies exist, so keep looking.

Once you’ve received multiple quotes, you’ll develop a better picture of what’s a reasonable price for the service you’ve requested. You can use this process to eliminate quotes that fall on either end of the spectrum, too expensive and suspiciously cheap.

And you’ll also be better informed when it comes to what you should budget for your relocation.

If you have some flexibility regarding when to ship your car, you can also compare quotes for different seasons. Like other industries, car transport comes with high-demand and low-demand periods throughout the year. For example, expect summer prices to be higher.

Check out our list of the ten best private auto transport companies of 2020 to help you get started.

How to Ship My Car Tip 5: Checking for Coverage

As you narrow down the best company for you, don’t forget to explore the insurance coverage that each provides. Insurance coverage directly impacts price, and it’s not an area where you want to skimp.

If you find a reliable and experienced outfit to work with, your chances of having something go wrong during transport diminish. Nevertheless, open carrier transport comes with inherent risks to the exterior. As the name suggests, trailers remain exposed to the elements and road hazards.

Whether we’re talking road gravel that flies up into a windshield or hailstones, life happens. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to insurance coverage in transit.

A reputable car shipping company should provide you with a copy of the standard insurance policy carried on each vehicle they move. Many companies also post their policy directly on their website. You’ll want to read through this document carefully.

Consider taking a copy to your insurance agent for further exploration. That way, they can help you identify gaps in coverage and suggest steps to fill them.

It’s also worth asking the carrier you choose whether or not they offer supplemental insurance. Many do. These plans are typically convenient and affordable.

How to Ship My Car Tip 6: Taking Your Time

As you can see from the steps above, finding the right car shipping company requires some research. So, give yourself plenty of time to decide on the best company for you. You’ll also want to ensure enough time for the auto shipping company to book your job.

It’s in your best interest to book as far ahead as possible to get the best deal. Booking early lets you lock in a price before demand increases.

It also gives you more options when it comes to choosing a company. After all, not all companies include features like expedited shipping. We suggest giving yourself at least a week to book auto relocation services.

Answering the Question “How Can I Ship my Car?”

America has long boasted a robust car culture, and our collective annual mileage proves it. Of course, there’s a big difference between the romance of the road and driving as a duty.

If you have an upcoming road trip of necessity, either due to a move or online car purchase, don’t resign yourself to a lengthy and costly road trip. “How to ship my car?” you ask.

Fortunately, the solution’s easier than you think. Arrange to have it transported by a professional auto moving company.

Not sure where to start? Click here to get a free, anonymous relocation quote and learn more about the many auto shipping services we provide.