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George Arkin called upon a lifetime of car hauling knowledge to create Nexus Auto Transport -- a car shipping company that connects customers to reputable car haulers at fair, cost-effective rates. Over 9+ years of operation, Nexus has evolved from a single-person enterprise into one of the most trusted car shipping companies in the United States.

At Nexus, Arkin balances innovation, data-driven strategies, and an old-school approach to customer service. From the company's state-of-the-art car shipping calculator to the implementation of a new administrative portal for car dealers, everything Arkin does is with the intent to make his clients’ lives easier.

Up Close with Nexus owner George Arkin

Who am I?

I am the owner and CEO of Nexus Auto Transport. My father was a career car hauler who taught me everything about trucking and the shipping industry. I started from the bottom up, dispatching for my dad and organizing his hauling jobs. I was born into this business, and my hands-on experience put Nexus into motion

What is your mission statement for Nexus?

I've assembled an experienced crew of senior dispatchers and transport coordinators who overdeliver on every order we process. When you have talented people at every level of your organization, you can do more for the clients you serve.

Nexus is all about vehicle security and customer satisfaction. We coordinate timely shipments of all types of vehicles, be it locally or across the United States. And we do so with meticulous, almost obsessive attention to vehicle security

What was the first car I bought?

A green 1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe that made it well past 200,000 miles. I got my money’s worth on that one.

What’s the next step for Nexus?

We aren't just a car shipping operation. Nexus is a tech company dedicated to moving the industry forward. We'll continue educating ourselves and our customers on the industry at large. We're constantly expanding our imprint, using multimedia and cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the vehicle transport curve.

Most importantly, Nexus will continue to find ways to simplify car shipping for our clients. It can be a confusing industry for outsiders, and I feel it’s our job to remedy that in any way we can.

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